Egyptian Spring Clean? Former Egypt Spy Chief Suleiman dies in USA.

Egyptian Spring Clean? Former Egypt Spy Chief Suleiman dies in USA.

Christof Lehmann – (nsnbc) – The Former chief of Egypt’s Intelligence Service, Omar Suleiman, has died on Thursday morning at the age of 76 in Cleveland, USA, while taking part in a series of medical tests. Reuters quoted Suleiman´s aide, Karmal, for having stated that Suleiman was in good health and that his death came unexpectedly. After consulting with a Palestinian intelligence analyst known to nsnbc, there is good reason to suspect that the unexpected death of Egypt´s former Spy Chief is part of what could be described as part of an “Arab Spring-Clean” operation.

Omar Suleiman was born 1936 in Egypt. He received his military education at Egypt´s Military Academy in Cairo. After his military education he earned a Magisters Degree at Moscow State University. Between 1962 and 1973 Suleiman clad important military positions throughout his carrier and was an officer during Egypt´s wars with Israel. He became the director of Egypt´s Military Intelligence Service in 1991.

During the onset of the Arab Spring in Egypt he became Vice President to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who since he became President in 1981 had governed Egypt without a Vice President. Officially, Suleiman was tasked with managing negotiations between the different fractions of those who took part in the Arab Spring and Egypt´s government. His position as Chief of Military Intelligence, however, must have facilitated insight into the fact that the apparently popular uprising was a post-modern coup d´etat that behind the scenes was being manged by a US/NATO/GCC/Israeli alliance with the purpose to bring about what Barak Obama, at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly called “a comprehensive solution for the Middle East”.(1)

According to the Palestinian intelligence analyst it is very likely that Omar Suleiman was assassinated because of his knowledge about the details of that comprehensive solution pertaining to Egypt as well as Palestine, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. His position as Chief of Egypt´s Military Intelligence makes it very unlikely that Suleiman did not have detailed knowledge about US considerations an plans to destabilize Egypt with the purpose to weaken the influence of Egypt´s military on Egyptian foreign policy with respect to the planned re-structuring of the Middle East. His death comes, one must say, very conveniently for many.

To understand the background for the suspicions about Suleiman´s death it is necessary to take the regional developments and planning towards the phenomena that is represented as “Arab Spring” since 2009 into account.

Suleiman was instrumental at bringing about a cease fire agreement between Hamas and Israel in 2009. Officially, Israel then did not want to hold negotiations with what it officially designated as “terrorist organization”. Officially, General Suleiman was to be the go-between to facilitate a dialog between Israel and Hamas.

It was also in 2009 that both Hamas and Lebanon´s Al Jamaa Al Islamiya secretly entered an agreement with the Qatar based international wing of the Muslim Brotherhood to re-align the organizations, away from an alliance with Syria and Iran, and towards an alliance with Qatar. It is very unlikely that the Chief of Egypt´s Military Intelligence has been unaware of this development, and in deed, so nsnbc´s informant, he has been.

The re-alignment of Hamas and a de-facto co-operation with Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, the USA and in fact Israel has according to nsnbc´s source been facilitated by Jordanian intelligence and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Leading Hamas cadres were in 2009 informed that Syria would be one of the nations that would be targeted by the Arab Spring, and Hamas chose to count on an alliance with the likely winners of the expected war. (2)

It is also very unlikely that it has escaped Suleiman that part of the planned comprehensive solution for the Middle East contained elements such as, strengthening the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to weaken the influence of Egypt´s military against the planned restructuring of the M.E.; the permanent annexation of the Syrian Golan, Southern Lebanon and the Palestinian West Bank by Israel, and the establishment of a Hamas led Emirate of Palestine in the Gaza strip; the price for Hamas U-Turn and treason on Palestine, Syria and Iran. (3)

With former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak being sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in prison and effectively silenced, it is likely that Omar Suleiman has been targeted to prevent that more detailed knowledge about this planned “Final Solution” becomes public.

Until an eventual independent autopsy and investigation into the unexpected and for may very convenient death of the former Egyptian Chief of Military Intelligence Omar Suleiman has been conducted substantiated suspicions about his death will remain. Among the suspects are members of the US Administration and Intelligence Community as well as players in Turkey, NATO, GCC-Member States, Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood including Hamas and Israel.

All and any of them benefit from the death of Omar Suleiman and until there is provided evidence to the contrary by independent investigators one must presume that his death is part of an “Arab Spring-Clean” operation.

Christof Lehmann


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