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nsnbc daily independentDear nsnbc readers. nsnbc is being transformed from a blog into an independent, daily, international on-line newspaper. We want to become better at breaking the embargo on truth and we want to deliver more daily, quality news, opinion and analysis about more subjects, covering more regions and countries in depths.      Between 7 February and 5 March you may experience slight inconvenience and eventually some moment of unavoidable down time, but stay tuned, its worth it.

We are not only moving to a new, more safe and independent webhotel; we are also moving nsnbc to a new software that offers far more features for your convenience. By 5 March (or so), you will experience nsnbc in a new, more user friendly format that gives you more easy access to more content.

Do you have a subscription ? If you do, your subscription will move with us to our new home. If an accident should happen, you can get a new subscription – at no cost. Standard subscriptions will remain free of charge for anyone.

Starting in April, we will offer you to become an nsnbc insider. That means, that we will add special features for paid subscriptions. Everybody will still be able to read our content, everybody can still get a free subscription, but as an nsnbc insider we will give you access to our …. well, stay in touch. We will let you know early enough, and until then the new features will remain in our Top Secret vault. I hope to see You in there soon.

Since I started nsnbc on 28 August 2011, I have enjoyed breaking the embargo on truth together with you so, please accept my thanks to all of you who have been with us from the start, and to all of you who have come to read nsnbc since it started. I appreciate every single reader more than I can possibly tell. It is you who make the many hours of work worth the effort. With my gratitude, and knowing that we will get better and much more effective at breaking the embargo on truth together, all that remains to say for me now is ” Lets Roll ! ” and:

Thank you for taking the time to informing yourselves and for reading nsnbc.

Christof Lehmann

Founder and Editor

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About nsnbc international

nsnbc international is a daily, international online newspaper, established on 25 February 2013. nsnbc international is independent from corporate, state or foundation funding and independent with regards to political parties. nsnbc international is free to read and free to subscribe to, because the need for daily news, analysis and opinion, and the need for independent media is universal. The decision to make nsnbc international freely available was made so all, also those in countries with the lowest incomes, and those inflicted by poverty can access our daily newspaper. To keep it this way, however, we depend on your donation if you are in a position to donate a modest amount whenever you can or on a regular basis. Besides articles from nsnbc's regular contributors and staff writers, including nsnbc editor and founder Christof Lehmann, it features selected articles from other contributors through cooperation with media partners such as Global Research, The 4th Media, AltThaiNews Network and others.
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