Syrian P.M. Al-Halaki meets with delegation of Popular Will Party, led by Ala al-Din Arafat

Syrian P.M. Al-Halaki meets with delegation of Popular Will Party, led by Ala al-Din Arafat

Al-Halaki nsnbc archivesChristof Lehmann (nsnbc) The ministerial committee for the implementation of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria, chaired by Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al-Halaki, met on Wednesday with a delegation of the leadership of the Popular Will Party, led by the Party´s Council Secretary  Ala al-Din Arafat. After last weeks meeting with representatives of the Kurdish National Initiative, the meeting with the Popular Will Party on Wednesday was one more successful step toward a Syrian solution, national reconciliation and reform.

The meetings between the Ministerial Commission with representatives of the political parties, ethnic and religious organizations as well as other special interest organizations are part of  the program, which has been developed during meetings last year. More than 200 delegates from all parties and organizations, who are working toward a peaceful and Syrian solution to the crisis in Syria, took part in a series of meetings in both Syria and Tehran.

Prime Minister al-Halaki referred to the meetings as being aimed at exchanging views to reach a joint vision which all could agree to, as a basis for national reconciliation and political reform.

In a meeting last week, Al-Halaki and the chairman of the National Initiative of Syrian Kurds, Omar Osi, declared that those, who had counted on, that the Kurds were a soft Northern Flank of Syria were badly mistaken. Both Al-Halaki and Omar Osi agreed, that the Syrian Kurds were a fundamental element of the Syrian national fabric, to work on a peaceful resolution and to oppose foreign interventionism.

During the meeting with the delegation of the Popular Will Party, it was discussed how to progress from the already reached consensus, toward a vision for a political program to solve the crisis. Representatives of the Popular Will Party stressed, that it supports the program as a basis for a political development, that is based on a national integrity and opposed to what they called “the US project in Syria“.

The representatives stressed the importance of fighting corruption, which they perceive as one of the main obstacles for solving the crisis. The party delegation also stressed the necessity to release detainees who did not commit any crimes. The Syrian government has since late 2011 granted at lest three general amnesties for those who had been carried away by and gotten involved in the attempted subversion.

The Council Secretary of the Popular Will Party, Ala al-Din Arafat, told journalists, that the party had presented its opinion on the political program, focusing on the economic situation and the future in the light of dialog. Ala Al-Din Arafat added, “we have discussed corruption and the need for tackling this phenomenon and uprooting it from the Syrian life, in addition to the latest developments of the livelihood of the citizens

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