Syria – Attempts to Draw Palestinian Diaspora into Conflict.

Syria – Attempts to Draw Palestinian Diaspora into Conflict.

By Christof Lehmann. According to medical sources in a Palestinian refugee camp near Hama, Syria, a Palestinian refugee was killed by by clashes between Palestinians and armed groups under the auspices of the NATO/GCC – backed Free Syrian Army.The clashes that resulted in the death of the 43 year old shopkeeper Mahmoud Qasem, who was shot in the chest while on the way to his shop, is one of many violent incidents that are designed to draw the Palestinian diaspora in Syria into the NATO/GCC led attempt of bringing about a post-modern coup de etat in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Since the onset of the armed insurgency that is led by NATO/GCC member states Special Forces under the guise of Free Syrian Army, and in cooperation with the Muslim brotherhood and various Al-Qaeda associated mercenary forces between fifty and one hundred Palestinian refugees have been killed or wounded.

The refugee camp near Hama was frequently targeted by gunmen in an attempt to draw the Palestinian diaspora into the subversion against the Syrian government. Some of the armed attacks were open reprisal assaults because the Palestinians refuse to get involved. In other cases the camps were shelled and fired into in False Flag attacks that were blamed at the Syrian Government and Syrian Military Forces.

The Palestinian diaspora in Syria is enjoying special protection by the Syrian government, and also enjoys special privileges and rights that are rare when compared to Arab neighbor states. Palestinians enjoy with a few exceptions that elicit their status as refugees, basically the same rights and privileges and obligations as Syrian citizens. Syria is in fact the sole remaining Arab nation that has and is consequently supporting the Palestinian cause for statehood, self-determination, and an end to the decades-long, illegal occupation of Palestinian territories that are widely perceived as genocidal. Not surprisingly then, that the Palestinian diaspora, much to the anger of Israel, NATO, the GCC member states, and others who are taking part in the subversion attempt, refuse to take up arms against the Syrian Government.

About a year ago the residents of the Hama camp formed a popular committee that issued a statement in which it stated that “the Palestinians in Syria are guests until they are allowed back into their homeland – the refugees have nothing to do with the incidents that are taking place in Syria” The popular committee further stated that ” the Palestinians do not wish to be dragged into the clashes, and hoe, that the Syrian people will manage to unite and stop the bloodbath”.

In a telephone conversation tonight, with a respected Palestinian elder in the Hama camp who was speaking on behalf of what he said was 99 % of Palestinian refugees in Syria, he said that “the situation is very saddening and stressful. Not alone are Palestinians suffering from a systematic displacement and what borders to genocide in their occupied homeland, but now their Arab neighbors, including the Arab league, are unleashing terrorists against Palestinian refugees in Syria, murdering them in an attempt to bring Palestinians up against the only Arab Nation that protects them”. He continued stating “we are gravely worried how the situation will develop, Arabs cooperating with Zionists have murdered thousands of Palestinians before”.

When asked about the planned NATO/GCC disinformation campaign (1) and what consequences such a campaign might have for the Palestinian diaspora, he replied that ” nothing surprises me any longer. We Palestinians are well aware of who is threatening us, and we will not easily be made belief that the Syrian government turned against us. What we can fear however, is repression from the Free Zionist Army and NATO-Qaeda. It would not surprise me if a media campaign lied that we Palestinians had taken up arms against the Free Syrian Army and that the Free Syrian Army defended the people of Syria against Palestinian terrorists. We need the support of every decent journalist to tell the truth“.

The Palestinian elder in Hama is known by the author. His identity is protected to avoid reprisals. Over the past month the insurgents have systematically targeted persons that are publicly speaking out against the insurgency or who speak or write in support of the Syrian government. The systematic murder of anti-NATO/GCC and pro-Syrian families in the massacre in Al-Houla (2)  is but one of many examples of the systematic murder of dissenting voices.

Christof Lehmann



1) SYRIA: URGENT! NATO Preparing Vast Disinformation Campaign.
2)Houla Massacre – Eyewitness Testimony and Initial Report. (Plus Related Articles )



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