NATO Issues Shoot To Kill Warning In Kosovo Border Dispute.

After Fridays clashes between ethnic Serbs in Northern Kosovo and NATO-led KFOR troops which were a response to KFOR troops opening fire on protesters at a border crossing in the Kosovska Mitrovica Region on Tuesday, escalated today, when NATO according to RT issued a shoot to kill warning for the case that Serbian protesters approach the disputed border crossing. The escalation is happening against the backdrop of NATO´s use of the same Al Qaeda and Taliban network of mercenaries in Libya, which were responsible for some of the most appalling war crimes by the UCK / KLA on ethnic Serbs. The events in Kosovo bring the world yet one step closer to an overt conflict that may involve NATO, Russia, and China.                                           by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Since the onset of NATO´s bombing raids on Libya based on UN Security Counsel Resolution 1973, and the use of Al Qaeda and Taliban mercenaries under supervision of Special Operations Units,. There is not much if any difference between the beheadings and massacres in Libya and Syria now, and those in Kosovo under NATO countries Intelligence services supervision. The ongoing attempted subversion and insurgency into Syria, the tensions between Russia and NATO has been more than tangible. The events that are unfolding in Kosovo are but one more detail in a NATO aggression that has been in the making since the 90th, and which very well may end in overt diplomatic, economic, and military conflict, involving NATO, Russia and China. It would not be the first time a conflict in the Balkans has ignited a global war.

One can not understand the current outrage of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo, without understanding that the same NATO mercenary forces that committed some of the most appalling massacres on Serbs, and which made up the bulk of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, or UCK, are the same networks of CIA, BND, MI6, lead Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters that are currently the bulk of the NATO ground troops in Libya. Serbs in Northern Kosovo have for years been subject to a quietly ongoing discrimination and a “white glove ethnic cleansing campaign” . Of course it is adding extra fuel to the dispute, that German troops are in Kosovo, enforcing what according to international law is the illegal occupation of Serbian territory, sanctioned by a UN which should protect nations against the co-opting of territory in disputes. Serbs remember very well the massacres of two wars with Germany.

KFOR German Soldiers

The protests at the border crossing began when Serbs in Northern Kosovo feared that Belgrade would abandon them and their rights in an attempt to appease E.U. countries, who have been waging what only can be described as economic warfare on Serbia for years to force the Serbian government into accepting a E.U. Membership dictated by Berlin.  The situation escalated when ethnic Serbs protected a border crossing against a takeover by KFOR troops. It came to clashes, barricades were erected by protesters, while KFOR troops secured their position at the border crossing.

On Tuesday Serbian protesters marched towards the customs house, and it came to clashes which could have, and should have been dissolved by “peaceful means of crowd control”. Not so, in a war of occupation. KFOR troops opened fire on the protesters. Allegedly with rubber bullets. Rubber bullets are, as precedence in occupied Palestine has proven beyond doubt, lethal at short range or when hitting vulnerable parts of the body. “Allegedly” rubber bullets, because the Medical Doctors that treated 11 injured protesters stated that they removed bullets from life ammunition.

Early today 100 KFOR troops arrived at the crossing and and forced the protesters to leave the barricades threatening with the use of lethal force. KFOR said they would be shooting at any one who fails to comply with their demand to leave the barricades and the area. Also Journalists were threatened, among other a journalist from Russian television, RT.  The situation in the area is tense. While protesters are determined not to leave, KFOR troops are ordered to use lethal force. An attempt by nsnbc to contact NATO failed. Likewise, NATO is not publishing anything about the latest developments on it´s website.

Vladimir Putin 2007

While KFOR according to it´s mandate should be a neutral part in the dispute, the fact that NATO used Al Qaeda and Taliban Fighters to fight it´s war against Serbs, the facts on the ground, and the backdrop of the ongoing Anglo American conquest of Northern Africa and the Middle East provide ample evidence that neither the UN, nor NATO are playing the role they officially have positioned them selves into.

Russian Envoy to NATO, Dmity Rogozin said to RT, that “NATO is making the mistake to provoke another conflict in the Balkan“. In his speech in 2007 at the International Security Conference in Munich, Vladimir Putin stated, we have never been as close to another world war. His words are more actual now than ever. In the final equasion the question remains if Russia and China will act to end the uni polar world that has developed since the end of the cold war, and if so, will wisdom prevail.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

30.09.2011 – 23.55

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