Palestinian Authority pressured by some Arab countries, America and Israel regarding UN bid for Statehood.

Palestinian Authority pressured by some Arab countries, America and Israel regarding UN bid for Statehood.

By Munir Abdel-Rahman (via DFLP ) Nayef Hawatmeh, Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, talked about pressures being practiced on the Palestinian Authority by some Arab countries in order not to bid to the UN for membership. He said, “Some Arab countries are putting pressure on the Palestinian Authority in order not to apply for voting and only apply to the General Assembly.

During his visit to Jordan, he met Jordanian and Palestinian officials and confirmed that the United States and Israel are also putting pressure on the Palestinian leadership in order not to head to the United Nations and submit an application to vote for recognition of a non-member state in the international organization.

Hawatmeh said, “The Palestinian leadership has to apply for recognizing a Palestinian State as an observer under the support of 140 countries without a separation between submitting the application and voting on it.” He went on saying, “When we achieve this, the resumption of the political process will be based on an international resolution with a Palestinian state reference with Jerusalem its capital, stressing on the need for ending the Palestinian division and realizing the reconciliation. “

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine criticized the support of foreign parties to the Palestinian division with millions of dollars to deepen the division, stressing on the importance of achieving the local elections on its due time on 20 October for being a democratic turning point towards reformation and change.

He called on Hamas Movement to allow the return of the Central Committee of the Legislative Presidential Elections, in addition to the National Council. He also called for canceling Paris Economic Agreement of 1994, describing it unjust. On the other hand, he called for addressing the demands of the protest movement in the Palestinian territories, cancelling the rise of prices and taxes, determining the minimum wages and creating funds of national, health and social assurance. Hawatmeh did not rule out the expansion of popular demonstration to the Gaza Strip if the Palestinian position remains spinning in vacuum without discussing new options to circle the crisis.

Hawatmeh called for convening an extended national meeting either in Cairo or Amman, including all the Palestinian factions and figures in order to reach a common solution for dealing with the political and economic crisis. Otherwise, the occupied Palestinian territories will witness more severe uprising.

Hawatmeh confirmed that the Israeli occupation is the main cause of the political, economic and social crises for its policy that hinders any possibility for reaching political balanced resolutions based on the resolutions of the international legitimacy. He pointed out that the Israeli side suggests a state with temporary borders on 60% of the West Bank in addition to the Gaza Strip, while the rest of Jerusalem and large areas of the Palestinian territories remain under the occupation and subject to later negotiations lasting for years.

He noted that the occupation authority wants to keep the Palestinian economy fragile and weak and linked with the Israeli economy in a way that keeps the perpetual control of Israel on the border crossings and natural resources under Paris Economic Agreement.

He also pointed out at the escalation of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, the continuation of the policy of settlement and judaization in the occupied territories, in addition to the threats of taking aggressive measures against the Palestinian territories in case the Palestinian Authority bids to the United Nations.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine – DFLP

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