“US/Japan Facing Threat from North Korea Armed with Nukes”: Another Sinister Strategy To Justify US Domination of Asia-Pacific

“US/Japan Facing Threat from North Korea Armed with Nukes”

Another Sinister Strategy To Justify US Domination of Asia-Pacific

Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) — The U.S. is getting evermore vociferous about “threat from north Korea”.

The supra-partisan diplomacy and security experts group of the U.S. said in its “3rd Armitage Report” on Aug. 15 that the U.S. and Japan are facing the threat from north Korea armed with nukes.

Earlier, Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, commander-in-chief of the U.S. forces in the Pacific, cried out for getting ready to protect security from north Korea’s provocations.

Walter M. Golden, deputy commander of the U.S. 8th Army, said that the mission to deter the threat from Pyongyang is becoming more important than ever under the present situation where the center of the U.S. forces is being shifted to the Pacific region.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies of the U.S. in a report worked out at the request of the U.S. Defense Department said that north Korea is the primary threat to the U.S. in Asia.

Lurking behind the trumpeting of the U.S. Administration and strategic think-tanks about the “threat from north Korea” is a sinister scenario to justify the implementation of the U.S. strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific.

There are big powers with military and economic potentials in Asia-Pacific. It is the scenario of the U.S. to expand its strategic interests in the region.

This is bound to lead to infringing upon the strategic interests of big powers and, consequently, spark off acute confrontation among big powers in the region.

The U.S. feels a more urgent need to maintain its military edge in the region than ever before.

The U.S. “talk about threat from north Korea” is no more than sophism to justify its arms buildup and military actions to contain the big powers in the region.

It is the U.S. calculation that it is most appropriate to brand the DPRK with strong anti-imperialist stand among those countries in the Asia-Pacific region and has long been in the hostile relationship with it as the force threatening its security and thus misleads public opinion.

The U.S. forces’ relocation aimed at laying a military siege to other big powers is making brisk progress behind the row over “threat from north Korea”.

The U.S. has already decided to station its marines in the northern part of Australia and is now holding military negotiations with some countries in Asia-Pacific for stationing its forces there.

The U.S. assistant secretary of Defense said that the U.S. formation of a siege to Asia has already become an established fact.

Owing to the U.S. undisguised hegemonic moves the military tension is escalating and the danger of a new war increasing in the region.

The Ulji Freedom Guardian joint war exercises to be staged with south Korean puppet army from Aug. 20 are war drills for aggression threatening peace and stability in the region.

It was reported that this saber-rattling would involve not only huge armed forces of the U.S. and south Korea but also military personnel of those countries which dispatched their troops to the front during the last Korean War and offensive means recently deployed in the area along the Military Demarcation Line.

No matter how vociferously the U.S. may talk about “threat from north Korea,” it can never cover up the deceptive and criminal nature.

The U.S. would be well advised to stop at once its long bankrupt trumpeting about “threat from north Korea” and cease its unjust military actions threatening the DPRK and other countries in the region.

The hostile actions persistently intensified by the U.S against the DPRK regarding it as forefront for implementing its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific would only embolden the DPRK to bolster up its nuclear deterrent for self-defence.

KCNA via The 4th Media

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