NATO´s Covert War In Syria.

While both the USA and EU apply all possible diplomatic and economic  pressure to abuse the UN for toppeling Syria´s Baath Party and Government under the pretence of freedom and human rights, the covert NATO war inside Syria continues with terrorism, killings and kidnappings.                                         by Dr Christof Lehmann 

For the un-acclimatized reader of real news, who has not yet wokenup from the hypnotic slumber induced by NATO co-opted media channels, the facts may seem unbelievable. However, the truth is, that NATO has been, and continues it´s covert war against Syria, both inside Syria, as well as from abroad.

Kidnapped Attorney General of Hama, Adnan Bakkur

The recent kidnapping of Attorney General of Hama, Adnan Bakkur, who was coerced to read up a statement that he had defected because he was appalled over his governments massacre on citizens, seemed unbelievable for many. But was it a single kidnapping by over zealous, democracy starved activists, or was it part of a well orchestrated war effort? Yesterday, another kidnapping occurred, which should clarify, that it the latter is the fact. Yesterday evening, nsnbc received confirmed reports, that Baath Party Secetary General for Rastan, Izzidin Obeid, and his secretary Abdul-Razzak al-Dali also had been kidnapped by an armed gang.

The kidnapping happend in broad daylight, when an armed gang threatened Secretary General Izzidin Obeid, and his secretary Abdul-Razzak al-Dali at gunpoint. Both men were driven to a location where they were coerced into issuing video recorded statements, that they were supporting the “public resistance” against the oppressive Baath Party Government and Bashar al Assad. The video about their “defection” was sent to satellite channels world wide, and aired, before the kidnappers drove both victims to a second location, where one more video with the same statement was recorded at gunpoint.

Contrary to kidnapped Attorney General  of Hama, Adnan Bakkur, whose where abouts remain unknown, the kidnappers released both men, who were severely beaten and abused before their ordeal was over. After reporting to the police and emergency medical treatment, both were interviewed by Syrian TV, which sent the video to sattellite channels world wide. Non of the western media aired the kidnapping victims statement to the contrary, adding additional victimization to their trauma. The video with the kidnapping victims statement after their release, aired on Syrian TV is brought to you by nsnbconline tv.

It is a natural response of the human psyche to nourish disbelief statements, claiming that ones own government, it´s secret services, and military forces belong to the wrong side of international law. Not at least our innate sense of justice, makes us resist the thought of guilt by association with those who kidnapp, kill and maim. Any nations government is aware about this fact and applies it in it´s psychological warfare operations.

To see that the development in Syria is following US- and NATO Unconventional Warfare Strategies, taught at military colleges, to the point, please read the following documents.



Dr. Christof Lehmann


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