Libya Update, Heavy Fighting at Sabah

While CNN and other Corporate Media are reporting that Sabah has fallen under the control of NATO and the TNC, nsnbc is receiving conflicting reports. According to nsnbc´s sources there is heavy fighting in and around Sabah today. by Dr.Christof Lehmann

Libyan Arab Jamahiria

Sabah, in the middle of the Sahara desert, has for centuries been of important economical, logistical and strategic value. Who ever controls Sabah has the best possible position for controlling all transport and trafic between Northern, North-Western, and North-Eastern Libya. It has for decades been a city of commerce, trade, as well as smuggling between the northern regions of Libyas and it´s southern neighbours, Niger and Chad.

CNN and most other corporate media reported today, that Sabah is under control of TNC fighters, that one house has been raided and an arms cache found, that the people went “enthusiastically” into the streets, greeting the TNC fighters. The last description, by the way, is a dead giveaway of fabricated PR – but letting that alone.

nsnbc is receiving reports that one suburb of the heavily defended city has been intermediatly taken by rebel forces, who raided and plundered the area, before they were repelled by the Libyan Armed forces and the peoples resistance.

The likewise the airport of Sabah has reportedly been taken under control by NATO lead forces yesterday evening. There have reportedly been heavy clashes throughout the day. The latest reports we receive claim that the airport is now again under control of forces that oppose the occupation of Libya by NATO and NATO mercenaries. nsnbc is also receiving reports that the Libyan Woman Committee in Sabah, Sirte, Bani Walid and other cities have declared that the woman are taking up arms to repel the occupation. The humanitarian situation in the besieged areas is catastrophic. There is a catastrophic lack of medicines, and vital food supplies. In many areas the water supply is cut of due to bombing and shelling, or due to NATO lead forces cutting off, or poisoning water supples, in an attempt to break the sieges. A clear violation of international laws.

In a speech aired on ARRAY, yesterday Muamar Ghadafi encouraged the Libyan people, that they need to be patient. The occupiers can not stay for ever, and the fight will continue until Libya is exclusively controlled by the Libyan People and Peoples Committees again. Muamar Ghadafi drew attention to the fact that the only government of Libya has been, is, and will be the Libyan peoples themselves, and their peoples congresses.

For readers, who do knot know the political structure of Libya that was established under the supervision of Muamar Ghadafi, it will be difficult to understand the implications of Muamar Ghadafi´s speech. We recommend reading ” The Green Book”.

Dr. Christof Lehmann 




The Green Book Muammar Ghadafi


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