British P.M. Cameron in Moscow for Talks with Russian President Medvedjev.

British P.M. Cameron went on his first visit to Moscow for talks with Russian President Medvedjev. Camerons visit follows shortly after the implementation of E.U.´s and USA´s increased sanctions on Syria, and only days after Medvedjev drew a sharp line in the Syrian Sand, saying Russia would under no circumstances allow a repetition of NATO´s abuse of any U.N. Resolution, as ………………………………………………… is the case with U.N. Resolution 1973 on ……………………………………………………Libya.                                                              ……………………………………………………………by Dr. Christof Lehmann

U.S. and E.U. ambitions for stepping up the ongoing covert war against Syria was not only delayed by complications with the Libyan NATO campaign, but by the clear signal, wrapped in diplomatic parleur, by Medvedjev, that Russia under no circumstances would accept any overt NATO aggression against Syria by means of the abuse of a U.N. Resolution. Russia is a long standing, political, economic, and not least strategic partner to Syria. Like Russia, Syria is one of the few countries that has consequently, and coherently supported Palestines right to self determination. Russia has it´s sole navy base with direct access to the Mediterranean in Tartus, Syria.

Both Cameron and Medvedjev stated that there was need for reforms in Syria, and that there was a need for violence to end. While Cameron took the E.U. and U.S. stance that “ Al Assad has to go, the Syrian “regime” has lost it´s legitimacy“, Medvedjev stated, that though Russia is positive towards reform in Syria, it will neither participate, nor accept, illigitimate interference into Syrias Internal Affairs. While the two politicians were friendly in front of the international press, it was obvious, that there is an intense diplomatic conflict between Russia and Great Brittain / NATO.

Founder of PFLP-GC, Ahmad Jibril

Both stated that Russia and Great Britain have many common interests with respect to countering international Terrorism. Like other NATO countries, Great Brittain has a tradition of positioning Syria as a country that sponsors international terrorist organizations. Among other Hamas, Hezbollah, the Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command ( PFLP-GC ), and other Palestinian Organizations. While NATO, along with Israel positions these organizations as terrorists, they are accepted as Organizations with a legitimate right to resist the illegitimate occupation of Palestine by Israel. While NATO positions these organisations as terrorists, there is an ongoing, NATO trained, armed, and financed insurgency into Syria going on.

While it is likely, that Great Britain and Russia may find some framework for improving their security cooperation, it is evident, that Russia and NATO are utterly divided with respect to their respective positioning of organizations as terrorists or freedom fighters. A true solution to these problems will only be achieved by ceasing to apply social constructionism with respect to armed organizations, as well as all nations adherence to international law, including Israel and NATO. Cameron and Medvejev discussion of security cooperation follows our recent analysis that the likelihood of a new false flag operation between September the 11th and medio January 2012 is imminent.

Following the recent stepping up of E.U. sanctions on Syria, Russia declared, that is would be willing to buy any eventual oil or oil products from Syria that would not be sold to Europe due to santions. Syria is selling the majority of it´s oil products, most of it refined, to Europe. During the talks between Cameron and Medvedjev, contracts worth some 4.3 billion USD were negotiated. These contracts include deals with BP.

Camerons visit to Moscow is the first visit of a British P.M. since a lethal spy affair stressed the countries relations. It is a progress that an officially recognized meeting takes placem but besides that it is unlikely that there will be significant improvements in relations. NATO massively supports Georgia and it´s trigger happy governemt. Leaked documents proof that the U.S. Embassy in Georgia was informed that Georgian troops, armed by the US, would invade South Ossetia. NATO forces continue to

Georgian Forces invade South Ossetia

encircle Russia with military bases. As there is no end of NATO´s covert war and insugency against Syria in sight, while the risk for new false flag terror attacks remains imminent, and while Muammar Ghadafi, and his forces so far have succeeded in dragging out ahat NATO planned to be a swift coup, while Israel is increasingly isolated, and Palestinians prepare for their run for statehood later this month, while Turkeys P.M. Tayyip Erdogan is visiting Egypt, Libya and Tunesia, and is expected to make a surprize visit to Gaza, the tensions between Russia and NATO countries are most likely to increase. The meeting between Cameron and Medvedjev today has not changed that fact. On the contrary, it has most probaly elicited for both sides how much the diplomatic gap between them has widened since NATO´s operation Arabian Spring was initiated.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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