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St John´s Wort for Depression – Yes But !

File:Hypericum perforatum 091.jpgThe medicinal effect of St John´s Wort or Hypericon Perforatum, has been known and documented for centuries. Over time, it has been recommended and used for a cohort of ailments, conditions and diseases. For a long period, its effect has been attributed to astrological and occult powers. 1652 Nicolas Culpeper, who used the old astrological medicinal system wrote in Culpeper´s Herbal (Culpeper Nich 1652) (1) about St John´s Wort´s beneficial effect on the gall, the liver, its effect against women problems, (not problems with women), about its beneficial effect on the mood, and an almost endless list of other sufferings.  St John´s Wort was cultivated in Europe and in countries where European monks settled for centuries. It is still found in the gardens of many, of the old monasteries. St John´s Wort has a documented effect in the treatment of depression, but its use can have unwanted, even lethal consequences. St John´s Wort for Depression – Yes But ! ……Read more >>>>>

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