Hamas declares “Gaza, a liberated zone”

Hamas declares “Gaza, a liberated zone”

What makes Hamas consider declaring the Gaza Strip a liberated zone?

By Motassem Hamadeh via DFLP – Military speaking, the enclave is still under a comprehensive Israeli blockade, and Israel still occupies a border line containing 85% of the coastal areas which are allocated for the purpose of fishing and 35% of its agricultural area. Aggressive actions have not stopped, while Giora Eiland, the former head of the Israeli national security council, is calling for a comprehensive war destroying the infrastructure of the enclave and the infrastructure of the resistance without discriminating between a civil or a military target, having the enclave become a Hamas state (Yediot Ahronot 27/6/2012. The legal status of the enclave is an occupied territory, albeit indirectly.

According to the Palestinian view, Hamas goes ahead in evading the requirements of reconciliation and stick to the solo power in the Gaza Strip by its rejection to go back to the Palestinian legitimacy through the ballot box instead of escaping forward by declaring the enclave a liberated zone, which justifies the establishment of a national authority free from the shackles of the occupation other than the authority of Ramallah and gives Hamas the probability of putting the Palestinian territory on the road of dependence and pave the way for setting up an independent entity. This fact was explicitly apparent in Ismail Haniya’s call in his first word on the first of Ramadan for setting up an Islamic caliphate and not an independent Palestinian state.

Another factor taken into account by Hamas is the arrival of the brotherhood to the presidency in Egypt, which opens the door, as Mishaal said, for a new relationship with Cairo, in which Egypt becomes responsible for the security, political, economic and social issues of the enclave, in exchange for severing the relations from one side with the Israeli side, which President Abbas warned President Morsy about in 20/7/2012 and reminded him of Sharon’s request when he withdrew from the Gaza Strip to give up Israel’s responsibility and hold Egypt responsible for the enclave to change the Gaza Strip issue from a Palestinian-Israeli issue into a Palestinian-Egyptian issue and breaks up the geographical, administrative and political link with the West Bank and strengthens the division.

It may be said that Cairo can provide the daily requirements of the Gaza Strip, but the dimensions and the implications of the relation with Israel under an Egyptian guarantee might make a new situation in which Egypt becomes responsible before Israel for any activities of the Palestinian resistance and, in turn, Hamas will find itself under the roof of the Egyptian-Israeli relations which is governed by the treaty of Camp David after opposing Oslo Accords and declaring victory and gaining freedom.

Via: Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, DFLP

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