Brief Libya Update: Sirte – Bani Walid

Ghadafi loyalists in Sirte and Bani Walid pounded by NATO Bombs while holding rebels and mercenaries land onslaught at bay. A brief update.                 Dr. Christof Lehmann

Civilian Casualties in Sirte mount as NATO continues Air Raids

Troops loyal to Muammar Ghadafi and armed people are holding the rebel and mercenary army outside Sirte at bay, taking artilley fire. After a week of relentless bombing from NATO planes, people in Sirte report about massive civilian casualties. According to reports from our source in Sirte, many wounded are trapped in ruins because the bombing prevents the rescue efforts.

People who have attempted to escape the besieged city have reportedly been killed by rebels.

The rebel and mercenary ground attack on Bani Walid has reportedly been repelled by loyalist troops, the Warfallah tribe, and the occupants of the city. While rebel forces are withdrawing from the area surrounding Bani Walid, it´s occupants are bracing themselves for an increased onslaught by NATO bombs.

Propaganda has been aired by the TNC, targeting especially young loyalist soldiers and armed men, stating that they could surrender safely, and that they would not be harmed or subject to ille treatment. The propaganda movie is not only attempting tobreak the moral of loyalists. After the massacre on thousands of black people by the “rebels”, the propaganda video shows two black TNC soldiers who calmly interogate a young boy who surrendered, and let him go home. It is not the first time that racist and ethnic massacres have been committed under NATO supervision. However, the propaganda movie is a first in the sense that it is the first psychological operation that actively tries to cover over the massacres that have been committed, while they are still ongoing.

According to reports from Bani Walid, the leaders of the Tuareg tribe confirm that the tribe is committed to continue fighting until the invaders are thrown out of the country, drawing attention to the fact that the CIA has hired 1.500 fighters from Afghanistan for fighting in Libya. Nuremberg crimes are committed on a daily basis.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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  1. ELMIR says:

    I have read with attention and interest your post. I will be back to your web site in order to learn more about the ongoing war crimes committed by NATO and his local lackeys and merceneries represented by the criminal TNC;
    I have blogs where I post regularely articles in dept and commentaries about the events in the Middle east or other areas over the world. I deal especially with the propaganda item and the psychological warfare. these posts are published in french and arab tongues but they will be soonly available in english.


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