Syria and Integrity in International Diplomacy.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

The game is set. The longer U.S. and E.U. sanctions and the ongoing NATO and Saudi backed insurgency and attempted subversion of the Syrian government continue, the greater effect they will have. Russia´s late and feeble response has brought it into a diplomatic quagmire and China´s polite and reserved “one should not interfere in others internal affairs” attitude does not help Russia to gain confidence nor does it help Syria, or China. The third rejection of a draft resolution on Syria at the U.N. by Russia is protecting Syria against a pretext for destabilizing the country by means of U.N. sanctions, while it adds additional time for the insurgency to continue. Lebanon has internal problems, China rejects interference in internal affairs. BRIC countries oppose wide ranging sanctions. The diplomatic landscape is marked by self interest. Will anyone put their money where their mouth is.    by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Bashar al-Assad

The relentless media war on Syria by Western Corporate media continues, only rivaled by the tragically under reported NATO and Saudi backed insurgency and subversion attempt. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has daily reports of assassination, kidnappings, shooting, smuggling of arms, agent provocateur acts financed and equipped by foreign media networks to “create” images that provide fuel to the ongoing social engineering of consent for the U.S.-American and E.U. Populations to accept another, and long planned military aggression against Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah, as well as Iran. A nsnbc source inside Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, USA, could already a month ago confirm that active preparations of both special operations and a full scale military assault on the three countries, Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah, and Iran has been ongoing for months. Expert analysts, among other, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalisation and the author of this article, have been warning about NATO´s war plans which in the ultimate analysis are a war against Russia and China.

Iran is supporting Syria at the United Nations and rejecting interference into Syria´s internal affairs; But is is playing a dangerous game by appeasing the United States and NATO with regards to the aggression on Libya. Does Ahmedinejad see a strategic advantage in an Islamic Republic in Northern Africa ? If this republic ever is established, which is highly improbably in the light of the current military developments in Libya, it will be under absolute control of Washington, and not any advantage in case the US and NATO attack Iran. What happens to nations that attempt to appease the Anglo American Empire, letting their parades down rather than resisting is demonstrated by Pakistan, which is destabilized by NATO military activities inside the country, and by Libya. Had Libya gone on resisting, gone on arming the country, it would not have fallen victim to the NATO subversion and war. Maybe Iran is counting on a nuclear umbrella provided by Russia, but that is of little effect if the subversion is instigated from within, step by step, as explicitly described in US Military Manuals on Unconventional Warfare.

Lebanon´s Hezbollah government is declaring it´s solidarity with Syria. On Tuesday President Bashar al-Assad met with Lebanese Ex-Premier Omar Karami and Karami´s son, Lebanon´s Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami. According to SANA the meeting focused on events in Syria and attempts to target the countries security and stability. SANA also reports that the situation in Lebanon was also discussed. Karami expressed confidence in the ability of the Syrian government to overcome the current circumstances. Omar Karami expressed concerns and called for vigilance over the attempts of fragmenting the region. The message that lies implicit in Omar Karami´s diplomatic parleur is a message to Saudi Arabia, NATO and Israel that the Lebanese government is up to what is hedged against Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

It was also a clear message to the former Lebanese P.M., the Saudi Lebanese multi billionaire Saad Hariri, that his and his parties massive involvement in the smuggling of arms and the financing of the insurgency in Syria has to stop. If The Lebanese government has the power to do so without provoking a destabilization of Lebanon, exactly as Saad Hariri plans is doubtful. Saad Hariri states that he is confident that his party can remove the Hezbollah government even before the next coming election. If the Nazrallah led Lebanese government dares to put their money where his mouth is and support Syria, or if they fear an internal destabilization remains to be seen. The best advise for Nazrallah would be to crack down hard on

Saudi Interior Minister Financing Al Qaeda

any one in Lebanon who destabilizes Syria. Lack of doing so will render the country vulnerable to one more post-modern coup branded as “Arab Spring. Saad Hariri is heavily backed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in financing Al Qaeda, and the Saudi Arabia-based Omar Brigade, which is Al Qaeda´s or rather CIA´s Middle Eastern assassination experts squad that unleeched ha wok on US Troops in Iraq, has recently detached to Syria to assist in the ongoing insurgency. Al Qaeda has been heavily financed by Saudi Arabia under supervision of Saudi Arabia´s Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. In the final analysis, Nazrallah would be best served by an immediate crack down Hariri and any one involved in the insurgency and possibly cease the documents that could be used at the U.N. to provide evidence for U.S., NATO, and Saudi involvement. Will he put his money where his mouth is before it is too late.

Both Argentina, Brasilia, India, Venezuela, and Cuba have voiced their concerns about the meddling in Syria´s internal affairs. For Argentina´s sake, it is bankrupt, economically vulnerable and powerless, how ever well intentioned it may be. It will not put any money where it´s mouth is, simply because it has non. Brasilia will act as in the case of Libya. Voicing gravest concerns but no further action taken. India will follow the example. Venezuela is already fighting a US subversion, Cuba is trying to find it´s own feet after Fidel Castro Ruz has withdrawn from active international politics and functions as an internationally highly esteemed advisor. Non of these countries is likely to do the only thing they could do to really provoke a necessary change, which is walking out of the U.N. in protest of it´s functioning as an international NGO that provides an appearance of legitimacy to an empires illegal aggressions, unless a diplomatic initiative to convince them of the necessity to do so will find sufficiently influential members. Even if this succeeds, it will be too late with respect to the present Syrian situation.

Huan Jintao - Asian Stoicism

Yesterday, 30 September 2011, the Chinese Ambassador to Syria Zhang Xun voiced that China opposes foreign interference in the Syrian Internal Affairs and that China believes in the Syrians right to self determination. He also said: “We are sure that the Syrian government and people have the needed awareness to overcome the crisis and restore safety and stability in the country”. Zhang Xun also empathized that China and Syria have a deep rooted shared history dating back to the times of the Silk Road, and that the two countries had a trade exchange of USD 2.5 billion in 2010. To translate the Chinese diplomatic parleur into pragmatical political terms, what Zhang Xun said on behalf of China translates into:


H.H. Tenzyn Gyatzo and Barak Hussein Obama

” China will support Syria´s right to self determination at the U.N., and any European and US sanctions that have influence on their purchase of Oil will make us very happy“. One must have spent some time in Asia before it is possible to really understand the meaning behind such words. What he also implicitly said is, that China is reluctant to really step up diplomatic and economic pressure on the USA and EU, because a) “we have a dilemma with the CIA puppet His Excellency the Dalai Lama and Tibet, and we don´t want NATO to begin another insurgency in Tibet, at least not yet, even though we know that there is a war directed against us ; and b) we have so many USD and US treasury bonds, that anything that hurts the USA will have grave consequences on our economy, but we are definitely working out a war on the US too “. In the final analysis, China will not put it´s money where it´s mouth is, even though it has enough to put it in both places, because it knows that all the money will be absolutely worthless soon. Before risking any heating up of a conflict it needs to secure the drop out of the USD and the investment in gold reserves. Asian stoicism is admirable, and for the Syrian government most likely unnerving.

Vladimir Putin at ISC Munich 2007

So what about Russia, the Big Bear. Does it roar, or is it still suffering the chock of Afghanistan and the collapse of the USSR. Taking into account that Vladimir Putin at the International Security Conference in Munich, 2007, said “we have never been as close to a third world war“, his words should have the most urgent and imminent meaning now. Russia has been under attack ever since the CIA et al. financed “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan. It is attacked via Chechnya, and by NATO proxy by Georgia. NATO has literally militarily encircled Russia, with the final goal of a battle of giants enveloping Russia and China. It has been provoked and attacked by NATO Al Qaeda and Taliban mercenaries in Serbia, a traditional ally, and it is attacked in Kosovo today. The stationing of missiles in Romania are a move to further encircle Russia and Iran.

Vitaly Churkin

Yesterday 30 September 2011, Russia´s Permanent Representative to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin said that the Western Countries haven´t shown readiness to reach and understanding with Moscow over some points of the draft resolution on Syria provided to the U.N. and that Moscow rejected the third modified draft version provided by the European Union countries, adding that the draft should include calls to establish political dialog as a way to restore the situation in Syria to its normality. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin stressed that Russia categorically rejects any further Sanctions against Syria, and added that other countries share Russia´s attitude. Translated into pragmatic political language this means: “We will not allow any overt attack on Syria, and no additional sanctions and interference into internal affairs. As long as you keep the war covert by Al Qaeda proxy we will not intervene”.

Children in Syria

Don´t forget though, that Vladimir Putin is preparing for another bet for Presidency, and it is likely that he will win; that endows him with more power in Russia now than Medvedjev per facto has. The Russian decisions at the UN are clearly showing a “Putin Signature”. Putin is an ex KGB officer who knows the rules of the game; both that of Russia and NATO. Also keep in mind that Vladimir Putin is apt at Judo. Not Karate, not Kung Fu; Judo. Russian restraint and moderation in spite of the relentless aggressions by NATO are most probably based on the fact that NATO, like most other empires, even the USSR, have fallen because of “Empire Overreach“. I belief silently the Russian Bear is smirking about the Terrier on Steroids that is attacking, nipping here, biting there, with no result other than a bears fur in his snout. The sad story for the Syrian people is, they are the fur that is bitten by NATO´s mercenaries every single day. The fur has emotions, hopes and dreams, families and it bleeds and dies when it is shot at. It cries, it feels pain and desperation. All the UN should be about is said in the last two sentences, and it is not.

Is there integrity in international diplomacy. Emphatically; No

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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