Libya; CIA Spent Night in “The Green Zone” Heavy Fighting Continues.

Tonight the Green Flag was raised over areas of Tripoli; Tripoli Airport is partially under Libyan control, and CIA Staffers in Tripoli spent the night captured by Special Operations Forces in a house with the Green Flag hoisted above it. Heavy fighting continues throughout Libya. Reports that Libyan Government Spokesperson Dr. Moussa Ibrahim had fallen or was captured are revealed as disinformation. The Libyan Government criticized China´s support of NATO´s Imperialist War.  by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Khamis Ghadafi

During the early morning hours special operations units of the elite 32nd Brigade commanded by Khamis Ghadafi initiated assaults on strategically significant locations inside Tripoli. The special operations units were backed by resistance inside Tripoli. Several checkpoints were destroyed, and the Green Flag was raised over several areas in Tripoli and parts of Tripoli Airport.

In the early morning hours CIA Staffers in the Tripoli CIA Headquarters were amazed when they realized that the Green Flag had been hoisted on top of their building, and that they were briefly taken prisoners by a special operations unit. Besides the chock of capture, non of the CIA Staffers has been hurt, and all were released with no other harm than a dent in their self-confidence.

Russian Intelligence source provided a brilliant example of Intelligence Staffers somewhat special humor when giving a brief. “The CIA Guys” he said “Spent a Night in the Green Zone“. A cynical remark that refers to the Green Zone in Baghdad, which was the only secure area of operations for US Troops and their proxy government after the invasion of Iraq. The most significant result of the attack is that the special operations teams managed to secure a cache of important CIA documents. The Russian Intelligence Source explains that the Libyan Government will provide the documents to the press as well as the United Nations Security Counsel via secure channels as soon as possible.

Dr Moussa Ibrahim

Reports that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, spokesperson of the Libyan Government had been captured proved to be disinformation, and Dr. Moussa Ibrahim will address the Libyan people and the world as soon as time and safety permits. The Libyan government criticized China for it´s transfer of Libyan money to the TNC, asking why China, a socialist country, is supporting NATO´s imperialist war in Northern Africa. This question has acute significance for China and the Chinese Government, who sooner or later will have to respond to NATO´s North African and Middle Eastern Ambitions. According analyst William Engdahl and other experts, the North African NATO Campaign is part of a war effort with the ultimate goal to destabilize China.

After yesterdays admission by a high ranking NATO commander that NATO has failed in Libya there have been numerous optimistic responses. How ever, the war in Libya, absent a long over due and rigorous response by key UN Security Counsel members Russia and China, the Libyan war is bound to last months and years.

Senator John McCain - the "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" man encourages unrests in Moscow

After US Senator John McCain yesterday stated that Russia should look at Libya as an example of what can happen inside Russia, and encouraged Russians to rise against Putin,  Russian intelligence sources replied to nsnbc, that McCain should get up to date with the crimes of the US. Something “like” in Libya, namely US sponsoring of Al Qaeda and other terrorist networks has been going on in Russia and allied neighboring countries for decades. The absence of key players responses in the Security Counsel is by many interpreted as one more sign that the United Nations has utterly lost it´s credibility. It can also be interpreted as a function of the fact that NATO has over stepped it´s limits to such a degree, that other than diplomatic responses are seriously considered. The absence of rigorous and unified responses by Arab countries and members of the African Union is tangible too. Of all countries, Jordan showed solidarity with Libya and a rejection of NATO´s aggression, when it denied 100 wounded TNC “rebels” that had been flown to Amman for medical treatment to enter the country and asked the pilot to return to Libya. Can it be that the Hashemite Royal Family of Jordan has intelligence that provides evidence for, that it is on NATO´s “hitlist” over Arab states where a post-modern coup is planned. It is not unlikely that the Islamic Action Front in Jordan, in spite of it´s statements that it has no plans of ousting the Jordanian Government in February, is being quietly armed and prepared by the CIA.

82nd Airborne out of Ft. Bragg NC

According to confirmed reports from inside Libya the latest military development shows significant victories of the Libyan Defense Forces, but to speak about a decisive battle or victory would be utterly premature. Parts of Tripoli and parts of Tripoli Airport are under Libyan control. The attacks on Bani Walid and Sirte have been repelled and there are reports of possible counter attacks. A TNC interrogation and torture center in Tripoli has been stormed by popular resistance. NATO paratroopers, possibly from the 82nd Airborne out of Ft. Bragg North Carolina that was dropped at Ras Lanouf to secure Oil Refinery installations and pipelines is meeting heavy resistance. Though the Libyan Military, the Tribal Militia, Volunteer Forces form inside and outside Libya are winning on all fronts, the war on Libya is far from over.

Among the massacres and the murder, the calls for urgent humanitarian help for the battered population in the besieged cities of Libya is overheard as if the ears of the world had been deafened by gunfire. When even Medicins Sans Frontiers withdraws urgently needed help, the world needs to see urgent change, the UN DOING of the UN, the UN DOING of the IRC, and the establishment of a truly international community of independent nations, including humanitarian aid where it is needed, when it is needed.

Dr. Christof Lehmann







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