Gulf States and Turkey Hold Meeting in Istanbul to Continue Conspiring against Syria

Days after intelligence reports revealed that intelligence crews from some Gulf states, Turkey, the US, France and Israel have been supervising camps for gathering, recruiting and training mercenaries and terrorists inside the Turkish territories, Turkey and Gulf states on Saturday held a meeting in Istanbul to discuss activities of their terrorist groups operating in Syria.

The first results of this Gulf-Turkish meeting came with announcing a new escalatory step against Syria represented in the decision of the Arab League (AL) Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi to suspend the monitoring mission in Syria, ignoring the AL Council\’s decision last week to extend the mission for another month.

The decision to suspend the monitoring mission came to confirm that Arab countries, on top being the Gulf states, are continuing their support to the acts of the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Today\’s Istanbul meeting came as a new episode in the series of conspiring between the Gulf states and the Turkish government against Syria, which was proved through the simultaneous imposition of sanctions allegedly aimed against the Syrian government, while experts and analysts as well as a number of Arabs and Turks consider that the bad impacts of these sanctions affect the Syrian people and also reach the people of Arab countries and Turkey.

Observers see that the Gulf-Turkish conspiring against Syria appeared evident through the attendance of senior Turkish diplomat at the Arab Foreign Ministers Council meetings at which all decisions against Syria were made.

These decisions started with freezing Syria\’s membership at the Arab League and continued through working to internationalize the Syrian crisis in implementation of foreign agendas exposed by the statements of the U.S. diplomat Jennifer Rasamimanana who described the League\’s decisions as having positive impact on the U.S. efforts to take the Syrian crisis file to the UN Security Council and pressure Russia to change its stance.

Information and data indicate that Istanbul meeting held today came to discuss the ways to continue the exposed Gulf-Turkish conspiring against Syria after Russia stressed its objection at the Security Council to the Arab Ministerial Council\’s plan led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and ordered by the US and Israel.

Two days ago, the Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak stated that the Arab League\’s latest decisions against Syria are consistent with the Israeli vision and that the League and the Arab leaders are working in line with the Israeli approach against Syria.

Analysts and observers place Istanbul meeting in the framework of a new campaign to pressure Syria led by Gulf and foreign countries and Turkey that are now distributing roles among themselves after the doors were closed before them from inside by the Syrian people and were beleaguered by the Russian stance at the Security Council.




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