Leaked Arab League Observer Report Confirms War on Syria.

The content of the leaked Report of the Arab League´s Observer Mission is not “exactly” surprising for those who have received information from other sources than NATO and Allied Countries Corporate or State Controlled Media.

What is astonishing however, is that the report clearly indicates that Syria is under attack, even though the Arab League has long ago ceased to function according to it´s charter and principles.

Was the Arab League an Arab Forum, maintaining Arab Interests, it would not have bothered sanctioning the sole Arab Nation that still maintains a Pan-Arab position against former and new colonial powers. The Arab league would have protested against European and US Aggression against Syria. More importantly, it would long ago have done something “serious” about Palestine rather than appeasing Zionist interests. Harsh words ? Yes, and fully deserved.And even though the Arab League lacks credibility as representative of Arab Interests, the report clearly indicates that Syria is under relentless military attack, that Syria fully cooperated with the Observer Mission, granted amnesties, tries to maintain stability, negotiates peacefully with those who want peaceful reforms and more.

People world wide are aware of that the the first victim of war is truth. The problem is that one needs to be aware of a war being waged in the first place before one can assess “news” propensity towards being propaganda. With NATO´s covert warfare, the evaluation of what is news and what is propaganda can be difficult for any citizen.

nsnbc will here publish the leaked report in it´s entirety, and let the reader decide for himself if the report confirms nsnbc´s reporting, that since August 2011 has documented that a covert war is cynically waged on the people of Syria by NATO and NATO Allied Countries.

Please find the Arab league´s Observer Report in it´s Entirety by following the link below, and compare the report with articles published on nsnbc since August 2011.

AL Report – Please follow the link to open the report in a new window.

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