Iran´s defense Minister Vahidi announces, Iran will join the Club of Space-faring Nations soon

Iran´s defense Minister Vahidi announces, Iran will join the Club of Space-faring Nations soon

Christof Lehmann ( nsnbc – FNA) The Iranian Fars News Agency informs, that the Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has announced on Monday 4 January 2013, that the construction of Iran´s new space launch center is about to be completed. Iran has scheduled its first manned space flight by 2019.

Vahidi nsnbc archivesThe new space center is named after the leader of the Iranian revolution, Imam Khomenei Space center.  Ahmad Vahidi stated, that Iran plans to send different types of satellite, including the Tolou ( Dawn) satellite into orbit with the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carriers.

The names chosen for Iran´s space technology may be alluding to the fact that Iran is raising itself from the ashes of international sanctions like a Phoenix bird, and that it, in spite of, or maybe driven by the sanctions is looking toward a new dawn of self sufficiency and a high standard of technology.

FNA quotes Vahidi for having said, that President Ahmedinejad´s administration has drawn a 10-year space program and made great achievements, some of which are owned by five counties in the world only.

Earlier this year the Iranian Aerospace Industries organization has announced that it has successfully sent a monkey into earth orbit and back again in an Iranian made bio-capsule. The Aerospace Organization said, that the animal flights are are prelude to manned Iranian space flight.

Iran has undergone a rapid development of its space industry since the first Iranian build satellite was sent into space in 2009. In 2011 Iran sent its first bio-capsule and living creatures into space with the Iranian build Kavoshgar-3 carrier.

According to FNA the Iranian President has announced in 2010, that Iran´s first manned flight is scheduled for 2014, but that his cabinet later has changed the date to 2019, because of the encouraging results of a second study.

Iran is undergoing a rapid development in high technology and a wide field of sciences, including aeronautics, defense related sciences and engineering, biochemistry and medicine. Over the last two decades invested heavily in education. Almost all of the positions at Iranian faculties are occupied by Iranian professors. The average educational standard in Iran is very high in comparison to other Middle Eastern nations. Iran is in more than one sense joining the league of nations which are reaching for the stars.

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