Sanctions Show US Foreign Policy Hypocrisy – Interview with American author E. Michael Jones

E-Michael-Jones-KouroshKourosh Ziabari – Much can be said about the enormous amount of sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States and its European allies. Apparently, the purpose of the sanctions is to frustrate the Iranian people and turn them against their own government, but it seems that this objective is not going to be realized, as it failed with regards to Cuba when the United States began to impose sanctions on the Latin American country in 1960. It cannot be denied that the sanctions are harming Iran’s economy at the detriment of the ordinary people who should buy foreign goods at increasingly unstable and u…..…… Read more >>>>

“Gold Gives You Extremely Important Signals”. An Interview with David P. Goldman by Lars Schall

Gold_Bars nsnbc archivesDavid P. Goldman / Spengler, “the world’s most brilliant intelligence service,” discusses in this exclusive interview some of his thoughts on various aspects related to gold. Inter alia, he explains why he supports a commodity price rule for monetary policy that is connected to the yellow metal.David P. Goldman, in our view one of the most outstanding and relevant essayists of this time and age, has been in the past the global head of the fixed income research department at Bank of America (2002-2005) and global head of credit strategy at Credit Suisse (1998-2002). In addition, he worked in senior positions at Bear Stearns, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Asteri Capital. Today he runs the consulting service Macrostrategy……… Read more >>>>

The Other Side of “North Korea” An Interview with Alejandro Cao de Benós

Interview by Kourosh Ziabari. (KouroshZiabari) North Korea , also known as DPRK, is a mostly unknown and mysterious country. There are several preconceptions and myths about it which can be hardly debunked since it is under immense international pressure over its nuclear weapons program and its alleged violation of human rights and most of the people, at least in the Western world, have come to believe that North Korea is not a safe place for living or traveling to. … Read more >>>>

The volatility of Gas, Geo-Politics and the Greater Middle East. An Interview with Major Agha H. Amin

Mijn fotoMajor Agha H. Amin is a retired Pakistani military officer and the author of various books, including ”Development of Taliban Factions in Afghanistan”, ”Taliban War in Afghanistan” and ”History of Pakistan Army”. He studied at the Forman Christian College and at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kalkul.

Agha H. Amin has been working as Assistant Editor of Defense Journal, Executive Editor at the Globe, and as Editor of the Journal of Afghanistan Studies. He is an active member of the Think Tank ORBAT and the Alexandrian Defense Group and he is working as security management consultant.

Agha H. Amin has been working as consultant on various oil, gas and energy projects in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the TAPI pipeline, CASA 100, the Uzbekistan Afghanistan Pakistan line and the Turkmenistan Mazar Sharif line. He is an expert on national and regional security, energy security and geo-political issues. The following is the full text of an interview by Christof Lehmann with Major Agha H. Amin from 30 January 2013…… Read more >>>>

The New President of China Xi Jinping’s Rare Interview from Year 2000 [Translated]

Chinese President Xi JinpingAn Introductory remark on the Interview by Dewang. Having just read an interview (translated by Nordic Institute of Asian Studies) of Xi Jinping when he was still governor of Fujian Province back in 2000, I am struck by the differences between the current Chinese political system versus the American. Think about Obama before becoming president. The largest budget he’s ever managed was probably his 2008 election campaign. From that, he would inherit a budget in the trillions of dollars.

In contrast, Xi went from village to cities, and then provinces. He would be placed into bigger challenges as he excelled, and not to mention, observed in the seat of the vice president for a full term before the National Peoples Congress formally anoints him into president. …. Read more >>>>

China will force peaceful solution to Syrian crisis on West: German pundit

Dr. Christof LehmannGerman-born international consultant Christof Lehmann followed in detail the recent Chinese Communist Party Congress. In an interview with the Tehran Times, he highlights the convergence of positions on the Syrian crisis between Moscow and Beijing. He expects China to unequivocally support the deployment in early 2013 of a United Nations peacekeeping force mainly composed of CSTO troops. …. Read more >>>>

Is The Non-Aligned Movement Relevant? Manuel Ochsenreiter “ZUERST” interviews Christof Lehmann

Dr. Lehmann, the well established German media have largely ignored the NAM-Summit – only the diplomatic raw between the Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi and the Syrian Delegation was considered worth mentioning. Was that really all that was “newsworthy”?

Lehmann: Newsworthy was for instance the demand that the UN-General Assembly must be re-vitalized, that structural changes at the UN Security Council are being demanded, that the abuse of the Security Council for the apparent justification of crim . …. Read more>>>>

PINGPONG: Food For Thought.

Insane or not insane, that is the question. A Money-Talk with psychologist Dr. Christof Lehmann. By Lars Schall

Dr. Christof Lehmann was born in 1958 in Germany. He is a psychologist and besides clinical practice he has for 30 years been working as political adviser and consultant on a wide range of issues. He is a life time peace activist, human rights advocate and advocate for Palestinian rights to self-determination and peace. In August 2011 he started the blog nsnbc (no spin news: as response to what he perceives as an embargo on truth. His articles are published widely and he is part of the advisory board of The 4Th Media. Recently I have published this lit……. Read more >>>>

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