Lockerbie Libya Syria; Who To Frame Next

New evidence in the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie is clearing the name of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, who was convicted and sentenced during the Camp Zeist Trial. As many intelligence experts have suggested for years, the evidence is leading towards persons in Germany, with ties to the Palestinian Front For the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, PFLP-GC. Why is it, that the new evidence is produced now, at a time, where the USA, EU, and NATO have installed the TNC in Tripoli, and have initiated an armed insurgency into Syria in preparation of NATO´s neo-colonial ambitions in Northern Africa and the Middle East.                          by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Professor Ludwig De Braeckeleer is in a recent article drawing attention to the fact that a key witness in the Lockerbie Trial, that led to the sentencing and imprisonment of Megrahi, who reportedly is on his death bed in Tripoli, has committed perjury. According to De Braeckeler, he received a copy of a German Affidavit from Edwin Bollier, head of the Zürich based MeBo AG. During the Lockerbie investigations, Bollier addmitted that he has sold several timers of the type that was used in bringing down Pan Am 103 to East Germany and that he had ties to several intelligence services, including Libyan intelligence and the CIA. According to Professor De Braeckeleer, who received a copy of the document, it is legitimate. The document is dated 18 July 2007 and signed by Lumpert, who has been employed as electronic engineer at MeBo from 1978 to 1994. Witness No. 550, Lumpert, was a key witness at the Lockerbie Trial at Camp Zeist, where a panel of three judges sentenced the Libyan national Megrahi for the murder of the 270 persons who tragically perished. While Lumpert testified during the trial, that out of the three hand made prototypes of the MST-13 timer, the third was broken, and that he had personally thrown it away, the copy of the affidavit in possession of Professor De Braeckeler, signed by Lumpert reads: ” I confirm today on July 18th 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fibre-glas from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22nd 1989 to a person officially investigating in the Lockerbie case” Lumpert also writes that the identity of that official, involved in the investigation is known. The affidavit is certified by Notarius Publicus Walter Wienland.

In the affidavit Lumpert admits to having committed perjury during the trial and states his regrets for the consequences of his silence for Libyan Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, who was innocently sentenced to life imprisonment, and who is currently on his deathbed in a prison in Tripoli.

Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Saif Islam Al Ghadafi

The new development is adding fuel to a growing campaign for Justice for Megrahi which is lead by Professor Robert Black QC, Mr. Robert Forrester, Father Pat Keegans, Dr. Morag Kerr, and others, and which is supported by countless other prominent members of society. The Campaign is asking for the release of the ailing Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.  The affidavit by Lumpert, and his admission to having committed perjury is casting overwhelming doubt over the official narrative about the Pan Am 103 bombing, and is widely perceived as grounds for the immediate release of the ailing Megrahi from prison.

The official narrative about the finding of the remains of the timer circuit was riddled with contradictions and doubtful  from the onset of the investigations. Some accounts stated that lovers found the remains of the timer board, other that is was picked up by a man walking his dog, and yet others report that it was picked up by a Police Officer who was combing the ground while on his knees. Finally, at the trial, a version that DC Gilchrist and DC McColm found it during a line search near Newcastleton became the “officially recognized narrative”. The timer board remains were then labeled PI/995, and later 168.

Reconstruction of Loaded Radio

The original  “cloth (charred) ” on the label of the evidence bag was later altered, writing “debries” on top of the “cloth”. This was supposedly done by Officer DC Gilchrist who found and handled the evidence. The bag supposedly contained pieces of a shirt as well as a minute fraction of circuit board which later was identified as a fragment of a MST-13 prototype, hand-made timing device manufactured at the Swiss Corporation MeBo AG. Even though the judges cast doubt on the validity of the evidence that supposedly was found, handled, and labeled by DC Gilchrist, calling it at worst evasive and at best confusing, they declared, “We are, however, satisfied that this item was indeed found in the area described, and DC McColm who corroborated DC Gilchrist on the finding of the item was not cross-examined about the detail of the finding of this item “.

According to media reports in the UK, a retired Scottish Police Chief of Assistant Chief Constable or higher rank, the evidence was planted by CIA operatives. The statements by the retired Scottish Police Chief confirmed previously made statements by an anonymous former CIA agent who became known under the code name “Golfer” who reportedly had received statements from Gilchrist that he had not been responsible for changing the label on the evidence. The testimony of the Police Chief and CIA Agent “Golfer” are concurrent with other signs of manipulation of evidence such as inconsistencies in reported time, a new page no 51 inserted into the evidence, and other signs of manipulation of evidence.

During the investigation, Lockerbie Trieal witnesses Dr. Thomas Hayes and Allan Fereday were employed at the forensic Laboratory of the British Defence Evaluation and Research Agency DERA, out of  Ft Halstead. Dr. Hayes testified that he extracted the fragment of the MST-13 timer board on 12 May 1989, and that it was green. However, the circuit board that supposedly was stolen by Lumpert at MeBo was brown. Besides this, there were inconsistencies and evidence of manipulation, like hand written re-numbering of pages in evidence files about the circuir board. However, and opposed to any logical reasoning,  the judges at Camp Zeist came to the conclusion that “ pagination was not materially, because each item that was examined had the date of examination incorporated into the notes“. The index number that Dr. Hayes assigned to the timer fragment is higher than evidence numbers designated by him three months later.

Feraday, also employed at the DERA, which has one of the most well equipped and funded forensic laboratories in the U.K. if not in Western Europe, sent a Polaroyd photo of the fragment that was attached to a memorandum into evidence on 18 September 1989. The Polaroid was the entire forensic work done by Feraday up to that date. Asked why this was so, Dr Hayes replied that the proper person to ask would be Mr. Feraday. Feraday however, had retired at the age of 43, a short time after his “discovery” of the timer fragment. Feraday was never asked to explain. The use of Feraday as expert witness in the field of electronics has puzzled many legal experts. Feraday has no Scientific Education or other qualification as a Scientist. Feraday should not have been allowed to be involved in the Lockerbie case. His early retirement may partly be based on the fact that after “he had done his contribution”, his further presence would have cast serious doubts that would have been difficult to cover up.

The case of the framing of Megrahi by falsified or planted forensic evidence was not the first contribution of Dr. Hayes to sentencing innocent people. The Maguire Sevenwho were sentenced and imprisoned in British prisons, where they reportedly have been subject to torture, were convicted on forensic evidence handled by Dr. Hayes. In the case of Megrahi, Dr. Hayes didn´t even perform a standard test for traces of explosives on the timer board fragment. The most probable reason would be that had he done so, he hadn´t found any, and if so, it would have been planted too. Further more, Lumpert noted, that the Timer Fragment given into evidence at Camp Zeist never had been connected to a relay. In other words, it had never been used to explode anything, let alone Pan Am 103.

MI6 Station Chief in Washington DC Andrew Fulton appointed Head of LTBU

Employee at the FBI Forensics Laboratory, Thomas Thurman, who is publicly recognized for having identified the MST-13 timer fragment from MeBo AG was accused by the office if the US Attorney General for falsifying laboratory reports. Thurman, just as Feraday,  has no scientific education that would have given merit to the choice of staff working on the case either. Thurman was quietly reassigned with the recommendation that only scientists work in the explosives section. The legal expert who was assigned as head of the Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit, LTBU, was Andrew Fulton. The unit was established in cooperation with Glasgow University. Andrew Fulton, a British diplomat, had no legal experience nor education. His was Station Chief of MI6 in Washington DC before he was “reassigned” to head the LTBU.

MfS Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

The timer fragment that was never used and brought down Pan Am 103. MST-13 Timers were produced and sold by the Swiss Meister and Bollier AG or MeBo AG. Approximatly 20 machine made 9ply green board MST 13 Timers were sold to the military in Libya. A few units of the hand made MST-13 8ply on brown board were sold to a Research Institute in Bernau, former GDR, which was cooperating with the Ministery of State Security, MfS. Both internal and external GDR Intelligence Services were under the supervision of the MfS. The two types of timer looked distinctively different. Even though, as early as 1991, Bollier informed the Scottish investigators that it was impossible for him to identify the timer from the Polaroid photograph alone. Remember, the photograph was the only contribution of Feraday to the forensic investigation. Ferady who retired at age 43.

However, the Libyan Scapegoats were indicted and sentenced without Bollier ever having had a chance to positively identifying the timer fragment. The reason for not allowing Bollier to see any other “evidence” than the photograph was to protect the “integrity of the evidence“. Orwellian New Speek for “Covering Up Falsified Evidence”. When Bollier finally could obtain a copy of an enlargement of a photograph that Thurman had presented on ABC in 1991, Bollier could clearly identify the fragment as being part of one of the timer boards that had been sold to the GDR, and positively exclude that it ever should have been sold to Libya. Moreover, Bollier could, due to the absence of any solder discern, that the timer board presented in evidence had never been used for anything, let alone triggering the bomb that plunged the passengers of Pan Am 103 to their untimely death.  When Bollier finally was presented the physical evidence at the trial, rather than a Polaroid, it was so scourged that is was no longer possible to identify weather it belonged to one patch or the other. When Bollier asked for an explanation for the changes, that could only be explained by tempering with the evidence, Judge Lord Sutherland replied ” request denied”. The explanation for the denial ? Bollier was declared an unreliable witness.

The Judges, satisfied with the unrecognizable evidence, declared that hey had been satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt, that the cause of the disaster was the explosion of an improvised explosive device and that the initiation of the explosion was triggered by use of an MST-13 Timer.

Intelligence Overkill and the recycling of a hen that lays golden eggs. In the final analysis the Lockerbie incident and trial provided extreme leverage to the CIA, MI6, and NATO Intelligence Services on Libya, forcing the Libyan Government into concessions that spelled the beginning of the Libyan disaster that is currently unfolding. The concession to stop it´s nuclear ambitions being one. The release of Al Qaeda operatives working under the supervision of the CIA and MI6, who are currently populating the newly installed puppet regime in Tripoli being another. The Libyan Government being forced to going along with the Lockerbie Trial, knowing that innocent Libyan citizens would be scapegoats for a mission far more dark, and far more ties to the deep state in the USA, than anyone would like to belief. While it is absolutely essential that an innocent prisoners like Megrahi, who is on his deathbed in a prison in Tripoli be released imediatly, the timing of the sudden appearance of new evidence, the timing of Lumpert`s sudden moral regrets over having contibuted to the imprisonment of an innocent man, the timing of the sudden appearance of Lumpert´s affidavit that clears Megrahi´s name, and the sudden attention for the Megrahi case by former CIA Operatives and Assets, and especially the sudden attention given to the case by Western Corporate Media,  seems everything but coincidental.

Ahmad Jibril Founder of the PFLP-GC

Former CIA Operative Robert Baer suspects that the former GDR Ministery for Statesecurity “could” have given the MST-13 Timer to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP-GC. The PFLP-GC, western intelligence services preferred scapegoat, and according to them, devil incarnate, was funded by Ahmad Jibril. Jibril founded the PFLP-GC as a militant wing of the PFLP as a result of it´s failure in mlitant resistance against Israels illegal occupation of Palestine, as well as parts of Lebanon and Syria. Ahmed Jibril has a Syrian military education, it´s main office in Damascus, and it´s main base ouside Damaskus. It is under supervision of the Syrian Military.The main reasons for the PFLP-GC being the preferred scapegoat are to a large extend identical with the reasons for the currently ongoing covert NATO insurgency into Syria. A consequent support of resistance against the decades long illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, parts of Southern Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Hights, and any country or organization that has concurrent goals, namely ending the occupations, and the genocide on Palestinians the only way that is plausible, as long as Israel has absolute card blanche to occupy, bomb and massacre with impunity, due to the unvawering support of Israel by the USA.

Former CIA Operatives statements, like the one by Robert Baer, speculating about the long standing ties of the PFLP-GC with GDR and former USSR intelligence services, and “speculations” that the MST-13 Timers “could have” been passed on from Eastern European Intelligence Services to the PFLP-GC and their being picked up by corporate Western Media, are falling into a context of a Middle Eastern Operation, which planning stages date back to 1998.

The immediate manifestations of this plan for US plans to dominate Northern Africa and the Middle East, also branded as “The Arab Spring or Summer” are the regime changes in Tunesia and Egypt, and the installation of a CIA and MI6 controlled puppet regime in Libya by means of a massive aerial war under the guide of UN Resolution 1973, and a rag tack rebel army under the command of NATO Special Operation teams, which is a witches brew of Al Qaeda factions, imported Afghan Fighters from Masar e Sharif, contractors like XE – EX Blackwater, and a cohort of other elements.

Saad Hariri - Former Lebanese P.M. implicated in weapons smuggling into Syria

NATO Special Operations Units are currently operating inside Syria. NATO bases in Turkey are used to train, arm, and provide logistics support for Muslim Brotherhood Units operating inside Syria. Saudi Lebanese multi billionaire and former P.M. of Lebanon Saad Hariri is implicated in smuggling arms into Syria that are used to destabilize the country. Both the USA and EU are imposing sanctions in an attempt to isolate Syria diplomatically, and claims that the lawfully elected President of a sovereign state, Bashar Al Assad has lost his legitimacy. US President Obama opposes the recognition of Palestine.

It is within this context, that the calls for freeing Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, while on his deathbed, in a prison cell of CIA controlled Tripoli, may very well result in him and his name being abused one more time. This time, to provide a context for military action against Syria, and this time, with consequences that could spell world wide disaster.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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