I am an anti-semite: because I am telling the truth about the fact that Germany 2012 de facto is still under occupation; under administration by a government that is dependent on the Supreme Allied Command; Governed by a construct that is at best a Germany Ltd. while my compatriots are prevented from negotiating peace, because all who try to establish a true legal representation of Germany are denounced as Neo-Nazists.

I am an anti-semite: because I oppose the illegal occupation of Palestine, the daily war crimes, and the systematic genocide on the people of Palestine.

I am a terrorist: because I was not with Bush and his criminal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, water-boarding, Guantanamo Bay, torture. I am a terrorist because I am calling the “war on terror” for what it is; a war of terror on the populations of Europe and Northern America; a pretext for waging terror wars on populations of sovereign nations that do not volunteer to be usurped or integrated into NATO´s hegemony.

I am a racist: because I don´t restrain myself from telling the truth about the fact that the first African American President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, was responsible for the genocide on the Tawergha and the massacres on tens of thousands of Black African migrant workers in Libya.

I am a self-hating white man: because I am appalled by the systematic re-colonization of Africa and the Greater Middle East by member states of the NATO Alliance.

I am dys-social: because I don´t endorse socialist parties who reduce mankind to an anonymous mass that subsists for the sake of the state.

I am a socialist: because I don`t endorse neo-conservatives, the criminal Chicago school of economics, Wall Streets and International Bankster´s usurping of entire populations and nations.

I am isolationist: because I don`t endorse the unholy alliance between International Banksters and the National Socialist International that survived WWII as extraterritorial state, the alliance that is normally known as  “The Bilderbergers”.

I am a heretic: because I am asking questions about how it is possible for a “monk” to keep his vows as a monk, the role of the Dalai Lama, while simultaneously fulfilling the office of king of Tibet in exile. I am a heretic because I find it appalling that a monk who claims to be the Saint of Compassion aligns himself with  secret services and one tyrannical government after the other, starting with Nazi Germany and Japan, ending with the USA. I am a heretic because I am telling the truth about the fact that Tibet under the rule of the Dalai lama was run by a clerical, corrupt aristocracy and theocracy, where human rights were trampled upon systematically, where an entire population lived in serfdom.

I am isolationist: because I oppose the creation of a one world government and the enslavement of the entire worlds population in a New World Order.

I am inhumane: because I don´t endorse organizations with humanitarian agendas, who lend themselves as pretext for waging humanitarian wars. I am inhumane because I oppose UN sanctioned wars under the pretext of humanitarian principles. I am inhumane because I oppose state sanctioned mass murder under the guise of protecting life.

I am a conspiracy theorist: because I am asking questions and demand answers about the events on 11 September 2001 and the “official conspiracy theory”, that 19 Muslims with box cutters brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 and flew another plane into the Pentagon. 19 Muslims, of whom many obviously still are alive.

I am an utopist: because I am demanding that governments, political and military leaders adhere to international laws that regulates warfare, torture, human rights by which they are bound.

I am paranoid: because I point out the massive use of main stream media for governments social control over populations; that the Pentagon invested heavily in the BBC; that Al-Jazeera and others produce false videos to justify illegal wars; that governments may read my e-mail correspondences, listen to my phone conversations, ran sake my home without warrant, all under the pretext of national security and terrorism.

I am a dangerous person: because I know the name of each and every member of parliament who voted for the illegal war on Yugoslavia, on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; I know the names of each and every member of parliament who voted for laws that violate human rights and civil liberties. I am dangerous because I take my obligation as citizen serious, rather than taking it as a token, granted to me so I can feel that I have the right to take part in my countries politics, on one day every four or six years.

I am one of those against whom your government has to protect you: I know that all of my crimes make you feel terribly insecure and I am terribly sorry for having cause you so much fear and pain. Happily, your country can legally take action to protect you from myself and those like me; by Patriot Act´s, European Anti Terror Laws, the National Defense Authorization Act, FEMA CAMPS, secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, torture.

Be happy that your government can protect you from me and my likes, by arresting me without due cause; by holding me isolated, indefinitely, without the right to hear any charges that are brought against me; without the right to see any evidence; without the right to a lawyer, and if I am granted a lawyer, without the right that my lawyer may hear the charges brought against me and have insight into the evidence against me; without the right to a trial.

In the case that I become acutely dangerous, your government may protect you from me by murdering me – bullets are cheap, and I understand that keeping me indefinitely at a secret prison until the end of my natural life would strain the economy.

I know that I am a terrible person for all the crimes I am committing. I understand that all those laws really make you feel safe and protected, so that you can sleep well. Stay asleep.

Christof Lehmann


About christoflehmann

Christof Lehmann is the founder and senior editor of nsnbc. Christof Lehmann is a political writer, psychologist, and independent political consultant on a wide range of issues, including conflict and conflict resolution, negotiations, security management, crisis management. His articles are published widely in international print and online media and he is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs. He is a lifelong advocate for human rights, peace and international justice and the prosecution of war crimes - also those committed by privileged nation. In September 2011 Christof Lehmann started the blog nsnbc in response to what he perceived as an embargo on truth about the conflict in Libya and Syria. In 2013, he plans to transform nsnbc into an independent, daily, international online newspaper.
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