Syria, Amnesty Subversion and a Bit of Sarcasm.

Syrian Government Declared Amnesty. The fact that Syria has emergency laws is in no way something that distinguishes it from other nations. A brief inter net search for the word FEMA-Camps will readily result in ample evidence for the fact that the United States of America has detailed plans to put a substantial amount of it´s residents into those “emergency camps” in cases of internal unrests, and the last decades militarization of it´s police forces and constitutional changes that allow military forces to be deployed against it´s own population ensure that it has the means to do so. Germany has similar emergency laws that can provide it´s government with the right to neglect large parts of it´s constitution in case of war, emergencies, or civil unrest. We could remind ourselves about the USA´s imprisonment of US-Japanese Citizens and Germany´s imprisonment of German Jews during the second world war to see that it is in no way unprecedented to imprison and oppress large parts of a population in a Western Country.

The case of Syria, that has been positioned as dictatorial, oppressive and violent, and as a nation that has makes use of so called state sponsored terrorism is quite different though, and for many surprisingly so.

Syria has been in a constant state of low intensity conflict with Israel since 1973 and Israel is still illegally occupying a substantial part of Syria, the Golan Highs. The low intensity conflict is wages among other by Syrian support of Palestinian Organizations that resist the illegal occupation of Palestine, while Israel is making use of subversion by means of it´s intelligence services and their support of subversive elements inside Syria.

Since the onset of what is euphemistically branded as “The Arab Spring” Syria has been confronted with an onslaught of the MI6 Sponsored armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA, Saudi, and Qatari Sponsored Al Qaeda, the CIA Backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, now euphemistically called Tripoli Military Counsel, as well as a cohort of derivatives from those elements. Thousands of military personnel, government officials, scientists, members of the Baath Party, and civilians have been murdered.

Insurgents are trained and armed, and enter the country via Turkey, Jordan, Israel. US Troops are deployed along the border to Jordan, 10.000 have recently been deployed to Israel, troops from Iraq are redeployed to Turkey, 15.000 US Troops have been deployed to Kuwait, the country is under attack from Lebanon as well. The entire world knows that a war is looming right around the corner. A war by US, NATO and allied nations, against Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

Maybe German and US-American politicians are so comfortable with lying their populations straight into their faces that they would not blush if they said that they never would consider to use their countries emergencies laws and military forces against insurgents and foreign paid, armed, trained and commanded citizens. Well, would they ? If I remember correctly the German parliament considered making use of German emergency laws because some 30 so called terrorists from the Red Army Fractions fought a revolutionary war against Germany, and had it not been for an awake German population they might even have gotten away with it. I mean the German government and the emergency laws, not the 30 RAF fighters and their ambition to start a war.

What makes Syria different is that their president is in fact a statesman, not a corporate puppet; that it has relinquished it´s emergency laws in the midst of a crisis; that it has openly invited to reforms and has in deed implemented many.

See this is simply shameless isn´t it ? So shameless that state and corporate controlled media, Presidents and Chancellors, and even the pseudo liberal German et al.´s oppositions are franticly attempting to divert attention from the facts while mercilessly attacking anyone who does not follow the part line against the purported dictator.

I would like those war lusting hype-hyenas and spin doctors of which most never served in any military, to top the fact that the Syrian government, including President Al-Assad have declared a general amnesty (1) for crimes committed during the foreign organized, paid and armed insurgency and subversion since many are regretful after realizing that they have been duped into believing that they supported a popular cause.

Let´s see, the best advise one could give to the war criminals and their pack of hyenas would be to blame those who oppose a war on Syria for being anti-semitic, or even better to all together hide the fact that the “dictator” has declared an amnesty.Shamelessly declared an amnesty, how outrageous.

Turkish Ambitions of Empire. The Erdogan government is slowly but surely becoming an embarrassment, not only for it´s regional neighbors, or Europe, but for the countries opposition and probably for itself. One must admit that Erdogan is good at grand standing for Palestinian rights. Who cares that the military, financial and trade cooperation is re-enstated a few weeks after publicly calling Israel for what it actually is and boasting that Turkey sever all diplomatic, military and economic ties. And by the way, did anyone hear the word intelligence ties in his grand standing tirade ?

One can´t even say that words come cheap, because PR normally comes at a price and this one came at a bargain. Besides that , would any one in his right mind for one second believe that Turkey and Israel stopped their dirty deals in nuclear technology over a few protesters on a boat to Gaza ? Well, some surely did.

The hit however was Erdogans ensurances to Syria, of it´s good neighborly relations, while the insurgents that it houses, trains, and arms via NATO bases on Turkish territory are murdering Syrian officers, security forces, politicians, scholars, and civilians in cold blood.   Who knows, maybe Erdogan has learned something from Daddy Obama. To lye without a blush.

On Sunday, the Deputy Secretary General of Turkey´s Workers Party Dursum Karadag stated that P.M. Erdogan has become an embarrassment, that it showed to the entire world that Turkey does not have a suitable Prime Minister, and that the policy towards neighboring countries including Syria is wrong. (2) Now, with all respect for Deputy Secretary General Dursum Karadag, but the question is “embarrassing for whom ?”

Those forces in Europe that are abusing R. Tayyip Erdogan´s ambitions for a new quasi empire status of Turkey in the region, Turkey as an eternal prostitute, paid for services rendered by the everlasting hope to finally become accepted as a member of a bancrupt European Union; well, I belief that the Deputy Secretary General agrees that Erdogan is not exactly an embarrassment for them. For Turks who have realized that the right role and place for Turkey would be that of a peaceful and leading nation among it´s Arab and Asian neighbors rather than that of a Euro and NATO whore of cause; I would be embarrassed too, and I belief, so is R. Tayyip Erdogan himself.

Because even though he may or may not have been learning to lye without blushing from Obama Daddy there are a couple of facts to take into account, and please don´t call me racist; but for the untrained observer it´s not so easy to see when a man of color like Obama Daddy pulls of a lye. Besides that, so far no one has beaten him. Just think about all the change we should believe in and change he brought. The first Black African Nobel Price Winning US-President who managed to murder tens of thousands of Black Africans in Libya. Erdogan knows he would never have a chance to be as good as that; even though, I almost bought his crocodile tears for Palestine too.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


1) President Assad Declares Amnesty.

2) Erdogans Government ….

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