Humanitarian Disaster in Libya.

The U.N. Resolution 1973 on Libya, to be enforced by NATO and “a coalition of the willing” read Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, et al. could only pass, because NATO diplomats succeeded in convincing initial opponents of the enforcement of a “no-fly zone” about the need to protect civilian lives. Based on the development of recent month´s and the acute situation, the ones in Libya who need protection are those who are subject to NATO´s bombing campaign and the war crimes committed by the TNC.          by Dr. Christof Lehmann

The last report from nsnbc´s source inside Bani Walid came on 12 September, reporting of Hospitals and pharmacies having run out of medicines. Even major operations being performed without anesthetics – on children too. Most of the casualties women and children. Our source informed us about NATO bombing with unspecified chemical agents while TNC troops were shelling the city with Mustard Gas Ammunition. We have had no reports from inside Bani Walid since.

Regular telephone and inter net communication to areas under siege by TNC and NATO is extremely difficult and reports from corporate Western Media are notorically unreliable. The picture we can gather by adding bits and pieces of incoming intelligence is a harbinger of a humanitarian disaster that ought to, and can only be stopped by major players at the U.N. Security Council. According to reports from the ground, both Bani Walid, Sirte, and other cities, and villages are surrounded by TNC troops. Earlier attempts to break the resistance by airing propaganda on TV stating that everyone could safely surrender did not show effect, after reports of massacres on surrendering youth and soldiers spread.

In a clear violation of international law, the ground water level in Sirte has been lowered and the remaining water supplies poisoned, so the inhabitants of Sirte depend on few ells inside the city. Also in clear violation of international law, the electricity, and other vital infrastructure in and around the besieged cities is systematically attacked and destroyed by NATO Air Forces and Ground Forces under the command of the TNC. Already more than a week ago, African news agencies reported, that food supplies like fruit and vegetables were running catastrophically low, and very little has been supplied since. Most critically however, is the absolutely illegal terrorizing and endangering of the cities populations by manipulating, destroying, and poisoning the water supply.

Our analysis a month ago, that the conflict will develop into a long and protracted civil war of attrition has proven to be correct.  While TNC and NATO forces lay siege to Bani Walid, Sirte and other cities, we are registering an increasing amount of reports of about successful ambush attacks on TNC fighters convoys. Resisting tribal leaders are increasingly inflicting heavy losses and casualties on TNC contingents. One such attack took place appr. 60 from Sirte, where a TNC convoy with 70 vehicles and men was destroyed.

While both Russia´s P.M. Vladimir Putin and President Medvedjev openly criticized NATO´s abuse of U.N. Resolution 1973 in Libya, the critique was mainly limited to opposing the toppling or attempted assassination of Muammar Ghadafi. While the humanitarian disaster, which dimensions can only become clear after the end of the illegal sieges is worsening, the only forces who could stop it are Russia, China, or an unlikely and informal coalition of nations like Brasilia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Japan, and a few others, who would apply sufficient diplomatic pressure on Russia and China, to motivate them into putting their money where their mouth is.Certainly, the unipolar world after the cold war, and Russia´s low profile in international affairs did not create more stability nor peace. Mad dogs will rage until they are restrained.

The current NATO aggression and colonial ambitions in Libya, the covert NATO war against Syria, plans to attack Iran, the murder of civilians in Palestine, but most imminently Libya, elicits the need to support initiatives as those by former P.M. of Malaysia, Dr. Tun Mahatir Muhammad, to outlaw war, and to establish truly independent war crimes tribunals.

By. Dr. Christof Lehmann

16.09.2011 – Please Remember Sabra and Shatila.











Dr. Christof Lehmann


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