Hamas and Turkish Ambitions of Empire

Ever since Ataturk the majority of the people, politicians, as well as the military of Turkey have been well content with the role of Turkey as a strong national state. Since the onset of the NATO War in Northern Africa and the Middle East, that is euphemistically branded as “The Arab Spring”, and which is primarily directed against Libya, Syria and Iran, (1) and ultimately against Russia and China, (2)  Turkey is showing signs of new ambitions of empire. This time as a front line state in an expanding NATO Empire.

Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan surprised the world when he reacted strongly to the Israeli act of piracy and murder in international waters, when IDF troops stormed a Turkish vessel bound for Gaza, murdering nine Turkish citizens. Turkey broke diplomatic ties to Israel, discontinued trade relations and significantly, apparently discontinued all military co-operation with Israel. The very fact that Turkey until that date was one of Israels strongest allies in the region should be a clue, and the fact that NATO member and ever E.U. hopeful Turkey is actively engaged in a war on Syria should raise some eyebrows among analysts – in deed it does. (3)  R. Tayyip Erdogan and the government of Turkey are the de facto strongest ally of Israel in the region, and it would be naive of Palestinian politicians to believe that Turkeys loyalties are primarily with NATO, which includes Israel, and then Palestine, to the degree that it suits Turkish interests. Acts of war on the only Arab nation that consequently defies Israels and NATO´s ambitions way far more than the discontinuation of “overt” military co-operation with Israel, and the discontinuation of trade which is then channeled via the E.U.

The geopolitical position of Turkey is, that of a NATO -Member State, in a state of an illegal, undeclared, covert war on it´s neighbors Syria and Iran, and that of the de-facto strongest ally of Israel in the region. Public speeches, harsh diplomatic language in public, and public grand standing in support of Gaza simply does not cover for the fact that Turkey and the Turkish geopolitical strategy within the realm of the expanding NATO Empire is that of destabilization of regional enemies of NATO and Israel.

Short after the acceptance of Hamas as a member organization of the PLO it seems that both Fatah and the Palestinian Authority on one hand, and Hamas on the other, are not working towards reconciliation and for the interests of the People of Palestine. It seems both are working towards their own agenda, and according to the same tune that has effectively made Palestinian politics a parody of the divide and conquer comedy known all to well in the region since the time of the Roman Empire.

The question for Palestine and Palestinians is whether they can trust that Hamas or Fatah are, with respect to a long term solution, really working in the best interest of Palestine and it´s People. On 20 December an agreement for the formation of a new, inclusive government by 26 December was reached, so the main opponents Hamas and Fatah would begin to share power in a Palestine that would be a little less divided. Finally, so it seemed, the PLO would have a chance to become truly representative of Palestine and it´s People again. (4) On 20 December 2011 Hamas and Islamic Jihad temporarily joined a PLO Panel.The new temporary PLO Panel included all Secretary Generals of what was proclaimed as being all Palestinian Fractions, all members of the Executive Committee of the PLO, the Head of the National Council, and a number of independent figures. (5) Egypt has played a crucial role in the negotiations leading up to this event.

One could almost believe that there was a kind of Genuine Palestinian Unity in the ascend. Politics inside the PLO have never been without friction, but at least there was “a” PLO, that would strongly represent “the” state of Palestine and it´s People. The fact that the Head of Hamas Polit Bureau, Khaled Mashal, on 27 December declared Hamas solidarity with the government of Syria was definitely a step in the right direction in asserting Palestinian interests. (6)

After all, Syria is the sole Arab nation that persistently and consequently has supported Palestinie, often at a great price, such as the loss of the Golan Highs which are still occupied by Israel, and it is supporting Palestine now, where a war is waged against it by the USA, the E.U., NATO, Saudi Arabia, The Movement of the Future and Saed Hariri from Lebanon (7), Qatar, Jordan, Libya, and other. US-Special Operations Units have for months been training, financing and arming fighters of the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood on NATO bases inside Turkey. (8) The Libyan Al Qaeda outfit, previously called Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, now called Tripoli Military Counsel, under the leadership of the notorious murderer Abdelhakim Belhadj, (9) is training, arming and supervising insurgents inside Syria, operating from Turkish territory.(10)

It is well known that R. Tayyip Erdogan in his younger days had affiliations to both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. nsnbc published an article with a video documenting it. (11) It is also obvious that non of the insurgents that are destabilizing Syria from NATO bases in Turkey could operate without the permission and support of the Erdogan government. The question then is how the Hamas declarations of support for the Syrian government should be understood in the light that the head of the Hamas-led government of the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, visited theTurkish parliament on Tuesday, and held a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan, who reportedly confirmed his support for the Palestinian cause. (12) Haniyya reportedly also met with representatives of several Turkish factions, including Islamic and leftist groups, and informed them on the situation in Gaza and the suffering of it´s People who face constant attacks, and the ongoing blockade. (ibid.) Reportedly, Turkish officials, and representatives of a number of “fractions” who would be interesting to have identified, were proclaiming thier support of the Palestinian Cause. (ibid.)

A good question would be what is meant with “the Palestinian Cause”. The meeting of Mahmud Abbas in Jordan has been criticized by the PFLP and DFLP for not being in the best interest of Palestine, and risking to serve the interests of Israel. The fact that Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have maneuvered themselves into an almost perfect state of dependence from Israel, the USA and E.U. is tragic and has brought nothing but a continuation of an extermination policy that is euphemistically called “roadmap to peace” or “peace process”. The quagmire of the People of Palestine seems to be that the so called power sharing in Palestine leaves th people with the choice to elect either a Fatah that has been co-opted by Israel and NATO, or Hamas, which is being co-opted by Turkey, Israel, and NATO, while the PFLP, DFLP, who represent Palestine and Palestinians within a Pan-Arab Socialist movement that would be best to serve Palestinian Interests are marginalized.

The prospect of an implementation of “A Palestinian Cause” as perceived by the very Erdogan government that is waging a war against Syria, which is Palestine´s most long standing ally and advocate could spell as much disaster as the belief that Israel is a partner for peace. In fact, should the role of Turkey be that of the Trojan Horse that leads Palestinian parties to believe that they can achieve Palestinian sovereignty by co-operating with NATO and NATO backed operatives, then Palestinians will be set up for a rude awakening to the same reality of terror and tyranny as the People of Libya are experiencing after their “liberation”.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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