The Awfull Truth of Libya.

While the world leading nations endorse Libya´s TNC, with promises of singing tomorrows and “Democracy” within 20 month, the awfull truth on the ground for Libyan´s looks quite different from the Holliwood Hero version sold by Al Jazeera et al. In recent articles we have deconstructed the TNC´s democracy pledge, we have documented that the military commander of Tripoli is no other than the butcher of Afghanistan, now the butcher of Tripoli,  Al Qaeda mercinary Abdelhakim Belhadj, also known under the alias of Hasidi. This article will focus on eyewittness testimony of ordinary Libyan`s who until recently were quite content with living in the African nation with the highest litteracy rate, the best social and education services, first class medical services just to name a few. The mere fact that we have to keep their names anonymous should be telling, how much the democracy there is waiting for Libyans to come. The names and sources are known to nsnbc.                 by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Giving the people of LIbya the voice they are denied by Al Jazeera et al.

4.9. NN, returning from Tripoli reports: ” This letter will explain what happend in Tripoli. When the events first started in Tripoli on the 20th, all rebels attacked the cities checkpoints, but they were taken care of right away. After that NATO began bombing all the checkpoints so the rebels could easily enter Tripoli. The people of Tripoli responded right away and huge masses gathered to defent the city from the rebels.

The next day NATO was even more aggressive, and they bombed all bradcasting stations, killing dozens, while claiming that rebels had taken control of them. Of course, at the same time there were rumours spread, like the ones that Ghadafi´s son had been captured, that Ghadafi and his family, and government officials had left the country, and several other, as psychological weapons against the Libyan people.

Of course the people did not listen. Instead they gatherd and marched to the Green Sqare. At the same time the Muamma Ghadafi drove around the city in his army uniform, encouraging the people, telling them not to belief the lies that were spread. After constant bombardement of the masses, the people withdrew to Bab Elezeeya where they held on the next 24 hours. That same night Saif  al Islam made an appearance there. At that time both the Green Square and Bab Elezeeya were under our control, but NATO responded by bombing so as to pave an entrance for the rebels. Apache heleicopters were used to shoot at the people to disperse the massive gatherings.

The next day, after 63 bombs in Bab Elezeeya alone, the rebels were in control of both squares, but there was still fighting at Booslem and Eldhaba, and Salah Eldeen, but these were mere citizens fighting against Apache helicopters and heavily armed rebels.

Since then Tripoli has become a bloodbath. All who were black were lynched. An entire area, known to be supportive of Ghadafi was bombed, or the appartments were burned. The rebels came into house after house, stealing what they could and destroying what they couldn´t.

After listening to their conversations we have found out that they already had started the rebels in the western mountains and the rebels of Zintan, and Musrata. They seem to be fighting on who gets what. In many cases they opened fire on eachother.

And as for the NTC and the islamists, well they have already started arguing because the west is telling them to take care of the islamists. But of course, that is impossible, since it is the islamists who are in controll of the weapons. The rebels of Zintan and Musrata are aware of this, so they began stealing as many weapons as possible, storing them, and preparing themselves for the obvious battle to come.

As for Cirt / Sirte, and Binooleed, they have been constantly bombed. In Binoleed dozens of civilians were killed, and as for Sirte the most terrible crime was when they bombed the people while they were praying Eid prayers. About a thousand died there. It was absolutely horrible and even though footage was sent to all channels, no one aired it.
In Tripoli there were government officials killed. Others were spared in exchange for them making an announcement, saying that they had joined the revolution. Rebel crimes in Tripoli.

Houses were raided, they steal what they can and destroy the rest. Buildings in aread such as Jamahiriya street and Hadba and Boosleem were either completely burnt or raided and destroyed.

In one hospital equipments were stolen and fuel for generators too. Private clinics were completely destroyed and raided. We got a report that ambulances and firetrucks were also taken. Hala Musratee, a famous Libyan anchor was kidnapped and it was broadcasted on national television and a famous shaikh too named Ali Busuwa with the exact same situation yet no one seemed to care.

Yet when the woman who CLAIMED that she was raped made an appearance the whole world reacted but these too were on live television when they were kidnapped by force and no one even mentioned it.

5.9., NN from Zawia reports: ” The city is now in rebels hands. People are randomly arrested in the streets and executed by horrible methods. The reason for the executions are suspicion that people don´t support the TNC, or simply arbitrarily, to scare the population into submission. Most people stay in their homes, protecting their children. We constantly hear firearms.”

5.9. NN from Sirt reports: “There is heavy bombing in Sirt and Bani Walid all the time. The hospitals are running out of medical and other supplies, and operations often have to be performed without anaesthetics – even for the children. Civilians pay the suffering by cutting water supplies and electricity. There are still many victims under the rubble from the bombing who can not be evacuated or rescued, because of the relentless airial bombing. Civilians that have tried to leave the city have been killed. It is very difficult to obtain information from the greater area because telephones and electricity have been bombed. I hear also Tripoli is bombarded these days.

Foreign Fighters In Iraq

So, where do all these rebels come from ? According to reports from Islamabad, the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, recruited 1.500 fighters from Mazar e- Shareef, Afghanistan. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, officially part of Al Qaeda, who cooperated with MI6 in the 90th, in an attempt to assassinate Ghadaffi is based in estern Libya. Eastern Libya supplied the most fighters per capita, who went to Iraqm killing US Americans, and first and

Libyan Fighters in Iraq by Hometown

foremost Iraquis. Their preferred method of fighting, suicide bombing. More about the details in a later article, while we hope we have brought you an unedited human angle report of the facts on the ground in Liberated Libya.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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