Israels Ambassador to Egypt Expelled by Angry Crowd.

For the second time within one week Israel is loosing it´s diplomatic ties to one of it´s closest allies.  Israels Ambassador to Egypt,Yitzchak Levanon, fled the country, after an angry mob, numbering thousands, attacked the Israeli Embassy.

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

For decades Israel has committed one international crime after the other with impunity, while the international community has been standing by. Demands towards Israel to adher to international law and human rights have been met with criticism of the United Nations being an instrument for it´s Arab neighbours. Israels strategy of attacking every critique with counter critiques and counterclaims, have proven effective for decades, and if that was not enough, it would be able to rely on it´s big brother on the other side of the Atlantic to veto any serious consequences of it´s conduct.

The act of piracy in international waters, the boarding of the Turkish registered Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara, which resulted in the killing of nine unarmed Turkish citizens would have been just another day in a decade long tradition of crime with impunity, had it not resulted in the severing of all diplomatic, economic and not least military ties with Turkey, which was one of it´s strategically most important neighbours. All of this could have been prevented, had Israel been willing to issue an apology.

The outrage among Egyptian citizens, who spontanously molilized to storm the Egytian Embassy in Cairo could have been prevented too.  For the second time within one week, Israel denied to issue an apology, and that was the spark that ignitied the popular outrage. Is Israel waking up to a reality, where it can no longer maintain it´s credibility as the eternal victim, based on decades of Holocaust Industry, while massakkering it´s neighbours with impunity and without empathy or regret. While it was a Prime Minister and Government that expelled an Israeli Ambassador from Turkey, it was the people in the streets of Cairo, who forced Ambassador Yitzchak Levanon to flee the country, before he risked to be “tared and feathered” by the mob, and carried to the bordercrossing sitting on a rail. Egyptian Riot Police had to rescue the Ambassador, his family and approximatly 80 staff from the agitated crowd.

The diplomatic crisis that ensued after the Ambassadors flight to Israel is plunging Egypts Military Government into a diplomatic as well as domestic crisis. While Israeli officials are greatful for the rescue operation, statements are issued, that “this would violate all diplomatic etikette”. Again, Israel would rather blame it´s neighbours than issuing an apology and showing gratitude towards the Egyptian police. While all occupants inside the embassy were rescued, three demonstrators died. A state of emergency has been declared as protesters are burning tires, build barrikades, and refuse to leave the streets, calling for the military government to step down.

Prime Minister Ezzam Sharaf

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, along with a crisis cabinet went to the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to Meet with Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to discuss the events. There are conflicting messages concerning Prime Minster Sharaf and his Cabinets resignation. According to some sources the entire cabinet has handed it´s resignation to Tantawi.  Others report that Sharaf and his cabinet are risking to be dismissed by the SCAF. Yet others report that Field Marshal Tantawi has rejected the Prime Ministers resignation. Presidential candidate Hamdeem Sabahy spoke out against popular violence while he is calling for the Armed Forces to take a serious position that matches the publics anger towards Israel.

As if it was a shame to let a perfectly good crisis go to waste, Israels Prime Minister Netanjahu, instead of issuing an apology that could have prevented the entire upheaval, commented, that the storming of Israels embassy in Cairo elicited Israels need for strong security committments and measures from it´s neighbours with respect to the declaration of statehood, of that Palestinian state, which it is keeping illegally occupied since decades.

……………………………………………………………………..Christof Lehmann


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