Russian Foreign Ministry: Meeting of So-called Friends of Syria Group in Paris is Unilateral, Politically Wrong, and Immoral

Russian Foreign Ministry: Meeting of So-called Friends of Syria Group in Paris is Unilateral, Politically Wrong, and Immoral

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the meeting of the so-called “friends of Syria” group in Paris is unilateral, politically wrong, and immoral, because these “friends” are relying exclusively on just one part, on the opposition.

With such good “Friends”
Who needs any Enemies!

In a statement issued on Friday, the Ministry’s spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that Russia, China and other countries that are bound by friendship to Syria refused to join the ranks of those “friends” for the aforementioned reasons.

Lukashevich stressed that being friends with only a part of the Syrian opposition will just lead to intensifying contradictions and confrontation within Syria and making the stances of the conflicting sides in Syria more extreme, which can only lead to continuing violence and more tragedies.

He said that there’s an impression that some of those who participated in the meeting in Geneva on June 30th aren’t taking the responsibilities which are entailed by the resulting document seriously, noting that the final document issued by the meeting stipulates for all sides of the work group to work toe encourage all sides in Syria to fully implement the plan of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.

“Instead, they present theatrical and political propaganda shows that are similar to conferences of political parties, in which the fate of Syria is discussed in the absence of its main representatives and loud calls are made for the opposition to go into battle to undermine the Syrian leadership,” Lukashevich said, noting that all of this is given generous financial and economic support with signs given backstage indicating the possibility of resorting to the brute force scenario.

He went on to stress that Moscow adheres precisely to the plan for peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis by the Syrians themselves without foreign intervention, and that general directives for such a settlement were laid down in Geneva.

Lukashevich affirmed the need to unite the Syrian opposition on the basis of the aforementioned directives and initiate dialogue with the government, which would allow the Syrians to decide upon their country’s fate independently and democratically within the framework of Syria’s sovereignty, independence, national unity and territorial integrity.

UN Human rights council’s decision on Syria biased

The Russian Foreign Ministry underlined that the UN Human rights council’s decision on Syria is biased, adding ” it will not help launch a political process in the country.”

“The context of the decision didn’t include a condemnation of the armed opposition’s violence once referred to by Head of the UN monitoring mission in Syria Robert Mood,” Russia Today site quoted the Russian Ministry as saying in a statement.

It said that during Geneva meeting on June 30th, it was very important to keep a constructive atmosphere and provide conditions for a continuous work with the Syrian sides in order to stop violence and launch the political process, but the owners of the draft resolution of the Human Rights council have adopted another way, presented a document away of the agreed upon stance in Geneva.

Naumkin: Change in Syria couldn’t be done through force

The Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Sciences’ Academy Vitaly Naumkin said that change in Syria couldn’t be achieved by force, from outside or by groups that perpetrate acts of explosions, fires and kidnapping peoples.

“There are different foreign centers that finance, support the Syrian oppositions groups which have big contradictions among them and have different visions and disagreements on the future of the country,” Naumkin said in a statement on Saturday.

He considered that violence in Syria wouldn’t stop as the armed groups still perpetrate acts which force the Syrian forces to respond to.

“Facts underline that the majority of the Syrians support their leadership.. analysts also stress that if free elections will be run in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad win because he enjoys the biggest support among Syrian citizens,” the Russian analyst said.

He added that the plan of the UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan is still active, and the Syrian opposition’s non recognition of Geneva decisions arouses doubts that these decisions will lead to rapid and serious change in Syria.

Russia Dismisses Clinton’s Criticism of Hindering Resolving the Crisis in Syria as Incorrect and as Contradicting the Geneva Document

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov has described as “incorrect” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement lambasting Russia and China for obstructing other countries’ efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Gatilov told Interfax news agency on Friday that Clinton’s statement went against the strategy for ending the crisis in Syria that was agreed by world powers last Saturday in Geneva.

“The statement is incorrect. We have heard this more than once in the past as well, but what is most alarming is that such statements go against the final document of the Geneva meeting, which was approved with the U.S. Secretary of State’s participation, among others,” Gatilov said.

He added ” This document stipulates that all external players should facilitate the normalization of a political process in Syria and affect all Syrian parties, both the government and the opposition,” Gatilov emphasized that Russia adheres to the Geneva agreements, saying that the final document does not include any conditions to start a national dialogue in Syria.

He said it is regretful for such statements to be released in this stage, while the Geneva conference opened a new page in the international dealing regarding the diplomatic political settlement to the crisis in Syria.

Gatilov made it clear that Russia considers proposals of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria the establishment of the so-called humanitarian corridors as “unconstructive” calling for the involvement in carrying out the provisions of the Geneva Document instead of such calls.

Ryakbov: Moscow Wants Realistic Political Solution to Crisis in Syria

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia does not support one party in the Syrian crisis over the other, adding that its stance is aimed at addressing the crisis on a realistic political basis.

In a statement on Friday, Ryabkov expressed regret that some Western officials have not come to grips with understanding the situation in Syria.

He said that Russia wants the crisis in Syria solved on a realistic political basis, reiterating Russia’s firm rejection of the claims of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the Russian stance on Syria.

Bogdanov Meets US Ambassador in Moscow, Stresses Need for Uniting International Efforts to Resolve Syrian Crisis on the Basis of Annan’s Plan and Geneva Meeting

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov met US Ambassador in Moscow Michael McFaul, and that the two sides agreed upon the need for uniting international efforts to help resolve the crisis in Syria on the basis of Annan’s Plan and the principles established by the Geneva meeting on Syria.

The statement said that Bogdanov met with McFaul upon the latter’s request, and that there was mutual understanding of the risk of continuing escalation in Syria, with Bogdanov explaining Russia’s steps within the framework of implementing the Geneva resolutions, which include contacting Damascus and the opposition to help initiate a political process led by the Syrians themselves, hoping that the US side will act likewise.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Halting Violence and Launching Dialogue Based on Annan’s Plan Should Be the Goal of All International Partners

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that halting the violence and launching the dialogue in Syria based on the plan of the international envoy Kofi Annan should be the goal of all the international partners.

“Halting the violence and launching the dialogue on the basis of Annan’s plan is the best way for the protection of the Russian citizens and the citizens of other countries in Syria,” Kostantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, said in a press conference in Moscow.

He hoped that this is “the goal of all the international partners”, quoted by Russia Today website on Thursday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, on Wednesday announced that Russia is ready to continue contacts with the government and opposition in Syria for the launching of the political process.

He also dismissed the use of peaceful people as human shields by the gunmen as unacceptable.



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