Syria The Cradle of Civilization and Potentially the Beginning of Civilizations End.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

Pertaining the events that have been unfolding in Syria over the past months, there is a significant dichotomy between the narratives of respectively western and western associated, and eastern or Russian, Chinese, or Syrian Associated media reports. This dichotomy elicits the problems with a social constructionist approach to politics as well as reporting; regardless whom one reads or listens to, the reports seem credible until they are analyzed with a teleological approach to the language of the discourse, and investigative objectivity. The Syrian culture dates back five thousand years, and the ongoing subversion attempt and insurgency has the potential to become the igniting spark of a potential clash of cultures and civilizations that has been tangible in the undercurrent of global politics for decades.                                      by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Syria is an Arab Country with a relatively low population growth, a relatively large end well educated middle class, a high literacy rate, good medical services, and compared to most of it´s neighbor nations a high degree of social stability. The country is governed by the Bath Socialist Party, which significantly differs from i.e. the Russian Socialist or Communist Party by it´s acceptance of religion and religious freedom. In other words, Syria is a modern Arab nation where the millenniae of cultural history are tangible, but which is as equivalent to western stereotypes described by Edward Said as “Orientalism“, as a camel has the likeness of it´s owner, which is usually very little.

Syria is the only Arab country that has consequently supported Palestine´s right to statehood and self-determination and consequently supports Palestinian Liberation Movements. As consequently as Syria is supporting Palestinian Liberation Movements, as consequently has Israel and nations supportive of Israel and it´s occupation of Palestine made use of social constructionism to position Syria as a nation that “sponsors terrorism”. Since the 1967 war between several Arab nations and Israel, Israel is in violation of international law occupying the Syrian, strategically significant Golan Highs. Per fact, Israel and Syria are in a state of war with a declared armistice. At least as much as Syria is supportive of Palestinian Liberation movements, like the PFLP-GC, which by many is falsely accused in involvement of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, founded by Ahmed Jibril, as much has Israel a long history of financing insurgencies against the Syrian government.

Since the toppling of the Baath party government in it´s neighbor Iraq, and subsequent to the global financial and economic crisis that has plagued the worlds economies, since 2007, Syria has experienced the same social and economic challenges as most countries, and there is no country where the population is happy for the consequences of the economic crisis. Syria has been governed under emergency laws since the 1967 war with Israel, and the Syrian population did show signs that they had justified grievances with their government, which were and are addressed. The Syrian government has initiated a constructive dialog for reform and invited both it´s population in Syria and expatriates via it´s embassies to contribute to the ongoing reform process. In fact, in many respects the Syrian governments openness towards constructive contributions to the reforms are unprecedented in Syria, in neighboring countries and even Europe or the USA. The Baath Party, President Bashar al-Assad and their reform program enjoys massive support from the Syrian Population.

Have there been rallies and protests; yes, and peaceful protests are embraced by the government. Have there been and are there violent clashes; yes, and they will continue while the NATO, Saudi and Israel backed subversion attempt and the armed insurgency into Syria continue.

Saad Hariri

Fact is, that NATO is training Muslim Brotherhood and other groups on military bases in Turkey and provides both funding and arms for a violent insurgency. The Saudi Arabian sponsored, al Qaeda assassination expert Omar Brigade has been detached for operations inside Syria. Al Jazeera has trained and equipped insurgents with cameras and trained them at making small gatherings look like a massive crowd of protesters. Insurgents shoot into peaceful demonstrations, many of which are pro government demonstrations, and provide video of the shooting to media channels who use them as evidence for the governments massacres. The Saudi Lebanese national and former P.M. of Lebanon Saad Hariri is implicated in arming the insurgency. These allegations are well documented by numerous videotaped confessions which are not aired on any of the western media channels.

The problem with applied social constructionism in politics is not only that it invites to positioning and scapegoating used for manipulating populations into accepting a specific narrative. The problem with applied social constructionism the constructs only maintain their apparent validity as long as nobody really investigates, which is increasingly difficult to prevent since the Internet has provided the basis for the rise of far more independent media.

Human beings are generally good hearted and kind. Even though the prevalent view among normal citizens in every country of this world is that politicians are not exactly the most honest people, and that nepotism is normal, cognitive dissonance and other psychological factors prevent citizens from openness towards the fact that those politicians they are undeniably related to by a shared national destiny, which can be potentially disastrous, would support, cooperate with and make use of the very same organizations and persons they are positioning as criminals, terrorists, extremists, and a menace to their society.

Kars Løkke Rasmussen with Taliban AK 47 1988

It is far less surprising to understand that Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is in favor of a war on Libya where NATO uses Al Qaeda as well as Taliban Afghan Fighters which were imported by the CIA to fight the Libyan Army, when one understands that the same Lars Løkke Rasmussen has been in Afghanistan in 1988, called the Taliban “freedom fighters” and sent substantial amounts of money for their support from Denmark to Afghanistan.

It is far less surprising that Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan enables Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda Fighters, amd Afghan Fighters to be trained and armed on NATO bases in Turkey to fight in the ongoing insurgency in Syria, when it becomes known that the same R. Tayyip Erdogan already supported both Al Qaeda and Taliban in 1990. The problem with social constructionism is, that some one always will take the initiative to de-construct the social constructs. For instance by finding a video of Erdogan with Al Qaeda and Taliban “terrorists” from 1990.

The problem with social constructionism in politics is, that someone will deconstruct claims that sanctions against Syria are purely applied to protect the Syrian Peoples demands for freedom and democracy.

The problem with social constructionism in politics is, that someone will discover that the plans to invade Syria date back all the way to the late 90th, like Professor Chodussovsky documented it. And for a keen observer of global politics like Professor Chodussovski, and many others who have read the books of political advisor to various White House administrations Zbigniev Brzezinsky, that the ne-colonial conquest of Libya and the planned war against Syria are part of a global cold war against Russia and China.

Vladimir Putin 2007

Russia has drawn a clear line in the sand with respect to NATO´s Syria ambitions. China is in a position where it soon “has” to react to the aggressive expansions of the Anglo-American Empire. The fact is, that we have never been as close to the outbreak of an overt global conflict as we are today, and there are no signs that NATO´s insurgency in Syria is about to be suspended. When Vladimir Putin at the International Security Conference in Munich in 2007 said: “ We have never been as close to a world war three as today, it had a significance. How much more significance does his words then have today.

With the population of Pakistan in insurrection against it´s governments compliance and complacency in light of countless war crimes against civilians committed by remote control, by civilians, from Langley Virginia; with Iran being aware that the insurgency in Syria is a warning of what is in the pipeline for Iran; a Hezbollah government in Lebanon and a former P.M. with a family history of cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Israel, with an equally violent insurgency ongoing in Yemen, which has the most significant strategic location in the region, with NATO loosing a war in Libya and intelligence analysts warning of a possible false flag attack that could bring down a commercial airliner to be blamed on Ghadafi, and not to mention the volatility of Palestine after it´s people got bitterly disappointed, again, the entire Middle East is like a wet powder cake that is drying in the desert sun. It is merely a question of time before it explodes.

Huan Jintao

An overt aggression against Syria or Iran by the US or NATO would necessitate unprecedented responses by both Russia and China. In the position of China, the largest holder of US Bonds and US Dollars, what would Huan Jintao be advised to do. What would the dynamic duo of Medvedjev and Putin be advised to do. Their responses may be diplomatic first, economic second, which could spell the end of the already volatile USD as reserve currency and an exponentially accelerating financial crisis; and a military response from all sides, as the last but not at all unlikely resort. Syria, which belongs to the region that is commonly perceived as the cradle of civilization could very well become the region where the beginning of civilizations end is initiated. The world most urgently needs rethinking, reconfiguration and reconstruction of an international community that facilitates peace rather than a United Nations co-opted by an Anglo-American Empire.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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