Syria Breaking News 18.02.2012

Homs – The Director of the al-Alam TV, Hosein Mortada, reports that the a Syrian Army military operation in Homs resulted in the surrender of 200 armed Syrians and the further arrest of 300 armed men, including citizens from Libya and other African countries.

The Syrian military forces have reportedly succeeded in conducting the operation after intercepting and interfering with the insurgents communications infrastructure.

More than 150 armed men raised white flags and surrendered in the neighborhoods of Baba Amr and Al Khalidiya after having received information that the Syrian Army was approaching the city of Homs. The Syrian Army has established control over Zabadani in Damascus, and confirms the killing of six NATO mercenaries from Libya during clashes with the Syrian Army.

On 27 February, the people of Syria are holding a referendum about a new Draft Constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic (1). Security analysts nsnbc has contacted are expecting that the NATO led insurgency will initiate a massive terror and military campaign within days of the referendum.

Yesterday, on 17 February, nsnbc reported, that approximately 40.000 foreign mercenaries are massing in a military staging area in Jordan, along the Syrian border, and that Turkish Intelligence Services have opened an operations room and recruitment office in Mekka Street, Amman. It is expected, that Syria will suffer a massive terrorist and military assault on the day of the referendum. (2) A Palestinian Intelligence source in Turkey known to nsnbc emphasized that an attack on Syria may be initiated by massive terror attacks and false flag operations on the day of of the referendum, and that a large scale military assault on Syria is likely to follow, no later than 7 March.

An increased amount of US drones, violating Syrian airspace are a further indicator of a military attack on Syria by NATO and allied countries as well as mercenary forces is imminent. nsnbc will be following the development closely.

nsnbc – Christof Lehmann

1) The Syrian Draft Constitution.

2) Attack on Syria likely before March ?

Please also read our recent publication of a “restricted” US Special Forces manual, which is providing a background for understanding the criminal methodology behind the attempted subversion of Syria. The Special Forces manual TC 18-01 is published in a downladable PDF version at the end of the following article: “US Military Logic behind Syrian Insurgency”

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