The National Counsel of Syria and U.S. Unconventional Warfare.

The National Counsel of Syria and U.S. Unconventional Warfare.
By Dr. Christof Lehmann

Dr. Christof Lehmann

Depending on which particular Middle Eastern or North African nation´s “Arab Spring Revolution one analyses, the final analysis will invariably result in them being hybrid strategies of the Anglo American Empire. The potential elements for hybridization of the subversions are “The Afghan Freedom Fighter Hybrid, (1) The El Salvador Death Squads Hybrid (2) , The Color Revolution Hybrid (3), and the Chechnyan Model (4), all of which are designed by the same think tanks radiating around security advisor to numerous U.S. Administrations, Zbigniev Brzezinski (5) and Nobel Peace Laureate Henry Kissinger (6) who has played a vital role in positioning the current U.S. American President Barak Hussein Obama (7) to represent the executive functions of a rogue network for covert or unconventional warfare by the Anglo American Empire; A network of think tanks, endowments, funds and foundations, which are behind the overt destabilization of targeted sovereign nations.
Their narratives in public policy and for public consumption are deceptive and persuasive. Often they specifically target and co-opt progressive thinkers, media and activists. The product is almost invariably a post-modern coup d´etat. Depending on the chosen hybridization and the resilience of government, social structures and populations perceived need for reform, the product can be more, or less overtly violent. The tactics can be so subtle , involving human rights organizations and the United Nations (8), that they are difficult to comprehend. However subtle they are, the message to the targeted government is invariably “go or be gone“.

Studied in the light of U.S.-American training manuals for special forces in Unconventional Warfare (9) (10) they are understood and manifest the imminent dangers of a Superpower, that turned into a rouge state. After the subversion of Libya developed into overt conflict under the guise of sanctions on humanitarian grounds by U.N. Security Counsel Resolution 1973 (11), one of the next targets is Syria that has been aggressively attacked by means of diplomacy, U.S. (12) and E.U. (13) sanctions, and insurgencies since spring 2011. After recently having drawn a sharp line in the Syrian Sand, Russia and China vetoed U.N. Sanctions on 05. October 2011 (14). To understand the Subversion of Syria, it is necessary to understand U.S. Unconventional Warfare and how it manifests in the National Counsel of Syria.
According to the narrative for public consumption and social engineering of popular support for planned aggression, the National Counsel of Syria was officially established at a meeting of members of Syrian “opposition movements” in Turkey. On 15 September even Israeli Newspapers could not blame Turkey for hosting the counsels meeting (ibid.). As in the case of Libya´s Transitional National Counsel most of it´s members are anonymous, but the few that are known by name are gravitating around the National Endowment for Democracy and related rouge networks. Before presenting the known members and their ties to the rouge network gravitating around the National Endowment for Democracy, DIA, CIA etc., it is necessary first to know the concept and strategy of U.S. Unconventional Warfare with Special Forces. Away from the “Rambo” myth, to the reality of subversion.

TC 18-01 SPECIAL FORCES UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE – 2010 (15)                           Some of the first paragraphs in this Special Forces Handbook read:

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. This determination was made on 1 August 2010. Other requests for this document
must be referred to Commander, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, ATTN: AOJK-DTD-SF, 2175 Reilly Road, Stop A, Fort Bragg, NC 28310-5000.
DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.
FOREIGN DISCLOSURE RESTRICTION (FD 6): This publication has been reviewed by the product developers in coordination with the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School foreign disclosure authority. This product is releasable to students from foreign countries on a case-by-case basis only.

TC 18-01 (ibid.) is a step by step guide of how to create, manipulate, co-opt and make use of a countries population, persons of special interest inside the country as well as expatriates, organizations inside as well as outside the country, towards a subversion. Beginning with manipulating dissent into demonstrations, the polarization of a population, riots and armed insurgencies that require action by security forces, and psychological warfare by means of media, step by step, in logical sequence, towards a full scale war, based on humanitarian principles and the pretext of bringing democracy and freedom.

In operations carried out during unconventional warfare special forces, together with their civilian partners, operate with terms such as ” Feasibility of United States Sponsorship”, and where sponsorship is not feasible how to arrive at that point, “Physical and Environmental Conditions” such as “Weakened or Unconsolidated Government or Occupying Power” or how to weaken and sub-verse, “Will of the Population” or how to identify active pro and anti government activism, discredit, weaken provoke and assassinate pro government forces, and strengthen anti government forces by means of training, organizing, financing, arming, and if necessary direct military support in form of special operations units on the ground.

TC 18-01 ( ibid.) explains step by step how a country is slowly manipulated into a successful subversion, or post modern coup d´etat. To study it along side a study of the last five years developments with respect to Libya is a chilling lesson in modern history of warfare. To study it along side a study of the ongoing events pertaining Syria is a study in how the subversion operates, and eventually, how it can be resisted.

The Little that is known about the known members of the National Syrian Counsel is sufficient to document how the subtle preparations for a later coup d´etat in Syria have been ongoing in University Institutes, Foundations, Organizations gravitating around the rouge network with the National Endowment for Democracy playing a pivotal role.

Yasser Tabbara

Yasser Tabbara – Elected Chairman of the National Counsel of Syria whose supposed 150 – 200 members remain anonymous (16). Yasser Tabbara is the co founder and Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago. It describes it self as a “vibrant institution that continues fostering cutting-edge professional activism(17) Yasser Tabbara has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Illinois Chicago and a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law (ibid.). Yasser Tabbara is also currently the Director of the Chapter Development at the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and serves as a board member of the Arab-American bar Association, and the Muslim  Educational and Cultural Center of America (ibid). According to an anonymous intelligence expert, CAIR and the Counsel on Arab-American Relations are both deeply infiltrated, and in part co-operating with at least FBI and CIA and many of it´s members have ties to the National Endowment for Democracy.

Adib Shishkali

Adib Shishkali said according to NPR News (18), at the founding of the National Counsel of Syria, that the reason why it took so long time to form the counsel was to make sure that all were on board. If one has understood the concepts in TC 18-01 (ibid.) then these words have a special sound to them. Beside what he supposedly said in the presence of NPR, it was impossible to find public information about “Adib Shishkali”. But as often the case, as for instance in the case of Abdelhakim Belhadj (19), criminals and mercenaries often use various alias. What is common knowledge though, is that a man by the same name was President of Syria and it´s Military Leader, with friendly relations to the West,(20), and who was brought to his downfall by members of the Syrian Communist Party and the Syrian Arab Socialist Baath Party. His downfall prompted the beginning of the first CIA and MI6 subversion into Syria (21) What better alias could there possibly be to express where one is standing.

Ahmad Ramadan

Ahmad Ramadan, another opposition member said that the counsel would form 10 bureaus, including a foreign relations office that would be dedicated to “relaying the demands of the revolution, the people´s requests to the outside world“. Ahmad Ramadan also demands that the National Counsel of Syria should be recognized as Syria´s Sole Representative. Also a quite typical strategy for democracy conscious organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)  (22).  And that is about all that is publicly known about this gentleman who would like to be one of Syria´s sole representatives.

Louay Safi

Louay Safi is a U.S. -based academic and the Founder and former Director of the “Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy(23). Louay Safi serves as a Common Word Fellow of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. The multi billionaire Saudi Arabian Prince heavily sponsors the Center. Safi also serves as an associate faculty with the Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis, and a non-resident fellow with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) (24). The Saudi Sponsorship of the Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, and Louay Safi´s ties to the center would sound harmless, less one knows the extend to which the Saudi Arabian Royal Family is involved in sponsoring terrorism. A Lloyd´s Insurance Syndicate is currently suing the Saudi Government for the Saudi Interior Minister, Prince

Saudi Interior Minister Financing Al Qaeda

Naif bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud for damages related to his substantial financing of Al Qaeda before the attacks on 11 September 2001. The Lloyd´s 3500 Syndicate claims:  “between 1998 and 2000, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the SJRC, diverted more than 74 million USD to Al Qaeda members and loyalists affiliated with SJRC bureaus. Throughout this time, the Committee was under the supervision and control of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz“  (25). Russian and Syrian Intelligence analysts have also recently found evidence, that the Al Qaeda “Omar Brigade”, which is an expert assassination squad based in Saudi Arabia had been detached to Syria. (26)

Close ties between the CISD and the National Endowment for Democracy are not difficult to document. One good indicator is that key note speakers at CISD conferences tend to be related to the NED (27). During the same annual conference we have one working group on “Barriers for Development” chaired by Joe Montville from Zbigniev Brzezinski´s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (28); and again at a conference by the United States Institute of Peace, we have speakers from both the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy(29). It´s all one happy family of strategists putchists and nation builders, with deep ties into the blackest projects in the intelligence community, with Louay Safi playing a central role in the subversion of Syria.

Jamal Al-Wadi Daraa

Jamal Al-Wadi is an other of the men who met in Istanbul and “demand to be respected as the sole representatives of Syria“. All that is publicly known about Jamal Al-Wadi is that he is from the Syrian city of Daraa and that he spoke at the Istanbul Conference (30). A Russian Intelligence expert who wants to remain anonymous with respect to this informations informed the author of this article that Mr. Al-Wadi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Radwan Ziadh

Radwan Ziadh is an “exiled” dissident, meaning he is an expatriate from Syria resident in the U.S.A. He is a former Reagan Fascell Fellow (31)  at the National Endowment for Democracy NED. As published in Democracy Digest, Radwan Ziadh is calling for a “No Fly Zone” over Syria, and one of those counsel members who see a Libya like Scenaria develop in Syria (32). Not surprisingly, Radwan Ziadh is also the Head of the Washington -based Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, which has close ties to Zbigniew Brzezinski´s Center for Strategic and International Studies. Ziadh is actively promoting the psychological warfare narrative that the “Syrian Regime has Killed over 3.000 innocent people” (33). Radwan Ziadh´s biography makes interesting reading for any one interested in how and where U.S. Intelligence Networks, potential candidates to be used in a coup d´etat and The Deep State interface (34).

Abdul Basit Sida is another enigma among the counsel members. Besides the fact that he is mentioned for taking part in the founding of the national Counsel of Syria, nothing is known about him (35).

Hasan Shalabi. Though nothing is mentioned in mainstream media that could be used to positively identify him as such, there is a high likelihood for that the Hasan Shalabi that took part in the founding of the counsel, is identical with Dr. Hasan Shalabi who has founded and since been the President of The Islamic University in Beiruth (36). It could be a coincident, but is Iran, like in the case with Libya, prepared to stab Syria in it´s back by seizing the opportunity to transform the Socialist Syria into an Islamic Republic(37).

No Information could be found on two other founding members of the National Counsel of Syria, Riyad Shakfi and Abdulahat Satuf. E-mails sent to known members of the National Counsel of Syria as well as to the e-mail address provided at the counsels “homepage” which is worth an analysis on it´s own, asking for information about the counsels membership as well as political program remain unanswered until this day.

The Homepage of the National Counsel of Syria is hosted by “Reconpress” which according to an anonymous Russian Intelligence Analyst who is known to the author of this article, a front company for both CIA and DIA (38). Besides hosting the website of the National Counsel of Syria (39)who chose the much telling e-mail address ” ” (ibid.), it also hosts such illustrious websites as that of the 27th Marines blogg (ibid.), and other curiosities.

What is important how ever, is that the website of the National Counsel of Syria is calling for a No Fly Zone and foreign intervention, while publishing maps with outdated positions of Syrian Air Defense Structures (40). Most likely to impress, though there is no doubt that non of the counsels members would hesitate to sale real intelligence to their handlers if they had access to new maps.

While researching for this article, Russia and China, whose diplomatic integrity with respect to Syria is highly questionable (41) cast a veto on U.N. Sanctions against Syria. Russian and Chinese diplomacy at the U.N. has prevented a new Humanitarian War on Syria (42) for the time being; But historical precedence about cases of Subversion and Insurgencies where the National Endowment for Democracy, and the rouge networks around Brzezinski, Kissinger et al. are involved, is pointing in one direction only:

” Follow the Step by Step Plans of the United States Manuals on Unconventional Warfare, to predict the development on the ground in the Syrian Arab Republic”. (43)

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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SPECIAL FORCES UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE TC 18-01 in nsnbc files Special Forces UW TC 18 01

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