Happy New Year from nsnbc to Syria

By Dr. Christof Lehmann

Already since the onset of what was branded as “The Arab Spring” the Syrian “Regime” has been scapegoated for brutally oppressing a legitimate popular demand for political and social reform. What no Western Media reported was that the President of the Syrian Arab Republic was the first to invite constructive reform activists and movements to a peaceful dialog. What corporate media failed to report was that President Bashar Al-Assad suggested and worked towards reforms within the Arab Socialist Baath Party , the Syrian Parliament, suggesting, creating legislation for, and implementing reforms that in many respects not only met the demands of reformists, but topped them by being more far reaching than most constructive reformists who had the wellbeing of Syria, it´s citizens, as well as the region in mind had been hoping for.

The suggested reforms would have been difficult to implement in any country, and even under the best circumstances. Participatory, pluralistic political structures and governance require ecological processes that can not be imposed upon a nation, it´s institutions, or it´s people. Results of forcing so called democracy upon a people and nation fail, and the track record of US-Nation Building Projects provides ample evidence for everyone who cares to investigate.

Syria, however, was not in a perfect situation. Syria is in many respects the Arab nation that has been stabilizing potential ethnic and religious conflicts for decades. Conflicts that have been created, potentiated, and abused by the USA, E.U., NATO, and partially Iran as a response to Western hegemony in the region for decades. A destabilization of Syria could very well result in the destabilization of the entire region, casting it into a situation that would let the recent decades chaos of Iraq seem like a relatively minor event.

Syria has for decades been the sole Arab Nation that consequently supported Palestine´s right to statehood, Palestinian´s right to return, the withdrawal of Israel from occupied Palestinian territories or the borders of 1967. One of the prices Syria has been paying for it´s integrity, solidarity and consequence is that the Golan Highs are still occupied by Israel. For it´s consequence on the issue of Palestine, for it´s consequence in maintaining close relations to Russia and Syria, for it´s unwillingness to sale out to old colonial powers who returned to the region with a vengeance, it has been attacked by intelligence operations from Israel, NATO Countries, and it´s Arab neighbors such as Saudi Arabia, pro-western parties inside Lebanon, Jordan, and other. In fact, Syria has been in a state of low intensity or intelligence warfare for decades.

Implementing reforms under those conditions would be extremely difficult but not impossible, and those interested in the subversion of Syria could easily have deducted the fact. Other measures needed to be utilized.

Following standard operating procedures, as documented in the United States Training Manual for Unconventional Warfare, TC 18-01 (1) a step by step, systematic, cynically implemented strategy should bring the Syrian government into a position where it could no longer maintain stability and uphold law, order, and security for it´s population, without making itself vulnerable for being scapegoated as brutal, dictatorial, despotic, violent “regime”.

As reported in the nsnbc article ” Arabian Summer or NATO´s Fall ” (2),it was a well known fact before August 2011, that the USA, the E.U., Turkey, NATO countries in general, and allied Arab countries had plans to redraw the map of Northern Africa and the Middle East with focus on Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran, in an initially covert war that was directed against Russia and China, and designed to draw both into a confrontation with NATO. Latest when Al-Jazeera and colleagues aired pictures of masses of Libyans, who celebrated the arrival of “the rebels” at the “Green Square” of Tripoli, which proved to be a Hollywood Type setup filmed in Doha, Qatar, (ibid.), it became obvious that Western Corporate Media had been designated to fulfill a crucial role in the onset of what forces within NATO countries plan to develop into a third world war.

Already before August 2011 it became evident that NATO strategy was built on the widest possible use of secret armies, that Al-Qaeda was being re-branded as “rebels” once again, as they had been when fighting Soviet troops and the government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The new Al-Qaeda Commander that was to be positioned as misunderstood rebel, who innocently happened to be arrested and imprisoned was no other than Abdelhakim Belhadj, a.k.a. Hasadi, Hasidi, and a dozen of other alia, depending where he supervised murder and at what time. The track record of Abdelhakim Belhadj was published at nsnbc in the article “Abdelhakim Belhadj, the Mask behind the Many Men” (3)

On 25 September nsnbc reported in it´s article “Syria NATO and the Modified Chechnyan Model ” (4) that both Syrian and Russian Intelligence Services had acquired intelligence that strongly indicated that the Saudi Arabia financed and based Al-Qaeda assassination expert group known as Omar Brigade had been deployed to Syria.

It became also obvious that the militant wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, orriginally established with the help of MI6, and still closely related to it, was trained, financed, armed and equipped, and provided with logistical support as well as support from covert NATO Special Operations Units, from NATO bases in Turkey. (ibid.)

On 14 September nsnbc reported in the article “Hariri Implicated in Arming NATO Insurgency in Syria ” (5), that the Saudi-Lebanese multi billionaire, son of a former Prime Minister of Lebanon, himself a former prime Minister of Lebanon, and leader of “The Future Movement”, Saad Hariri had been implicated in financing and arming the NATO backed insurgency in Syria. Hariri is vehemently pro-western oriented, and has been known among other for having committed perjury at the ICC in the case of the assassination of his father. nsnbc has published a secretly recorded audio tape providing evidence in the same article. (ibid.)

In spite of Syria being under attack by NATO, with the aid of Special Operations Teams as well as secret mercenary armies, the USA and E.U. were implementing strict sanctions in an attempt to further destabilize the country, to provoke social instability cause by human suffering, documented in among other, nsnbc articles “U.S. imposes new Sanctions against Syria while training and arming Terrorists ” (6), and “Syria Sanctions and E.U.´s Hunger for Oil”. (7) The United Nations security Council was being abused by the USA and Allies, in an attempt to implement a resolution on Syria, that would have given NATO Card Blanche for another Libya Style aggression against Syria. The fact that Russia has drawn a line in the Syrian sand has so far prevented an overt war on Syria (8), but the covert war and attempted subversion has since been intensified.

The dubious composition of what is generally sold as “The National Counsel of Syria”, has long been discredited as the construct of The National Endowment for Democracy, Zbigniev Brzezinsky, Henry Kissinger and Associates, and other notorious and dangerous warmongers and war criminals.(9)

The broader implications of US and NATO strategy, the provocation of a wider Middle Eastern and Asian Conflict with China and Russia have been documented in numerous, well documented articles by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and other. Among the articles that are absolutely recommendable if one wishes to understand the broader perspectives is ” A “Humanitarian War” on Syria ? Military Escalation. Towards a Broader Middle-East and Central Asian War” by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. (10)

When Western Nations today call for wider access of Arab League Inspectors, and A.L. Inspectors do not find that the situation in Syria is as advertised by Western Corporate Media therefore, something must be wrong with the Arab league or the inspectors.

When the work of the Arab league Inspectors “can not satisfy opposition groups” (11), it means, that NATO backed insurgents and their political leaders are dissatisfied with the fact that the A.L. Observers did not fall into the trap of accepting false reports as truth, and perceiving carefully orchestrated violence with the intent to bias the investigators as representative of the situation in Syria.

The Arab League is not exactly known as an organization that represents Arab Interests, and by many perceived as the quasi Colonial Administration of the E.U.. It takes more than reality to manufacture the graphic images that are sold on Western Corporate and State Sponsored Media Channels.

After so many months of bloodshed and violence, after so many failed attempts to topple the Syrian government and to wrestle the support of the population away from it´s government by violence and lies; after bringing the world ever closer to a conflict that could have consequences beyond what one dares to ponder upon, why does the US, E.U. and NATO not try another approach. One of honesty.

What if Mr. Kissinger and Brzezinski, or Mr. Rockefeller came to Syria on a visit to President Bashar Al-Assad and said: ” Your Excellency. It is very inconvenient for us that you oppose the Zionist plans for a greater Israel, and that you maintain close ties with Iran and Russia. You know very well that we are poised for a conflict with Russia and China. Why don´t you consider helping us out ? You are a wise man – you could get the Golan Highs for selling out on Palestine, you could stay in office without problems for closing the Russian naval base, and you could even get rid of the insurgents for selling out on Iran. Your excellency, consider how much longer you could be undisturbed before we stab a knife in your back ” .

From nsnbc, a happy and peaceful 2012 for H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad and to the People of Syria. I wish you a prosperous, and hopefully much more peaceful 2012, and success with the reforms which you have planned and can not implement while war is waged against you.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




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