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US Supreme Court slams door in 9/11 widow’s face

US Supreme Court nsnbc archivesKevin Barrett -On Tuesday, 19 February 2013, the United States Supreme Court slammed the door in the face of the last 9/11 family member seeking justice through the American legal system.   Ellen Mariani, whose husband Neil was murdered on September 11, 2001, had turned down more than a million dollars in government hush money to pursue the real 9/11 criminals in federal court. After eleven years, two separate lawsuits, and an unbelievable series of encounters with corrupt lawyers and Israeli-American judge  ……… Read more >>>>

The illusory State of the Empire

Pepe EscobarPepe Escobar – Barack Obama would never be so crass as to use a State of the Union (SOTU) address to announce an “axis of evil”.No. Double O Bama, equipped with his exclusive license to kill (list), is way slicker. As much as he self-confidently pitched a blueprint for a “smart” – not bigger – US government, he kept his foreign policy cards very close to his chest.Few eyebrows were raised on the promise that “by ………… Read more >>>>

US imposes Sanctions on Military Industrial Companies from 7 Countries

U.S. Department of State - Great SealChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) On February 11, 2013, the US Department of State announced that the USA has imposed sanctions against Belorussian, Chinese, Iranian, Sudanese, Syrian and Venezuelan military industrial companies. The sanctions have been imposed pursuant to the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act (INKSNA).  The USA has since 1948 been in a permanent state of war and has a military spending comparable to that of the next 10 nations together. It is the worlds largest arms manufacturer and exporter. …………….. Read more >>>>

Eighth Annual Citgo-Venezuela Heating Oil Program Launched

citgo nsnbc archivesLast Thursday, at the Night of Peace Family Shelter in Baltimore, CITGO Petroleum Corporation President and CEO Alejandro Granado and Citizens Energy Corporation Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II launched the eighth annual CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program with the first heating oil delivery of this winter’s initiative. …. Read more >>>>

Israeli Anti-Missile Test Blew Up US Space Shuttle Columbia Ten Years Ago

Joichi Shimatsu – (4M) Ten years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on descent during a top-secret mission. At the time, my analysis of the cause of the blast drew support from American aerospace engineers along with angry death threats from zealots in the Israeli Air Force.

Not only was the Israeli military incensed by my revealing that their faulty laser gun system had destroyed the U.S. space craft from within but also that the expose was seen as insulting to astronaut Ilan Ramon, the Israeli war hero who had earlier led the air strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor.

The Challenger disaster of January 28, 1986, was immediately followed by the greatest cover-up in aerospace history, an information blackout that continues till now,  even after the termination of the shuttle program.

The deaths of seven crew members and scientists on mission STS-107 launched January 16, 2003, were not due to an accident at launch that scraped foam insulation panels from the ship’s hull, as claimed by NASA. That is an out-and-out official lie, and many NASA insiders are well aware that the foam story does not fit the facts. ……. Read more >>>>

“Zero Dark Thirty”: The deeper, darker truths

Bin Laden NY TimesBy Dr. James H. Fetzer ( PRESS TV) Osama bin Laden was not killed on 2 May 2011 during the raid on a compound in Pakistan. He actually died in Afghanistan on or about 15 December 2001 — and he was buried there in an unmarked grave.

Local obituaries reported Osama’s death at the time. Even FOX News subsequently confirmed it. He was buried in an unmarked grave in accord with Muslim traditions. He did not die in Pakistan.”  A film that may even take the Academy Award for “Best Picture of 2012” raises serious moral issues; glorifies a political stun….. Read more >>>>

Who Killed Aaron Swartz?

”How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?”—Bob Marley  “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation . . . shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”—Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address, 1863.

By Moti Nissani. On January 11, 2013, according to indoctrination organs of the criminal Syndicate calling itself the US government (a Syndicate comprised, for the most part, of big bankers, generals, spooks and, below them, their puppets in the White House and gubernatorial mansions, Congress and state legislatures, and almost the entire ……... Read more >>>>

How the Sandy Hook massacre went down

By Andrew McGregor (with Jim Fetzer) When asked whether he believed in conspiracy theories, filmmaker Michael Moore replied, “Only those that are true.” The problem is telling the difference.

The two major difficulties we confront with Sandy Hook is figuring out exactly what went down and then making what we have found accessible to the public.  Because I am retired from the University of Minnesota Duluth and James Tracy holds an appointment at Florida Atlantic–and we have both spoken out about Sandy Hook–he and I have become…..Read more >>>

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