Is France preparing Elections in Mali ? Presidential Candidate, SADI Secretary General, Dr. Oumar Mariko, Kidnapped

Is France preparing Elections in Mali ? Presidential Candidate, SADI Secretary General, Dr. Oumar Mariko, Kidnapped !

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Dr. Oumar Mariko, the Secretary General of the SADI party in Mali, was kidnapped on 11 February 2013 by armed, civilian dressed gunmen in Bamako, Mali. Dr. Mariko is known for being outspoken against French neo-colonialism and the criminally corrupt French-backed interim-president Dioncounda Traoré and his party. Dr. Mariko was about to leave Mali for Sweden and Denmark to discuss political support from progressive parties. Experts suspect foul play and involvement of french intelligence services.

Oumar MARIKO - schönes PhotoDr. Oumar Mariko was reportedly kidnapped by half a dozen gunmen who broke through the doors of his office in Bamako and forced him on board a 4×4, before escaping at high speed, firing shots in the air. Suspicions about, that the civilian dressed kidnappers may have ties to a France-backed faction within Mali´s state security or military are not unfounded. So far, no statements nor demands by the kidnappers have been made.

Over the last couple of months, Dr. Mariko has been subject to repeated, open threats from  circles around the French backed interim President of Mali, Dioncounda Traoré. As much as the founder of the SADI party enjoys the respect of people throughout Mali, as much has Mariko made himself powerful enemies when he, during the democratic revolution of 1991, confiscated assets, which had been accumulated through corruption and embezzlement. Many Malians consider Mariko as the flagship of Malis democratic revolution of 1991.

Members of the National Council for Resistance Movements of Mali, who oppose French neo-colonialism as well as the usurpation of Mali by France, have warned interim President Dioncounda Traoré and its international supporters of the risks, which an eventual assassination of Dr. Oumar Mariko would cause for the stability of the already seriously destabilized country, and is holding interim President Dioncounda Traoré responsible for anything that may happen to Dr. Mariko.

Oumar Mariko..duoDr. Mariko had repeatedly called on the government of the republic of Mali to shed light on acts of state terrorism, and the use of the country´s intelligence services against political opponents.

The kidnapping of Dr. Oumar Mariko happened within the context of the likelihood that France will be pushing for elections in Mali by June – July 2013, while massively supporting its prime candidate. In a recent conversation with Dr. Mariko as well as in a conversation with one of his close party associates, both stated, that it is very likely, that France will be pressing for the election of Modibo Sidibe, who is known for his close ties to the French political and financial elite, as well as he is known for his ties to organized crime in Mali and France.

Only two days ago, Dr. Mariko stated, that although the city of Bamako was calm, he was aware of the risk, that he may be targeted by members of the French-backed Adema Party of Dioncounda Traoré, or elements with ties to French intelligence services. At two occasions  Dr. Mariko reported, France has made its influence felt when Mariko was denied a visa to travel to the USA. Next week, Dr. Mariko was scheduled to travel to Sweden and Denmark for meetings with Scandinavian members of parliament and progressive politicians.

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