From Sabra and Shatila to Homs and Damascus.

From Sabra and Shatila to Homs and Damascus.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. Disclaimer and Fair Warning. Before you continue reading this article I must warn you. I must warn you because it is an article that contains graphic images that have not been sanitized according to the European Media´s Ethical Guidelines. Guidelines that were in part designed with the intention to sale war, Hollywood Style, with embedded journalists, smiling politicians who shake hands, pictures of a tank from afar, to keep You placid and calm; to prevent you from having a “human response” to reality; to prevent that you become outraged and vent your outrage there, where it ought to be vented rather than after a soccer game.

I must warn you, because this article contains strong opinions. It contains strong opinions because when perversions of power and violence have reached a certain measure, not to voice strong opinions, not to act on them, and not to encourage others to act on them too is equivalent to having been perverted.

I must warn you, because if it is your intention to consume this article without reacting on it you may find yourself insulted. You may find yourself insulted because by implication I am calling you a pervert. I must also warn you because the responsibility for your lack of actions as well as the responsibility for any of your actions rests entirely within yourself.

From Sabra and Shatila to Homs and Damascus. How could I ever forget Lebanon in 1982. The sight of tortured and murdered human beings in the streets, of raped and murdered girls, of maimed infants, entire families littering the houses and streets, to be piled up and used for hand-grenade target practice by drugged Lebanese militiamen, under the supervision and command responsibility of Israel´s Minister of ?Defense? Ariel Sharon. The madness of drugged armed men in a frenzy, my resistance, fears, hopes to survive that were turned into blind hatred, carelessness about my own life, and the wish I had never been born because living with the fact that I was absolutely powerless to stop the perversion seemed harder than to provoke to be murdered. The difficult return to feeling content with being a human being. The feeling content with being a human being because I knew that I could and would do all that is possible for me to do to prevent similar outrages.

Why would I ever expect that I could trust a United Nations that so utterly and completely has delivered us in Sabra and Shatila into the hands of perversion. Everything about the United Nations lack of action, from not protecting unarmed civilian Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila to dismissing the case at the ICC was a portrayal of and a valuable lesson on the deepest nature of the United Nations.

The perversions that have been brought upon the people of Syria by a perverted crime cartel. A perverted crime cartel that is so complex, so deep-rooted within Western political, economic, intelligence and military power systems as well as in the United Nations, that it is difficult to identify who the worst war criminals are. In fact it is so difficult to identify the true heart of darkness within this network of inter-penetrating perverted systems that I have developed a propensity towards merely calling it “IT”, “The System”, and that dissociation comes at a price.

The dissociation comes at the price of the fear of feeling powerless again because I did not do enough to identify the source and direction of the danger. It is a strong response, an unpleasant one, but one that reminds me about what it is that makes me content with being alive and content with being a human being. I can not guaranty that I can change anything but I will not cease trying because I know that I could not live with the certainty that I have become perverted.

The UN-NATO Declaration; The Secret Pact for Global Full Spectrum Dominance Must Not Stand. When the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Kyi-Moon and the Secretary General of NATO signed the UN-NATO declaration in 2008, and kept it as secret as possible for several years, it was because with it, the UN became a de-facto, contractually bound instrument of US foreign policy. Simultaneously NATO became the de-facto sovereign military apparatus of the United Nations. A US controlled NATO is now the de-facto military force that can be used to overrule nations sovereignty if a US Administration or a sufficient number of NATO member states deem, that NATO must act on behalf of the United Nations because it has the responsibility to protect civilian populations. At the recent, 25th NATO Summit in Chicago NATO declared the intervention in Libya as a “model for future interventions”. It declared the systematic destruction of Libyan civilian infrastructure such as the Man Made River, the use of cluster bombs in civilian populated areas in Brega, the use of fuel air bombs in Bani Walid as air campaign of unprecedented precision so as to limit collateral damage. Moreover, it described the intervention in Libya, the massacres on black African Libyans, the massacre on over 10.000 Tawergha and the internal displacement of 5-10.000 Tawergha as “teachable moment” and “model for future interventions” based on the United Nations / NATO´s “responsibility to protect”. The international community of sovereign nations, peace movements, political activists, scholars, citizens, You and I. We can not let this outrage stand and claim not to be perverted. To act as if there was no need to act is to consent with war crimes, with murder, massacres and tyranny.

Amnesty – The Targeted Perversion of Your Best Intentions. It is understandable that it is difficult for You to acquire truthful information. You are systematically targeted by main stream media. You are systematically targeted with disinformation. You are also systematically targeted so that your empathy, your altruism and everything that makes you “human” is systematically perverted.

You feel empathy, you feel solidarity when Amnesty accuses NATO of 55 documented cases of war crimes in Libya. What you most likely have not been told is that the director of Amnesty International USA also acts as adviser to Hillary Clinton and the State Department. As adviser on State/NGO relations. In less euphemistic language this translates into this. Amnesty documents 55 cases of war crimes in Libya to cover over the other 10.000 plus war crimes that have been committed. You give a donation to Amnesty the next time you meet one of their Pacers in town, and hurray – you feel human and Hillary, Amnesty and other perverted war criminals and their “Göbbels Like Spin Doctors and Sale Out´s” are laughing about you – “How dumb can you be”. This must not stand. This can not stand, and unless you become truly outraged about those who pervert your best intentions and humanity and act upon it you have lost your humanity to them and you have become perverted.

The Creation of Terror to Create a Pretext for making Use of “The Responsibility to Protect”. The USA and EU, together with the Iznogood Clan of want to be Emirs of Syria and the GCC have for months provided massive material support for terrorist organizations to destabilize Syria. Simultaneously you have been led to believe that the Syrian government is brutally coming down on the “peaceful opposition and peaceful protesters” in Syria.

The fact is that the peaceful opposition in Syria has just taken part in free and fair elections, and that the peaceful opposition in Syria now is taking up political responsibility and offices in Syria. Their demands, the demands of the real Syrian Oppositions are demand towards the USA, EU, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, demands towards the Libyan government that created a law, that talking positive about Ghadafi is to be punished with life imprisonment, and demands towards other supposed “Friends of Syria” ” to butt out and to withdraw their weasels and bloodhounds“. So who are these Friends of Syria and their weasels and bloodhounds, whom you are led to believe that they are the “Syrian Opposition”?

They are the Al Qaeda Associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group with 18.000 plus fighters. They are the Saudi Arabian backed Al Qaeda Omar Brigade. They are the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, financed by Qatar, trained and stationed in Turkey. They are the Jordanian, Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, and other countries hirelings and mercenaries who are recruited by Turkish and NATO Intelligence in Amman, Jordan. They are those murderers who are financed by the US Administration and the Pentagon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Saad Hariri´s Future Movement in Lebanon, Walid Jumblatt of the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon – Stooges of the USA and Israel who have betrayed the Arab World, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon together with Israel since the civil war in Lebanon. They are the ones that are trained and supervised by US American Special Operations Forces out of Ft. Bragg North Carolina. They are French Mercenaries, British SAS teams. They are those whom you are led to believe that they are “the Free Syrian Army” and the “Peaceful Syrian Opposition”.

You are being misled. Lied to. Your humanity is being taken advantage of to facilitate murder, ma ham, massacres in Your name and unless you do not care about the fact that your humanity is abused to facilitate this perversion in your name it is time that you stand up and say – NOT IN MY NAME.

And what is done in your name ? In the name of Your Humanity ? I plead to you that you take a close look at reality. Yesterday another massacre has been committed. This time the terrorist groups whom your tax money and your government sponsors and whom they unleash in your name have targeted Syrian families with children. Do you for one moment believe that the very people who are doing this to Syrians in your name would hesitate to do the same to you, your children?

Moreover, this and other incidents will be abused by Your government to try to convince you that you have to agree with them when they are sending NATO troops with UN mandate into Syria to protect Syrians. Under the guise of Human Rights, of protecting Civilians, of Freedom and Democracy it is your government, that is turning Syria into a gigantic Sabra and Shatila.

NOT IN MY NAME !I expect you to be prepared and call the lie a lie. And I expect that you do it openly so others can hear you. I expect you to stand up, to organize, to join protests, and to say NOT IN MY NAME. I expect that you are taking steps so that war criminals and murderers are placed behind bars.

I expect from you that you become outraged. I expect from you that you act, and I expect from you that you take responsibility for your own humanity. Unless you do so, we really have nothing human in common.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


Von Sabra und Shatila nach Homs und Damaskus

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