New Attack on Sirte at Closing of NATO Summit

Foreign Ministers Summit at NATO

The News Blackout veiling the NATO Summit in Secrecy is tangible. All that permeates the barrier of silence is, that NATO is committed to continue it´s “successful campaigns” and development into a Global Force of Imperialism and Subversion, the war on Libya included. In “sign language” it speaks more clearly. During a satellite phone call from Sirte to nsnbc this morning we learned about a massive movement of NATO lead TNC mercenaries towards the besieged Sirte. The humanitarian catastrophe is bound to get worse and a new massacre on civilians is expected.                                by. Dr. Christof Lehmann

A search in virtually all of NATO member states “free media” today there are to be found critical reports about the situation in Libya, and the few there are say nothing. No word about the chaotic situation in NATO´s Libyan partner the TNC; no reports that reflect on the humanitarian catastrophe in Sirte in any recognizable manner. In terms of civil defense the word “catastrophe” is not used lightly. It describes a situation where even the reserves in civil defense structures, including civil defense medical services, sanitary services, drinking water supply, and the most basic functions that guaranty the survival of a population are overwhelmed. That is Sirte today.  The city that is bracing for yet another onslaught by land, air and sea.

During a satellite phone call early this morning, nsnbc received the chilling details of massive troop movements towards the city that is under siege. TNC fighters are reinforcing their positions in the suburbs south and east of Sirte City. heavy and light artillery is approaching into battle ready positions. The city is bracing for an all out attack as an odeuvre for NATO´s foreign ministers.

Sirte Civilian Casualties Mount

Sirte hospital is in a desolate situation. Reportedly some 1.000 patients have died during last week, because the most simple daily medicines like antibiotics, heart medicine, insulin and other life saving drugs have depleted to zero. Another 1.000 are said to have died, because of lack of sufficient medical staff to tend the wounded, because of lack of oxygen, lack of sterile bandages, and life saving emergency medicines like adrenaline or anesthetics for operations. Drinking water is running critically low. Electricity is on and off. A city inside the most oil rich nation of Africa is running low on petrol for cars and emergency generators. The city is bracing itself for another round of indiscriminate shelling followed by a storm on the city center.

Inside Tripoli city the situation is looking different. Attempts to re man the control posts that were established after orders from Abdelhakim Belhadj, yesterday, failed like it failed yesterday. Loyalist snipers control most of Tripoli. On Green Square a patrol car with eight TNC fighters came under fire and all inside the care were killed. Yesterday afternoon members of the TNC evacuated the Bab Africa Hotel in Tripoli City after fighting came to close for comfort. Inside Bengazi City, that is besieged by Libyan Forces, factions of the Obeidi Tribe came into heavy clashes with one another after  Tribal Leaders discussed the assassination of General Younis by members of the Al Qaeda Associate, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group aka Tripoli Military Counsel.

After the international recognition of the TNC at the United Nations and the freeing of so far frozen Libyan Assets, revenues from Oil are becoming a crucial factor for control over the country. Yesterday, Libyan Special Forces attacked and destroyed production installations at Libya´s largest oil field.

A Russian intelligence expert disclosed to nsnbc that thousands of fresh tribal fighters from through out Northern Africa have not yet manifested in the expected numbers, because of the extreme logistic challenges. One is the coordination and communication with the Libyan Command Structure. Another is establishing save staging areas. Taking the absolute dominance of NATO in the air any massive movements will be spotted immediately.

With NATO Foreign Ministers committed and non of the diplomatic voices that could stop the war raising their voices at the U.N. the war is bound to continue. As many have estimated from it´s onset, it will most likely last years, enveloping the entire Saharan Africa.

Muammar Ghadafi

After many of even the most progressive thinkers, organizations and media in the Western hemisphere had fallen victim to the massive psychological warfare against Muammar Ghadafi, the awareness of the Libyan reality and NATO´s post-modern colonization project in Northern Africa and the Middle East has increased. It seems as if NATO´s aggression is unwillingly succeeding at unifying broad masses of progressive forces in the West, unwillingly positioning him as what he truly is; A political and revolutionary leader that has set a brilliant example for how direct democracy can function, liberate a people, free it from the slavery of international “banksters” and bring prosperity to a nation and it´s people. As tragic as the Libyan war is, it is only now that Ghadafi is slowly being understood as what he truly is; one of the worlds greatest and benign revolutionaries.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



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