Libya Democracy after Defeat of Opposition.

Mahmud Jibril - I will step down when the war is won.

Early in September, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Transitional National Counsel (TNC) Mahmud Jibril declared, that the TNC would bring Democracy to Libya within 20 months. Early in October, Jibril told the media of the world, that the establishment of democratic institutions in Libya would have to be delayed, until the war against “the remaining resistance” was won, and that he would resign from his office once the democratic process was on the way. In the light of the fact that the ongoing NATO campaign fails to break the will and ability of the Libyan People and Military to resist, and that the war is bound to continue for months or even years, where is the fulfillment of the promises of democracy, of singing tomorrows, of protecting civilians now? And will the global actors who could end the massacre of Libyans step up to their responsibilities, or will the political grand standing against NATO continue with cheap words only.    By Dr. Christof Lehmann

Obama - Change we can believe in

Do not be to harsh with US-President Barak Hussein Obama. He has broken one election campaign promise after the other and continues doing so, but do we know any President who has not done so. Fact is, Obama has kept the main points of his electoral campaign, “Yes We Can” and “Change we can believe in” it is simply a question of understanding what points he made. “Yes we can start the new colonization of Africa, and yes we can replace Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast and Muammar Ghadafi in Libya, replacing both nations governments with proxy governments. Yes we can seriously threaten Chinese and Russian interests in the Middle East and Africa, because we live in a uni-polar world with full spectrum dominance of the USA and NATO.

Rebels Killing Black Africans

And what a change. And yes, we can believe in the change Obama has brought. We can see it in Libya. The first African American President of the United States of America has so far killed more Black Africans in massacres, bombing raids and with the help of mercenary forces than most of his Caucasian predecessors in the White House. It is undeniable a sea change, that the first African American president of the USA is the Commander in Chief of an army that turned the most developed African nation into one colossal humanitarian disaster. Is Obama building an African Colony to where he can withdraw if any of his many crimes should get him impeached and indicted in the USA. Or was he chosen and positioned by Kissinger Associates and Brzezinski to become president of the United States of America, because it would be so much more easy to sale the genocide on Africans in Libya to the population of the United States if it was a black man who would kill tens of thousands of Africans. One should be aware of the fact that the geopolitical scripts are written long before the cast of actors is chosen, and Obama was a perfect match for a long planned new colonial campaign in Northern and Western Africa.

In the light of the Obama Deception the lies of Mahmud Jibril almost seem innocent. Democracy in 20 months is substituted with ” I will step down when we have defeated the remaining resistance”. Or is Jibril just honest, and his words mean, I will never step down, because the Libyan People are the resistance, and I will not ever be able to win the war against them. The opposition to the Transitional national Counsel, including it´s NATO masters and their mercenary armies, are the people of Libya. Obama´s Change is in other words, the installation of a Vice Roy in Libya.

Abdelhakim Belhadj aka Hasidi

To arrive at an overview over how long it may take before Jibril will step down one has to look at the military situation on the ground. After all, he promised to step down when the last remaining armed opposition is defeated. As of tonight, there were reports of heavy fighting in several of Tripoli´s residential areas, in Tripoli City near the administrative area and the main post office, as well as Tripoli International Airport. Abu Salim was under artillery fire. There are increased sightings of NATO Special Forces inside Tripoli. The city of Gheriyan remains liberated. Tobruk is reporting of heavy clashes between TNC fighters and Libyan Forces and several TNC offices were burned down. In spite of a relentless campaign against Sirte, 50 % remain under Libyan control, and the residents of Sirte have all possible reason to resist. In spite of the almost total media and telephone blackout, we receive reports from Sirte witnessing summary executions, massacres on entire families, the use of children as human shields, and a relentless artillery barrage. From Bani Walid we receive reports of heavy fighting, so from Bengazi, while the southern part of Libya remains relatively calm and under Libyan control.

Reporting on war is as complicated as war it self. Front lines can change from minute to minute. Territories are gained, lost and reconquered times and times again. To speak of “remaining armed opposition” how ever, is as much an under statement by Jibril, as the promise of democracy within 20 months was disinformation, designed for public consumption, at at time where leaders from through out the world recognized a CIA controlled government of terrorists from Bengazi as the legitimate government of Libya, with professional terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj as Commander of the Tripoli Military Counsel. In the absence of an intervention by China or Russia, the war on Libya will not end any time soon.

The position of Russia seems complicated and difficult to understand. It is hard to believe that Russian Intelligence Services and the Russian Government were taken aback by NATO´s intentions. Preparing large scale military operations like NATO´s campaign in Libya are prepared for years, and the activation stages take months. The signals from Russia are complicated to understand, to say the least. Since it is more than just unlikely that Russian Intelligence Services were clueless about NATO´s colonial game plan, why did it not veto UNSC resolution 1973. If Russia is counting on letting NATO´s aggression unfold, and scoring international sympathies by “protesting” against NATO´s aggression, it is in deed playing Russian Roulette with it´s own security. Is there a widening rift between Medvedjev and Putin. Observing the Russian Parliament or State Duma, there is a clear demand that Russia must reassert it´s position as a global power, and as presidential candidate, Vladimir Putin will most likely be the one who will have to develop the new Russian Security Policy towards NATO.

Huan Jintao

One of the difficulties that could prevent Russia to act more urgently on Libya is that it for over one decade has failed to cultivate it´s interests in Africa. What would be expected from Russia, if it wants to end the current uni-polar state of global power is to provide more clear signals to those African leaders whose countries are under absolute monetary and military control of the European Union and the USA. The NATO backed coup ´etat in Ivory Coast in early 2011 should provide sufficient motivation for African politicians who have the best interest of their people at heart to form more close alliances with Russia and China. The critical point and reason why neither China nor Russia have asserted their influence in Libya, Ivory Coast and Africa may very well be, that China and Russia are contenders rather than allies with respect to Africa. It may have cost both time and resources to establish the Shanghai Cooperation Organization but failure to establish an urgent and unified response of China and Russia about the war on the people of Libya may be the most dangerous Russian Roulette the two powers have been playing for decades. The time to gain PR victories by protesting against NATO needs to backed up by timely action.

Christof Lehmann


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