FARC-EP prepares release of captured policemen and soldier

FARC prepares release of captured policemen

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Colombians for Peace spokesperson Piedad Cordoba informed, that after recent days negotiations in Havana, Cuba, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –  Peoples´ Army has prepared the protocols for the release of detained policemen and soldiers.

Cordoba stated, that the coordinates for the release points will be known within 48 hours, and that the release will take place immediately afterward. The security protocol, which is identical to previously used protocol for the release, has been approved by Colombians for Peace, which has acted as mediator.

The police officers to be released are Christian Yate and Victor Gonzalez. The soldier Josue Meneses, who was captured on 29 January, four days after the policemen, will be released too.

The release of the prisoners is by many perceived as a token of good will in negotiations with the Colombian government, and as a sign of solidarity with the people of Colombia, soldiers and policemen included.

So far there have not transpired news about the governments willingness to enable the participation of Simon Trinidad in the peace talks in Havana. Simon Trinidad is serving a 60 years sentence in a prison in the USA to which the Colombian government extradited Trinidad in 2004. The FARC requests his participation in the talks as a catalyst for achieving a lasting peace. The FARC also continues demanding that the Colombian government enables inspections of Colombian prisons.

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