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FARC rejects allegations of Torture in Case of released Policemen

FARC Febr 2013 3 nsnbc archivesChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Peopes´Army, FARC-EP, has issued a communique, in which it rejects accusations, made by Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzton, that the two policemen which were released last Friday had been subject to torture. ……. Read more >>>>

Ecuador re-elects Correa with Landslide Victory. Correa dedicates Victory to Chavez.

Correa dedicated his victory to Hugo ChavezChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) The people of Ecuador have re-elected President Rafael Correa with 58 % of the votes over his challenger to the Presidency, Guillermo Lasso, who received 24 %, granting Correa a landslide victory, and the challenge to tackle Uruguay´s progress and the many challenges the country faces, for another term in office. After forty per cent of the votes had been counted and Correa could rest assured that the people of Uruguay had granted him a rock-solid victory, Correa addressed the country´s media, saying, that “nobody can stop this revolution“, adding, “we are making history; we are building ….. Read more >>>>

Chavez Returns to Venezuela

Hugo ChavezEwan Robertson ( – Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela in the early hours of this morning after over two months in Cuba recovering from cancer surgery. “We’ve arrived once again to the Venezuelan Homeland. Thank you God! Thank you beloved people! We’ll continue treatment here,” announced Chavez on Twitter when he arrived in Caracas airport at 2.30am this Monday morning. The Venezuelan head of state had been in Cuba recovering from an operation in the pelvic region undergone on 11 December, in what was his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months. ………. Read more >>>>

Venezuelan Government Increases Banking Sector’s Obligation to Fund Construction and Mortgages

The financial obligation applied to both state-owned and private banks (Minci)Ewan Robertson – The Venezuelan government has increased the banking sector’s financial obligation to fund construction and provide low-interest mortgages as part of policies to broaden access to affordable housing. The financial obligation, known as the “mandatory mortgage portfolio”, requires both state-owned and private banks to assign a percentage of their gross annual loans toward housing construction and controlled-interest mortgages to low-income Venezuelans. …………. … Read more >>>>

FARC released captured Policemen as Peace-Talks in Havana continue.

FARC Febr 2013 3 nsnbc archivesChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Peoples´Army in Mirannda, in southern Cauca, have released the two policemen, Cristian Yate and Victor Gonzáles as agreed during the ongoing peace-talks in Havana, Cuba. The policemen were captured by the FARC and have been held, since 25 January. The release of a captured soldier is expected later  today. .…………….. Read more >>>>

First Images Released of Venezuela’s Chavez since His Operation

(prensa presidencial)Ewan Robertson ( – The Venezuelan government has released the first photographs of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez since his cancer operation last 11 December. The images show a smiling Chavez lying down in his hospital bed, flanked by his two daughters, and reading yesterday’s copy of Cuba’s official newspaper Granma. The images were taken for Valentine’s Day, or “the day of love and friendship” as it is commonly referred to in Venezu……. …………. Read more >>>>

Venezuela Debates Currency Devaluation while Impact Remains Unclear

The government devalued the Bolivar by 32% last Friday (Ciudad CCS)Ewan Robertson ( There has been much debate in Venezuela over the causes and likely consequences of last Friday’s currency devaluation, while the concrete political and economic impact remains to be seen. The Venezuelan government’s decision to devalue the Bolivar by 32%, from 4.3 to 6.3 Bolivars to the dollar, was a measure seen as inevitable by many economists after the Bolivar fell to under a quarter of its official value on the black ……. Read more >>>>

FARC prepares release of captured policemen

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Colombians for Peace spokesperson Piedad Cordoba informed, that after recent days negotiations in Havana, Cuba, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –  Peoples´ Army has prepared the protocols for the release of detained policemen and soldiers. Cordoba stated, that the coordinates for the release points will be known within 48 hours, and that the release will take place immediately afterward. The security protocol, which is identical to previously used protocol for the release, has been approved by Colombians for Peace, which has acted as mediator. ……. Read more >>>>

FARC requests Presence of Guerilla Leader serving 60 Years Sentence in USA as Catalyst for Peace Talks

Jesus Santrich FARC-EP nsnbc archivesChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) After a 24 hours break in the peace talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia Peoples´ Army (FARC-EP) and the Colombian government in Havana, Cuba, peace talks resumed with commander Jesus Santrich requesting the presence of Simon Trinidad as a catalyst for toward a solid peace agreement. Simon Trinidad is serving a 60 years prison sentence in the USA…… Read more >>>>

Venezuela´s Primera Justicia Party may face Justice on alleged Corruption

File:Henrique Capriles Radonski from Margarita island.jpgChristof Lehmann (nsnbc)  The Venezuelan right wing party Primero Justicia (Justice First) may be facing Justice due to allegations about and evidence for substantial corruption by some of its leading members. Earlier this week the President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Caballo, had informed the National Assembly that he would be presenting evidence of corruption on part of Members of Parliament of Primero Justicia. ……. Read more >>>>

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