US Opposed to Recognition of Palestine.

US President Barak Hussein Obama will oppose Recognition of Palestine at U.N. Security Council. E.U. Countries are split. Is this the beginning of another decades long “Peace Process” with tenth of thousands of death. Will Palestine will be allowed to look throgh a peephole at the U.N. General Assembley while it´s people are starved and murdered.                                                                                      by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Nothing New from the West Front

According to major news agencies, President Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, has declared that the USA will vehemently oppose the recognition of Palestine at the U.N. Security Counsil. Obama states that the recognition of Palestine at the U.N. Security Counsil would be counterproductive, and a diversion from the “Real Goal”, which would be the establishment of a “viable” Palestinian State within the Middle East. Obama added that it would not lead to the result the US is aiming for, namely a total solution. Is it any surprise that many Palestinians, after decades of aggression, countless massacres, and implementet apartheit that would make Piet Botha blush, are bound to perceive Obama´s suggestion of a “Total Solution” like the Jewish People of Germany and throughout the world perceived Adolf Hitler´s mentioning of the Final Solution “Die Endlösung“.

Obama added, that this viable Palestinian State would only be possible “if” both Palestinans and Israeli´s found some solution. Obama´s vague formulation implies, that he is well aware about the fact that, unless the USA applies pressure substantial pressure on Israel, it will never truly agree to anything but a “Israel G´dol” the Greater Israel. A Palestine that by any means challenges Israel´s position of the Bully, who can kill and maim with impunity is everything but likely.

I will never forget

The author of this article was in Sabra and Shatila during the masscre in 1982. May I remind the world, that before yet another defeat of Palestinians right to their State on September 23, we mourn the aniversar of the 1982 massacre on September 15, 16, 17, 18. The USA, having veto power at the Security counsil will block Mahmud Abbas ambitions for recognition, that´s it; and it can hardly be a surprise for anyone who knows the percentage of Administration and Senate Members with dual US / Israeli citizenship, and the influence of AIPAC on US Policy.

Sibel Edmonds

Turkey´s role is ambiguous. While Turkies P.M. Tayyip Erdogan has severed diplomatic ties and military cooperation between Turkey and Israel, and while it is possible that he will attempt political grand standing by a surprise visit to Gaza; while he is threatening Israel, that Turkey “might” protect the next Gaza Flotilla with military vessels, he is not hampering the illegal arms deals and nuclear proliferation, facilitated by the unholy marriage between AIPAC and ATC, documented by whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

After Mahmud Abbas attempt in the U.N. Security Counsil has failed, he will attempt to provide Palestine with “Observer Status” at the U.N. general Assembley. One may feel empathy for the Palestinians, who have their nation be subject to a decades long, illegal occupation by Israel, who are now hoping for, that they may aat least have a place within the world community, where they are allowed to have a peep hole to the Theatre of World Politics that uses Palestine and it´s occupants as props in the theatre of the world. Only 2.7 % of Palestinians in Palestine are age 65 or above. Maybe in moments of humanity, or when he is praying in Synagogue, Bibi Netanyahu thinks “I am a good man, at least they don´t suffer so long time”. 

E.U. countries are split about their vote at the Security Counsil and the general Assebley. The Arab League Nations will vote for Palestine achieving Observer Status. The World at the United Nationsis as it should be in a Real Democracy. “Everybodies Vote Counts, Provided It´s Not About Anything Really Important”.

Apartheit State

In a way, Obama, aka Soetero is right in saying that a recognition of Palestine would not provide a viable state, but viable for Obama means viable for Israel. A viable Palestine, according to international law, viable for Palestinians Jews and Christians alike, can only be achieved by a one state soution, with refugees and their children and grandchildrens right to return, with equal rights, for Jews, Palestinians, and Christians alike. Latest since the Oslo Accords, anyone who argues for this viable solution has been positioned as terrorist, and what makes things worse, often by members of the PLO denying Palestinians their right to self defence. Israel will never acceppt it. So Palestinians should brace themselves for the next decades of massacres, while it´s nation is graciously allowed to observe them through a peephole at the U.N. while the remaining Palestinian settlements within the Illegally occupied territories are overrun.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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