Ghadafi and The Axis of Evil.

Today media world wide are swamped with either confirmations or rebuttals of Muammar Ghadafi´s purported death. Intentionally or not media are playing directly into the hands of those interests who would like the public narrative about Africa, Libya, the Mediterranean Alliance, and the neo-colonial adventure of the Anglo-American Empire to focus on one person or family which has been positioned by public media as rogue, dictatorial oppressors that stand in the way for the progress of human rights and a pluralistic society, rather than the most pressing matters at hand. The war on Libya is not directed against one man, but the entire Libyan People, Africa, Russia and China. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Executive Order 12.333 is dealing with the United States self proclaimed right to use the assassination of foreign countries heads of state as an instrument of U.S–Foreign Policy. It has been widely discussed in international law but due to lack of media coverage, it remains widely undiscussed and is in western countries widely perceived as something that is “normal” for global empires. With lack of media coverage the normal public response in western countries is that history is full of precedence, so why bother about something that “normal”. From an ethnocentric point of view it is understandable, but ethnocentric perception is hardly a viable argument, much less a justification for premeditated murder. When was the last time you have been reading news about China or Russia having murdered the head of state of a foreign country?

Fidel Castro Ruz

From a less ethnocentric perspective it is worrisome that the populations of the USA and E.U. have been so well indoctrinated that they discuss the numerous attempts to assassinate former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro Ruz with a smile, and in the best case thoughts such as “yes, we know the CIA is mainly manned by crooks“. That is about as revolutionary as the well indoctrinated public gets on issues that have the potential to set the globe on fire. For the sake of intellectual exercise, spend one moment on considering a Russian or Chinese family discussing the assassination of Sarkozy by their intelligence services as an event so normal that it´s hardly worth mentioning. The fact that it is extraordinarily unlikely ever to happen should elicit one fact, that it is the United States of America and the European Union that are the very “Axis of Evil” they are claiming to deplore.

Western Media are playing a crucial role in the preparation of western populations to accept those premeditated murders as act of humanity. Human Rights Organizations, co-opted by elites of the Anglo American Empire have the crucial function to feed media with narratives that position targeted governments or heads of state as villeins. For the planners of those murders it is utterly irrelevant if Libya has the most direct and participatory form of democracy, and that Muammar Ghadafi only has honorary posts, as long as the well conditioned public is buying into the media´s narratives about a dictatorial state with a despotic ruler as head of state. For the planners of those murders and illegal wars it is irrelevant that President Barak Hussein Obama must have been aware of the fact that the so called “rebels” in Bengazi and Derna were composed of the same Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, lead by professional terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj, that supplied the greatest per capita contribution of foreign fighters in Iraq who killed U.S. Soldiers, before he sent CIA personnel to Bengazi and Derna to “investigate” who those “rebels” were. Would the planners of premeditated murder care about the fact that a trained observer recognizes that fact that the subversion of Libya develops according to a script that is explained in detail in U.S. Special Forces Training Manuals, as long as the general public is hypnotized into the narrative of the noble support of “revolutionaries” who liberate Libya from the dictator.

The fact is, western media have killed Muammar Ghadafi long before they began claiming his capture and subsequent death on 20 October 2011. Placid, well indoctrinated readers and viewers are expected to accept the new standards for journalistic accuracy of Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, ABC, and colleagues. A shaky video from a cell phone is evidence for the death of Muammar Ghadafi. If NATO and those behind it that give the orders for premeditated murder can claim one substantial victory with respect to the war on Libya it is, that there is no public demand for evidence that will ever make it to the head lines of the corporate and state controlled media of Western Countries. Where is an independently verifiable autopsy report?

Regardless if Muammar Ghadafi has been murdered or not, those who premeditated his murder have won one significant victory. The victory that the world is discussing the purported death of Muammar Ghadafi, while the most significant issues escape the publics attention. Should Muammar Ghadafi have been murdered, the best way to honor his legacy would be to focus on those matters that are or were most important for him.

The fact that France is the driving force behind the establishment of the Mediterranean Alliance which Libya opposed, because it would divide rather than unite Africa. The fact that the African Union is financially dependent on the European Union and it´s new colonial administration. The fact that France is controlling eight African CFA Nations finance and economy. The fact that Libya threatened the CFA by lobbying for the establishment of a Pan-African Currency.The fact that the United States of America and the European Union are targeting sovereign nations leaders for assassination, and do so with impunity.The fact that the United Nations has degenerated into an international NGO that lends the appearance of legitimacy to wars of aggression that are the antithesis of it´s own charter. The fact that the murderous bombing under the pretense of protecting civilians continues on a daily basis, and that tens of thousands have been murdered. The fact that tens of thousands of black Africans have been and are being murdered, under the directives of the first African American President of the USA.

It is a worrying state of affairs that trust in Western Governments has degraded to such level that it is necessary to demand forensic evidence before accepting the world wide advertised death of Muammar Ghadafi. One important point should not be forgotten, which is that dead or alive, the political ideas of Muammar Ghadafi, his idealism, and his development of a direct, participatory government by the people and for the people has been studied, and is serving as inspiration for hundreds of thousands of political activists. This number is growing by the day. The illegal war on Libya, the massacres on tens of thousands, the targeting of Muammar Ghadafi for assassination, and his proclaimed death can only strengthen the progress of a new, world wide awakening directed against the work of the “Axis of Evil“.

If to honor Muammar Ghadafi, regardless if his murder can be confirmed or not, it would be appropriate to listen to voices like that of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahatir Muhammad who is taking initiative to outlaw war. In any human society on historical record, premeditated murder is perceived as the ultimate and most serious crime. The fact that an Executive Order 12.333 exists does not lend legitimacy to the murders committed on it´s basis. It merely elicits the criminality of the government. War of aggression has been outlawed as murder on a massive scale. The fact that a United Nations Security Counsel Resolution is lending a war apparent legitimacy does not change the fact that war of aggression is illegal. It merely demonstrates the fact, that the system of the United Nations is not “the international community” but an instrument for aggression for the few. Every single person murdered is murdered illegitimately. The fact that the murder is committed on massive scale or against a legitimate head of state on command of governmental institutions does not legitimize murder, but elicits the murderous character of government.

Christof Lehmann


Dr. Mahatir Mohamed Speech on The Criminalization of War






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