Palestinian Intelligence Source: Saudi Arabia ships Weapons to NATO-led Insurgents in Jordan and Syria.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc – Late yesterday, nsnbc received information from a reliable Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey, that the Saudi Ministry of Interior is implicated in shipping large quantities of light and medium caliber firearms to Jordan. The Jordanian government is vehemently denying that it is implicated, and the Saudi Government has, as far as nsnbc is aware of neither confirmed nor rejected it`s being implicated.

According to nsnbc`s source, the financing of the arms shipments is channeled via Saudi and International Charities and NGO´s with a history of financing Al Qaeda Units with ties to the Saudi Ministry of the Interior as well as the CIA. The same Charities have previously been under investigation in a US law suit by the Lloyd`s 3500 Insurance Syndicate, against the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, for financing Al Qaeda so substantially, that the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon on 11 September 2001 would have been impossible without the massive support. (1)

The claim is further substantiated by the facts that the USA has redeployed troops to the region from Iraq, that the Al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, (LIFG) under the leadership of known terrorist and MI6 / NATO – Intelligence Asset Abdelhakim Belhadj delivered and commanded the bulk of the initial Libyan armed insurgency,(2) and the fact that the LIFG has currently deployed at least 18.000 mercenaries to Jordan, from where it takes part in the insurgency via the Al-Mafriq border region to Syria, as well as since confirmed reports that Turkey has opened an Intelligence Operations Room and Recruitment Center in Amman, Makkah Street. (3)

The likelihood of the claim of Saudi Arms Shipments to be factual is further substantiated by the following two facts. The Saudi delegate to what was euphemistically called “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunis, earlier this year, left the gathering in protest over the “friends” lack of militancy. (4) Both Russian and Syrian Intelligence Services have already in September of 2011 drawn attention to the fact that they had analyzed internet and other communications that strongly suggested that the Saudi Arabia based, trained, armed and financed Omar Brigade, which is widely perceived as one of Al Qaeda`s elite assassination and explosives brigade had been deployed to Syria.(5)

Taking into account the convergence of Saudi and US/NATO Interests in the region, and taking the words directly out of the proverbial horses mouth, the US Military Training Circular for Unconventional Warfare, TC 18-01, the USA will in the foreseeable future mainly be involved in unconventional warfare operations.(6)Plausible deniability is, not surprisingly, a major asset when a nation is engaging itself in illegal, undeclared warfare and war crimes. In the lack of presently available physical evidence for or against the Saudi Arms Shipments, all that actually can be done is to evaluate the likelihood of the intelligence to be correct and observe the development of the situation for more substantiating evidence to surface.

Christof Lehmann

nsnbc – 19.03.2012

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