The Manufacturing of the War on Syria.

Late August 2011 nsnbc could report that preparations for a war on Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon had been actively planned before the overt onset of what was branded and sold as “The Arab Spring”. It was documented that Turkey played an active role in providing logistic and material support for insurgents, and that insurgents staged false flag attacks to scapegoat the Syrian government. Turkey also played a role in providing logistical and material support for the US-Created National Counsel of Syria. After destabilizing Libya, the now commander of the New Libyan Army, the professional mercenary, mass murderer and war criminal Abdelhakim Belhadj, also known as commander of the Al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is currently training what is euphemistically branded as Syrian Rebels in Libya. December 2011; US troops are deploying in strategic locations in Jordanian Air Bases and along the Jordanian Syrian Border. Before it is possible to arrive at any understanding of how Syria and the international community of peaceful nations could prevent the Middle East to be cast into a millstream of violence that has the potential to develop into a global armed conflict, it is necessary first to deconstruct the narrative of those who seem to be obsessed to force a confrontation between the US, NATO, and Russia as well as China.

The proposed culprit, Syria.

The Syrian Arab Republic is the most complex Arab nation with respect to ethnicity and religion. Syria is a secular socialist state, politically dominated by the Arab Baath Party form of socialism, that is comparable with European Socialist or Social Democratic Parties. Thus it does neither oppress religious freedom, nor does it perceive religion as “opium for the people” or a disease of the mind as it was widely perceived in both Soviet and Chinese hard-line Communist Socialism. On the contrary, the Baath Part encourages religious freedom and religious practice, and supports plurality. Shia and Sunny Muslims, Christians, Jews, Druse, and other religious communities have been and are living in Syria, and ones denomination of choice does not interfere into ones opportunities, privileges, work, social interactions and daily life. Syria embraces several ethnicities, which are Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and other. (1) Contrary to neighboring Iraq, where NATO Countries Intelligence Services with the aid of agents and mercenaries such as Al Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, ethnic militia and others succeeded in creating division, hatred, envy, political division and violence among ethnic and religious lines, this strategy has never been successful in Syria. A foreign backed attempt to instigate anxiety and division between Christians, Jews and Muslims in Damascus and Homs in September 2011 failed when it was discovered that foreign agents and insurgents stood behind the problems. The  vast majority of Syrian citizens consider themselves first and foremost as Syrian citizens and are proud to be Syrian. Women and men enjoy equal rights and freedom. Contrary to France where wearing a veil has been criminalized, Syrian women decide for them selves and are not harassed regardless whether they choose to wear traditional gowns or if they prefer to wear modern fashion. As a matter of fact Syrian women are generally very fashion conscious and well dressed. When Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stated that outside interference and an attack on Syria would provoke an earthquake it has a double meaning. One is that Syria is a long-standing ally to Russia and Iran. Russia´s sole naval base in the Mediterranean is in Latakia, Syria. Russia has been under intense military pressure by NATO countries for over a decade, and an overt aggression against Syria would provoke a strong Russian as well as Iranian response. The other, and at least equally important meaning of President Al-Assad´s words is, that a destabilization that would provoke an outbreak of religious and ethnic tensions inside Syria would have regional repercussions and lead to a destabilization and internal unrest in it´s neighboring nations. Unrests that may be equal to the horrific ethnic and religious based violence that has been shaking Iraq.

Besides being a long-standing and close ally to Russia and Iran, Syria is the only Arab nation that consequently and consistently has supported Palestinians right to self-determination within a functional and independent Palestine. What is often decried as untimely interference into internal Lebanese affairs in Western countries needs to be analyzed somewhat more impartial. Lebanon has for a long time, and is consistently up to today plagued by strong anti Palestinian, anti Arab, and pro-Israeli and NATO tendencies that have contributed to the Lebanese civil war, to religious and ethnic conflicts, as well as to strong Pan-Arab tendencies that have endangered Lebanon, Syria, Palestine as well as the entire Arab region. The so-called untimely interference into Lebanese affairs can and should be perceived as countermeasures against aggressive forces inside and outside of Lebanon who attempt to transform Lebanon into an Israeli and NATO Trojan horse within the region. A Trojan horse that destabilizes Syria and regional Pan-Arab interests.

Why did Syria not implement reforms earlier.

It is true that Syria is somewhat plagued by bureaucratic laziness as well as nepotism and corruption, and many Syrians are admitting it with a smile, knowing that the situation is by far worse in neighboring nations like Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon. Most Syrians, including those in high positions of the Baath Party, the parliament and administration agree that Syria needs reforms in it´s political system, and this includes President Bashar Al-Assad, who has proposed more far-reaching reforms than most members of parliament and the Baath Party. In many respects the reforms proposed by Al-Assad are even more far-reaching than those initially demanded by peaceful protesters and activists. There is, however, a significant difference between reform and a so-called revolution that is established, organized, logistically, politically and materially supported by foreign hostile nations Intelligence Services as well as foundations such as the notoriously warmongering National Endowment for Democracy.

Besides political inertia, the main reason for why Syria has not long ago implemented far-reaching political reforms is, that Syria as been and still is in a state of war. Not only is Israel still occupying the Golan Highs. Israel is consistently infiltrating all aspects of Syrian politics, security, military, economy and more in an attempt to destabilize the only Arab nation that factually stands as a political as well as military challenger to Israels politics of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine. (2) The problem for the Syrian Government was how to implement political, legal and social reforms without rendering the nation vulnerable to attempts to destabilize the country by means of ethnic, religious, political or social unrest, instigated, financed and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other NATO countries civilian and military intelligence services.

The Syrian Opposition

Syria has implemented reforms. Political parties can be and are registered and can take part in the political life and the next parliamentary and presidential elections on equal terms with the Baath Arab Socialist Party. Members of these opposition parties have been invited and take part in constructive think tanks and working groups together with members of the Baath party, so as to safeguard that the reforms don´t destabilize Syria’s security. Also expatriates have been invited to take part, and Syrian Embassies openly and honestly invite anybody, even non Syrians to take part in an open and constructive dialog. (3) Just imagine for one moment that the Embassies of the two Germany and their respective governments would have invited their citizens for dialog and cooperation, rather than performing the shotgun wedding that is called the German reunification. Any one in Syria with honest intentions to take part in a constructive political process and reforms, who is not an agent of foreign nations, and who is not instigating or making use of violence is whole heartedly invited to work for the best of his country and his people.

Have there been made mistakes when some of the first protests started to be infiltrated by agent provocateurs and violence erupted ? Undoubtedly yes. Nobody denies it, but it was not planned from above. Rather it was the wrong, partially panic based response of surprised security forces, who unexpectedly and unprepared were confronted by carefully planned provocation. The incidents are, as all incidents investigated, and any law enforcement officer or military personnel who broke or break the law are charged and convicted according to their crimes. President Bashar Al-Assad was the first to express his condolences and his support to the family of the victims.

Those who are sold in Western Media as reformists in Syria on the other, the National Counsel of Syria, who demands to be recognized as the sole representative of the Syrian People is not interested in taking part in reforms and never has been. The council was from the beginning and still is a construct of foreign intelligence services. It is created and nursed within the chambers and minds of the likes of the National Endowment for Democracy, Zbigniev Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and Associates, and other agents of US and NATO Intelligence and Politics. It´s construction has been deconstructed in a previous article. One only needs to read it to understand what monstrosity Western Media are trying to camouflage as agents of freedom and democracy and it is warmly recommended reading for anyone interested in the truth about so-called Syrian Reformists. (4) The article also provides a link to a US-Training Manual in Unconventional Warfare, TC 18-01 that describes precisely how US-Intelligence Agency build and support insurgencies. (5) Following the development in Libya and Syria step by step while reading the classified manual published by nsnbc discloses precisely how the US and NATO operate. (ibid) Studying it has allowed to predict the development with astonishing accuracy as one will register when reading all articles pertaining Syria on nsnbc since August 2011.

Syria’s Neighbors.

Turkey. Turkey has as far as the author is aware of, been hosting, financing, arming and training members of the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, on at least one NATO base inside Turkey. Muslim Brotherhood insurgents have been responsible for many of the kidnappings of Syrian military officers, of the Attorney General of Homs, attacks on military bases and military as well as police personnel, an attack on a military hospital, as well as the murder of countless peaceful demonstrators in false flag operations that were blamed on the Syrian “regime”. (6) Turkey hosts NATO missiles that have an offensive posture against Syria, Iran as well as Russia, and Turkey has recently threatened with breaking international law by establishing a safety zone on Syrian territory.

Iraq. Even though the general population of Iraq is friendly towards Syria, and even though the current Iraqi government has recently delivered a weak declaration of solidarity with Syria which may be based on the current governments ties to Iran, Iraq is currently to be perceived as a potential military threat. That is at least Iraqi territory. While the US is withdrawing it´s troops from Iraq, the country experiences an increase of mercenaries from XE, formerly known as Blackwater, and a nsnbc source in Iraq reports that he has observed an increased number of foreign fighters from Afghanistan as well as Arab countries.

Ongoing US troop movements could relatively easily be used to disguise the transfer of troops and equipment to forward positions along the Syrian border as well as inside Turkey, from where an attack is not only possible but likely to occur. US troops have already been deployed along the Jordanian Syrian border.

Jordan and US troops. Jordan is currently hosting a yet unspecified number of US troops that arrived over the recent days from Iraq. US troops have landed at the King Hussein Air Base near Al-Mafraq, only 10 km from the Syrian border, as well as at a military airport at the outskirts of Amman. US troop movements, observation posts, logistic nodes and equipment have been observed in and near the villages of Al Nadah, al Houssah, Zubaidiah, Albaej, at the Sarham Dam at the Yamoukh river and along the Syrian border in general. Early this morning a nsnbc source in Jordan reported that he observed fighting between fighters wearing uniforms without insignia who had entered Syrian territory from Jordan. The nsnbc source reported early today that large areas along the Syrian Jordanian border are being declared off-limits for civilians.The Royal family of Jordan has long been recognized a pro-Western, pro US, and especially pro-British. It is to be expected that Jordan would actively support any military aggression against Syria if asked to by the USA or the UK.

Lebanon. Syria has strong allies in Lebanon, counting Hezbollah among them. Syria has however also strong enemies in Lebanon. The son of the former Lebanese P.M. Saad Hariri who has been Prime Minister of Lebanon too, has been implicated in smuggling arms and supporting insurgents in Syria. (7) Saad Hariri and his political party, the future movement are widely and rightfully perceived as Saudi Arabia´s and the US´s assets in Lebanon. The political landscape in Lebanon is so complex that it is beyond the scope of this article to write more about it. What needs to be elicited though is, that it is not at all unlikely that Lebanese territory would be used by NATO in case of an attack on Syria. It would make it more than likely that Lebanon would be cast into yet one more civil war, of which the country already has seen more than enough. In case of the widening of  the conflict to a regional war it is highly unlikely that Russia would not have to become involved. Northern Lebanon would most likely become a base for NATO special forces due to it´s proximity to the Russian naval base in Latakia.

Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of the most reliable allies of NATO in the Middle East, and it has been involved in actively countering Syrian interests in both Syria as well as Lebanon. The Saudi Arabian role in the Lebanese civil war is widely underreported. The main allies of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon are Saad Hariri and the Future Movement.

On 6 October nsnbc reported, that both Russian and Syrian Intelligence Services had accumulated intelligence that strongly indicated that the Saudi Interior Ministry had deployed the Omar Brigade to Syria. (8) The Omar Brigade, which is known to operate under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry, is an Al Qaeda unit and Al Qaeda´s Assassination Experts Squad. It is likely that the Omar Brigade since has carried out numerous assassinations of high-ranking Syrian scholars, politicians, military and police officers and intellectuals supportive of the Syrian government.

Israel. Israel has an extremely well-organized spy network inside Syria. Because of the political implications it is extremely unlikely that Israel would take part in an overt military aggression against Syria unless attacked. Israel would however most likely take part in special operations, espionage, electronic warfare, logistical support and other. It is unlikely that Syria and Iran, as well as eventually Hezbollah would attack Israel, which could provide a pretext for Israels more active military engagement.

Israel has according to nsnbc sources inside Israel and Palestine been involved in Psychological Warfare operations against Syria as well as covert military operations in support of insurgents.

A Regional Conflict ? 

A military attack on Syria would invariable lead to a regional conflict that implicates all of Syria´s neighbors, as well as Iran, and eventually Russia. Taking into account that Zbigniev Brzezinski is not only behind the manufacturing of the Syrian national Counsel and advisor to the Obama Administration. Brzezinski has also the declared goal to work towards a global conflict with Russia and China in his bet for full spectrum global dominance led by the USA. (9)(10)

Taking into account that NATO since the disintegration of the USSR has deployed forces along as good as all Russian and Chinese borders or is otherwise controlling the region by means of proxy or missile systems, including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Ukraine, the former Yugoslavian Republics, Poland, Chechia, Turkey, and numerous other countries, the point where both Russia and China have to draw a line in the sand in order to survive militarily as well as economically and with respect to resources has been reached. A look at NATO´s website and NATO Partnership for Peace and individual Partnership programs must be the most sobering study for any Russian or Chinese security expert. (11)

Given the ongoing diplomatic climate, where neither Russia nor China dares to provoke the Bully with the Bombs, given the fact that non speaks loudly and openly out about the horrific war crimes committed under NATO command and by NATO in Libya, and given that neither Russia nor China have openly protested about NATO´s illegal and covert war in Syria is a sign for two phenomena.

Russia and China perceive the USA and NATO as gone mad and prone to go all the way, which would be a catastrophe not only for the region but for humanity. Russian and Chinese leaders are weary, careful not to provoke, attempting to appease the madman while trying to get him away from that red button. It is a sign for the fact that diplomacy is still an option but how long and at what cost. It is diplomacy while the worlds conventional and nuclear arsenals are on highest alert.It is a situation that can not and must not stand, and every one who stands for a civilized world where war is illegal and war criminals are brought to justice must decide if he wants to stand with Syria, or if he wants to fall into tyranny.

Concerning Syria and beyond, the world needs not an ICC that enforces show trials, but international jurisdiction for the most serious crimes known to man. Bilateral and multilateral assurances of solidarity when small nations prosecute the war crimes of the powerful. War has to end. We are no longer hurling stones at each other, stab or shoot one another, which is bad enough. We are in a situation were Depleted Uranium Weapons mutilate our children for thousands of generations to come. We are in a situation where the madness of the few can murder billions and end life and civilization. This can not stand, it must not stand, and the world needs to stand with Syria and Peace.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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