TNC In Chaos: 80% of Tripoli under Green Banner.

The Sieges on Sirte and Bani Walid are breaking up, so does the the Transitional National Counsel. Jalil is calling for establishing a new government while the majority of TNC members desert it. Abdelhakim Belhadj describes the situation as chaotic. Is he making a move for power.     by Dr. Christof Lehmann

In spite of it´s absolute air superiority, NATO is loosing the battle on the ground. Today the citizens of Bani Walid woke up to a surprise. Instead of the usual bombs, NATO planes dropped thousands of fliers telling the people to leave the city or to be considered military targets. Is NATO preparing for an onslaught with bobs in a desperate attempt to turn around the lost battle on the ground.

Tonight nsnbc received confirmed reports that the siege on Bani Walid and Sirte is broken. Though there are heavy clashes around both cities, the resistance inside the cities has now established contact with the military, Tribal and Volunteer Forces that came to their relief.

Tonight heavy fighting erupted in and around the Green Square in Tripoli. A NATO ammunition depot in Tripoli harbor was seized by Libyan Forces. There was heavy fighting at both Tripoli´s military airport as well as Mitiga Airport. Tribal militia from Zintan secured several banks in Tripoli and began refunding money that had been seized by the TNC.  The Zintan militia also stormed several prison facilities and liberated numerous PoW´s that had been captured during the last months of fighting. The result of tonights fighting; The Green Flag is flying over 80% of Tripoli.

The proverb of “the rats abandoning the sinking vessel“, the majority of TNC members have quit their membership and positions. Abdelhakim Belhadj explained this morning, that Jalil is making desperate attempts to call for unity and is offering to “establish a new government“. The general response to Jalil´s call is quarrels, were TNC members blame each other for working for either this or the other NATO country. Belhadj called Jalil´s call for unity “rediculous in the face of the fact that almost 90 % of it´s members had abandoned the TNC“.

Is Abdelhakim Belhadj realizing that the battle is lost, will he make a move in an attempt to grasp power as many have expected for a long time. In the face of the military situation in Tripoli there is not much time left to make a decision. Regardless if it will be a Belhadj, a Jalil, a Jibril, or any other of the foreign nations agents who will make a grasp for power, it will most likely be a short lived affair. By no means does the latest development mean that the war in Libya is over, but the balance of power has undoubtedly changed tonight in Tripoli. The residents of Tripoli and other liberated cities and areas will do everything in their power to keep the TNC mercenary armies and the foreign agents who are infighting for power at bay. A look at the latest reports from Human Rights Watch amply explain why that is so.

Has Russia given a message to NATO that they are closely monitoring the situation in Libya while discussing Syria at the U.N..Russia has so far refused to accept three modified draft resolutions on Syria at the United Nations. Russian relations to NATO have recently be stressed to the extreme. The situation in Syria being one stressor, the situation in Kosovo another, and the outrage over NATO´s toppling and assassination attempt on Muammar Ghadafi a third, among many other. Russia´s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin said on Friday, that the Western countries haven´t shown readiness to reach an understanding with Moscow over some points of the draft resolution. Most likely NATO will have to interpret Russia´s signal on Friday containing an implicit message that NATO´s bombing of Libyan civilians must stop. Is that the reason why NATO chose to drop paper rather than bombs on Bani Walid and Sirte.

What is utterly unexplainable in the international developments on Libya is Iran´s unequivocal support of Belhadj, Jalil, Jibil and NATO´s aggression in Libya, while protesting the ongoing insurgency into Syria. In a video broadcast on YT Channel Morris 108, yesterday,Richard Bos asked some pressing questions to Press TV and commented on the Iranian approach to Libya. Bos correctly states, that if Iran hopes to appease NATO by turning a blind eye to Libya, it may have diplomatic advantages, and that all precedence provides ample evidence for the fact that appeasing NATO does not stop ongoing subversions.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


Richard Boss Questions to Press TV and Iran

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