Hamas cleanup operation after 2010 U-Turn continues.

Hamas cleanup operation after 2010 U-Turn continues.

Today Press TV quotes a “Palestinian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity”, who told that the murder of one of the the deputies of former Hamas senior Hamas commander Mahmud al-Mabhuh, Kamal Hussein Ghannaja in is apartment in a Damascus suburb on Wednesday, was carried out by Mossad. Investigations, so the anonymous Palestinian official, also indicate that the 2010 murder of the senior hams commander al-Mabhuh was carried out by Mossad.(1)

Consulting with a Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey, who previously has informed nsnbc about the fact that Hamas and Mossad have carried out joint operations after Hamas has re-aligned itself with the international wing of the Muslim Brotherhood stated tonight:

Both the murder of al-Mabhuh and the murder of Kamal Hussein Ghannaja are carried out within the framework of a Hamas cleanup operation. After Hamas realigned itself with the Qatar dominated International Muslim Brotherhood, it effectively betrayed both Syria and Iran, but kept a low profile until recently, when the information that Hamas was involved in the planning of the killing of nine Turkish citizens on Board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara hit the news. Hamas deserted it´s Damascus office the same day the news was published. The assassination of Ghannaja on Wednesday was one more assassination on members of Hamas as well as members of the Muslim Brotherhood, who were opposed to a military campaign against Syria. The question whether it were Mossad, Hamas or paid assassins who pulled the trigger is more or less irrelevant“.

In a previous article on nsnbc it was revealed that the murder of nine Turkish citizens on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara was one of this centuries most intricate False Flag operations. The operation was carried out as a joint venture between Turkish and NATO Intelligence Services, Hamas, the Al Qaeda and CIA associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, LIFG, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The LIFG

Both LIFG is currently delivering the bulk of Al Qaeda Fighters in Syria and is estimated to have no less than 18.000 troops under it´s command under the euphemism Free Syrian Army.

Both the Commander of the LIFG, Abdelhakim Belhadj, who according to former Spanish P.M. Aznar also was responsible for the Madrid train bombings, and his second in command Harati where according to nsnbc´s Palestinian Intelligence source n board the Mavi Marmara to point out the targeted Turkish citizens. The nine Turks were members of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and associated organizations and were to be liquidated because of their opposition to a military campaign against Syria.

Other beneficiaries of the operation were P.M. R. Tayyip Erdogan. His flaming speech and the severing of diplomatic ties with Israel (for three weeks ) boosted his waning public support enough to be in a position where he could rid the Turkish general Staff of secular generals who would be opposed to a military campaign against Syria.(2)

According to nsnbc´s Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey, Hamas began it´s re-alignment with the Qatar based International wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, because a deal was struck that Hamas would be supported at playing a “lead role in a Palestinian Spring” after the anticipated fall of Assad and Syria.

The details of the Qatar, Israel, Hamas deal have not yet transpired, but there is a strong propensity towards an attempt to establish a Hamas led Emirate Style Micro Palestine in the Gaza Strip, while it would at least covertly have to abandon it´s solidarity with the people of Palestine in the West Bank and other occupied Palestinian territories.

In a recent article that supports the suspicion, the Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine,DFLP, Nayef Hawatmeh, criticized Hamas for it´s propensity towards the establishment of a Hamas controlled Emirate in the Gaza Strip. Hawatmeh called on both Hamas and all Palestinian Fractions to work towards national unity. Hawatmeh also critizised some elements within Fatah for furthering isolationism rather than national unity. (3)

The assassination of Ghannaja, in his Damascus apartment on Wednesday and it´s implications can not be understood without knowing the background story, the realignment of Hamas, it´s joining of an anti-Syrian alliance and it´s co-operation with Israel, Qatar, Turkey and in fact NATO.

Christof Lehmann


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