US / NATO War on Syria and Iran likely in Spite of Security Council Veto.

US / NATO War on Syria and Iran likely in Spite of Security Council Veto.

A nsnbc source within U.S.-Special Forces at Ft.Bragg, NC gave already in August 2011 evidence that US Special Forces were on the ground in Syria and that a war against Syria, Lebanon and Iran was actively prepared and implemented.(1) Frequent nsnbc readers are aware of that NATO has planned and prepared for a war on Syria and Iran for years. That active operations with special forces on the ground have been carried out since 2011. Last years chance to initiate an attack on Syria before September/October was missed. The heated diplomatic positioning games, the increased violence and brutality of the conflict is cynically provoked and utilized for manufacturing public and political support. The regular attack scares against Syria and Iran shall prepare a pretext for a long planned war; the waters are tested, the waters are heated, and the only questions that seem to remain are, how long time will the covert war, the terror against Syrians, the murder on Iranian nuclear scientists and other tactics be used before an overt aggression. How precisely will an overt NATO aggression be initiated. When will it be initiated, since it is unlikely that NATO will let the time line of August-September pass without an attack one more time. How will NATO try to diplomatically outflank Russia and China, and what will the consequences of a NATO attack be in terms of regional and global implications.

After the abuse of the UNSC Resolution 1973-2011 on Libya, Russia and China drew a clear line in the Syrian Sand.(2) While Russia was supportive of the Syrian Peoples legitimate aspirations towards political reforms, which as we see later have taken place in an unprecedented manner compared to other Arab countries, Russia as well as China vehemently opposed and oppose foreign intervention and the use of NATO led terrorist death squads and mercenaries.

Form the very beginning of what was and is being sold as popular uprising in the Syrian conflict by Western politicians and main stream media, it was obvious that there was a strong foreign element at play.

The Saudi Lebanese billionaire Saad Hariri, a stern Saudi, US, and not so openly Israeli ally became implicated in arming and financing the Saudi and GCC-backed insurgents. (3) The ongoing spill-over of the Syrian conflict to Lebanon and the fighting in Lebanon can not be understood without taking into account that Hariri and his “Future Movement” have been fermenting a Syrian as well as Lebanese civil war as part of a plan to destabilize the region sufficiently to mandate a UN-sanctioned NATO intervention or to create other pretexts for a military intervention without the sanction of the Security Council. Also the leader of the Lebanese Druze community and chairman of Lebanons Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, who has been strongly opposed to Syrian influences in Lebanon since the protracted civil war is actively involved in arming NATO and Israeli backed insurgents in Syria. In a previous nsnbc article we informed that Jumblatt, according to sources with ties to Jordanian Intelligence, has been implicated in a shipment of 50 Tons of Israeli military equipment worth over 650 million USD, that arrived at Erbil Airport in Kurdistan. The weapons have reportedly been paid for by the Israeli “Rafael Industries”. The shuttling of Jumblatt, just prior to the shipment, to Qatar, Iaqi Kurdistan and Turkey have been tied to the arms delivery as well.(4)

The vehicle for bringing about the intervention would be created by a relentless terror campaign with the use of Al-Qaeda mercenary forces from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other. A nsnbc article by Christof Lehmann from September 2011 described the strategy as modified Chechnyan model.(5) Others, like Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization likened the situation to the Death Squads in El Salvador. (6)

The fact that NATO was not able to intervene in Syria latest August or September last year is caused by the fact that the people of Syria in spite of their ethnic and religious diversity are extremely coherent, that the Syrian government has managed to fight the insurgency rather successfully, that the Syrian government has managed to implement unprecedented political reforms that have been endorsed by the majority of the population, and that Russia and China so far have blocked for an overt NATO aggression at the Security Council.

The successful establishment of and referendum for a new Syrian constitution that emphasizes Syria´s definition of itself as Arab State within an Arab Nation, a constitution that provides more safeguards and guaranties for freedom, democracy, protection of minorities than any of it´s neighbors, a constitution that embraces diversity in unity and solidarity, and in particular, a constitution that defines Syria as a nation that has rid itself from colonialism in the region was a direct slap into the face of both NATO, the GCC member states, Jordan, and not least Israel. (7)

nsnbc has published the full text of the draft constitution. (8)  The constitution was endorsed by a majority of the Syrian people, and the mere fact that the referendum could be held without major disturbances was a victory of the people of Syria against the foreign aggression. (9) Non of these developments have been reported in a fair and balanced manner in Western Media. Neither was it reported that parliamentary elections have been held in Syria.

So far, Syria has in spite of the onslaught and immense suffering kept the upper hand on all but one front, which is that of Public Relations. It has not effectively countered an aggressive Western media campaign directed against Syria and Iran which makes it relatively easy for NATO and allied countries to convince the Western populations that another “humanitarian War” must be waged to protect the people of Syria.

The Cognitive Manipulation of the Western Public into accepting another NATO-led “Humanitarian War”.

Complicit Western media continue with their cognitive manipulation of the public to accept yet another UN-US/NATO military aggression under the pretext of Human Rights and the “responsibility to protect”. The responsibility to protect and interventionism, Libya-Style have become part of official NATO doctrine at the 25th NATO Summit in Chicago this year. (10)

Western media follow suit and close ranks without questioning the concept while perpetuating often fraudulent reports that sale a NATO Narrative about a horrific Syrian Regime that butchers it´s citizens. The reports about the recent massacre in al-Houla are but one of thousands of examples that could be documented where false reports, fabricated images and video have been sold as news. The BBC went so far as to recycle images from Iraq. (11)

One-sided reports blame the violence on Assad and the Syrian Government. While Western media maintain that the Syrian Military was responsible for the massacre, and while many reports consequently maintain the narrative that the military was shelling the civilian area with artillery, the report shows a quite different picture. In spite of the preliminary report, the narrative that people died at the hands of the military is perpetuated in media as well as at the UN. The report states:

  • The majority of the homicides were committed with small arms and at close range, many of them execution style.
  • The majority of the victims were families who refused to endorse the war on the Syrian government and who opposed the involvement of foreign al-Qaeda fighters, armed Muslim Brothers, and other mercenary forces.
  • The overwhelming majority of the murders were committed by foreign and foreign backed terrorists. (12)

Regardless the evidence to the opposite, the Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby told media at a Pentagon press briefing, “We remain deeply troubled and concerned by the ongoing violence in Syria and by the horrific acts of the Assad regime against its own people,” Kirby also reiterated that Iran was helping the Syrian “regime”, and most likely to counter pertinent questions, he stated that al-Qaeda was in Syria for it´s own purposes.

Navy Capt. Kirby has most likely had advise of a skilled spin-doctor to find semantic twists about al-Qaeda´s own purposes. NATO has it´s own purposes, and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or Tripoli Military Council, the Omar Brigade, and other al-Qaeda fractions that are controlled by NATO Intelligence, Saudi Intelligence, Muslim Brothers controlled by MI6 and Qatar naturally have their own and specific utilities too. Thus Capt. Kirby is telling the truth while misinforming the public.

Kirby also positioned Iran as potential and legitimate target for US/NATO-aggression, stating that ” we have certainly seen reports and have reason to believe that Iran continues to assist the Assad regime in committing these acts of atrocities against the Syrian people“. I would say, I have seen “reports of Alien Bases and heard of Alien abduction cases“. So, because Kirby states that “we have seen some reports” we are all expected to wear alien costumes, right”?

In other words, the Pentagon is covering over the well established fact that NATO Special Forces are liaison to, supervising, and co-operating with al-Qaeda units in Syria, including the at least 18.000 al-Qaeda mercenaries under command Tripoli Military Governor and al-Qaeda Commander Abdelhakim Belhadj.(13) The Pentagon also positions Iran as legitimate target for NATO aggression because it has “certainly seen reports and have reason to believe” that Iran supports Assad. Now if Iran supports Assad or Syria, it is supporting them in their battles against the NATO led al-Qaeda units that have committed the atrocities that are blamed on “the Assad Regime”.

Another manufacturing of public consent is the recent release of a report that states that Obama had vetoed a French-Saudi plan to attack the Governmental Palace of Syria to decapitate the regime. Let alone the fact that such action would be a serious war crime, which NATO obviously does not care about, the main function of “leaking” such information via DEBKA File is to prepare the Western Public for a war. Other functions will be related to intelligence gathering as well as that of adding pressure on Russia and China at the Security Council – and beyond.

Diplomatic Pressure.

Since the nuclear issue can effectively not be used against Iran until the nuclear talks resume later this month in Moscow, the diplomatic pressure against Iran is increased by other means. One example would be the fact that Navy Capt. Kirby stated that Iran is using civilian airliners to deliver weapons to Syria. The use of such accusations is often a precursor of sanctions, such as prohibiting Iranian flights into US and European airspace. Thus, a previous analysis, that the US´s openness for negotiations with Iran may be a precursor of increased pressure and sanctions. (14)

Diplomatic pressure is also increased against India, which was sharply criticized by the US-State Department and Hilary Clinton because India does not participate in the illegal sanctions against Iran. India is one of Iran´s largest customers of oil. Given the heightened tensions between the US/NATO and India it is not unlikely that India will have to brace itself for another false flag terrorist attack. The Indian Intelligence and Security Services ought to be on guard after Hilary Clinton`s latest blasting of India for it´s lack of solidarity.  India, beware of a new bomb blast, a new hostage crisis. It is most likely “not” hedged by Pakistan.

Attack on Syria rather sooner than later.

Yesterday White House spokesman Jay Carney stated that the USA had focused on the need to bring about a political transition in Syria rather sooner than later. “The longer Assad and his thugs“, Carney said, “are allowed to brutally murder the Syrian people, the more likely it becomes a sectarian civil war; the more likely that it spills over Syrian borders; the more likely that it transforms into a proxy war with different players, including Iran which is already  engaging in malignant behavior with regards to the Syrian situation, stepping up that kind of activity and not being alone doing that“.

Carney added that what is happening in Syria “only underscores the urgent need to take action to prevent further devolution of the situation there, take action to support the process of political transition, to isolate and pressure Assad into taking himself out of power so that transition can proceed“.

In the light of the well established and documented fact that the USA and NATO are actively engaged in the violence in Syria, and have been actively engaged with troops on the ground since latest August 2011, the words of White House spokesman Carney can only be translated into an ultimatum by a thug.

Either the Syrian government surrenders unconditionally to NATO and it´s mercenary forces so that NATO and the US-Administration can install a puppet regime like in Libya, or NATO will engage Syria in a military conflict, well knowing that Iran and others, including Russia will be drawn into it”. Carney´s words are the words of a White House and NATO that wish to give the impression that they have perverted into a NAZI Germany Style alliance, hell-bound to follow a plan, regardless the cost, and regardless whether it will draw the world into a nuclear conflict. The question is, how much of the scare tactic is an actual threat and how much of it is “merely” a high stakes poker game with Russia.

While Hilary Clinton stated that the Russian position on Syria will lead to a civil war, Lavrov stated that “certain countries” were trying to use the massacre in al-Houla as a “pretext for a military aggression against the Syrian Military“. Lavrov also accused the “National Council of Syria” a consortium of individuals that are backed by organizations such as The National Endowment for Democracy, for attempting to incite a civil war. The National Council of Syria has previously been analyzed in an nsnbc article and found to be a creation of NATO and US-Cartels around Zbigniev Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and related organizations. (15)

The role of the UN Failed to Deliver for NATO.

The role of the United Nations should according to NATO plans most likely be to facilitate another Libya-style military aggression by NATO. The Six Point Plan and Kofi Anan´s Initiative must be perceived from this perspective. After all, it was during his watch that the plans to tie the UN and NATO into a contractual relationship were hedged. Many analysts warned Syria not to accept the plan and decried it as the trap it is. It is NATO that has created the preconditions for the plan, it is NATO that aggravates the situation, and it will be NATO that is pushing for military intervention because it has shot it´s own fraudulent peace initiative down.

Russian and Chinese opposition to military action against Syria and ultimately Iran, however, is positioning NATO in a dilemma. Hell-bound to initiate a war it has so far failed to destabilize Syria so much that it can go straight to an attack on Iran, and to make matters worse, Russia seems to find it´s footing and ceased to let itself be as easily intimidated as it has been during the Medvedjev Presidency. As a consequence of Russian and Chinese opposition at the UNSC the US-Administration is threatening with intervention outside of the authority of the Security Council. Today, in Paris, Russian President Putin warned the world that NATO and the West has broken one promise of security for Russia after the other. No NATO troops along Russian borders, no stationing of missiles, and so forth to mention but a few. Russia, Putin said, no longer trusts in promises, Russia wants guaranties. In fact the trained observer will have noticed that Putin repeated much of what he warned about during the International Security Conference in Munich, 2008, that the world was close to a third world war, that NATO was provoking Russia, and that NATO preached democracy while it was not practicing it.

War on Syria and Iran without UNSC sanction likely.

On Wednesday the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice said that “the worst and most likely scenario in Syria might be the option of acting outside of the UN Security Council´s authority. If all other ways to resolve the crisis fail, the world of nations will have to decide whether they are ready to act outside the authority of this Council“. Russia meanwhile, continues insisting that both sides, the Syrian Government and the “opposition” should be held responsible for the unrests, stopping short of mentioning who the opposition is. I am sure that Putin is using a more direct approach behind closed doors rather than calling NATO terrorist death squads whom Russia is troubled by in Chechnya as “opposition“.

Beyond the Diplomatic Parleur.

Beyond all diplomatic parleur, positioning and scapegoating, it is important to reiterate the basic facts, and if necessary to continue doing so until lying before an informed public becomes too embarrassing:

  • Syria has experiences legitimate protests and demands for political reforms in the country. The armed unrests have absolutely nothing in common with a legitimate opposition that has always acting and still is acting in the interest of the Syrian people and Syria.
  • In spite of an aggressive insurgency and subversion attempt, initiated and relentlessly conducted and supported by NATO, GCC member states, Israel, Jordan, and other, the Syrian Government and the people of Syria have voted unequivocally in favor of a new constitution that has been adopted. A constitution that defines Syria as an Arab Country, of many ethnicities and religions, with equal rights for all, regardless ethnicity, religion, gender or other diversities. It offers special protection for the underprivileged, weak and minorities.
  • New political parties have been formed and new political parties have taken part in free and fair elections. New parties and politicians are actively taking part in Syrian politics and actively taking part in solving the crisis. The main demands of those new political players, together with those of the Baath Party is that NATO, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar ceases it´s illegal unconventional war against the people of Syria so that the people of Syria can begin to enjoy their reforms in peace and self-determination.

Another fact, and one that NATO and allied political and military planners ought to give serious consideration is that the people of Syria, Serbia, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, the people of many other nations, and not to forget an increasing number of citizens of NATO countries are acutely aware of the fact that a Syrian surrender to NATO´s aggression would result in the installation of a tyrannical puppet regime – Libya Style – where the new Democratic Leaders found it necessary to create a law that talking positively about the former head of state Ghadafi, his family, his politics, his achievements for the people of Libya, is punishable with life imprisonment.

These are the “mini Hitler´s” the Belhadjs, the Jalils, the Outaras, and Quieslings the which an increasingly fascist NATO endorses as beacons of hope for freedom and democracy. The West needs a credible Peace Movement, credible Students Movements, credible Trade Unions, a credible internal resistance, and credible movements in the West urgently need the support of credible partners for peace. The Unipolar World needs to end now.

Christof Lehmann


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