National Dialog in Syria continues with Regional Initiatives

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) The national dialog in Syria, to end the crisis, national reconciliation and political as well as social reform, continues making progress. Although the process is largely being ignored by mainstream media in those countries who are backing the armed subversion and the foreign-backed, pro-interventionist opposition, the national dialog is increasingly derailing attempts to force a foreign agenda on the people of Syria.

Homs Sub-Committee Meeting. Photo:SANA

Homs Sub-Committee Meeting. Photo by SANA

After months of initial, all-inclusive meetings, and after recent, successful talks between Prime Minister Al-Halaki and delegations from political parties and ethnic communities, the initiative is branching out to a regional and community level.

In Homs, the sub-committee, which is tasked with with the preparation of the mechanisms for dialog between the political parties and other stakeholders in Homs, has held its first meeting on Friday.

Participants a the meeting stressed the need for dialog, and the importance of, that the needs of the Syrian society are met.  The participants called for a continuation of the meetings on a weekly basis, to reach an appropriate vision of, how to involve all segments of the Syrian population, and how best to solve the crisis on a regional level. Homs governor, Ahmad Munir Mohammad, stressed the importance of involving the people of Syria and denounced those who are attempting to sabotage the national dialog by terrorism.

On Friday, the sub-committee in Tartous continued its meetings. The sub-committee in Tartous has held meetings for three consecutive days. Tartous governor Nizar Ismael Mousa, stressed the importance of holding meetings with all segments of society and all political forces. Participants stressed the necessity of developing a program for solving the crisis, and stressed, that any program had to preserve Syria´s national sovereignty. Participants at the meeting in Tartous also stressed the need for aiding those families, who have been afflicted by acts of terrorism.

In Sweida the sub-committee met with the region´s religious leaders, to discuss how to make further progress with the dialog. Sweida governor Dr. Atef Naddaf stressed, that the committee will continue meeting and that all participants stand united against the violence and the terrorism. The clergymen and Dr. Naddaf  called on all Syrians to take part in the dialog and to stand against violence and terrorism.

While the national dialog is making steady progress, the militants behind the attempted subversion are making increasingly desperate attempts to derail the program. Mainstream media, particularly in those countries whose governments are backing the pro-interventionist, rejectionist opposition and the armed insurgency are reporting as if the national dialog was non-existing.

In a recent interview on Russia Today, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed, that the crisis in Syria, after two years of failed attempts to subvert the country by supporting militants, has come to a critical point, where those, who continue their attempts to derail the peaceful resolution of the crisis must be held accountable.

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