Hollande´s Mali Visit: “Liberating” Mali by Occupying the Truth ?

Hollande´s Mali Visit: “Liberating” Mali by Occupying the Truth ?

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) French President Francois Hollande, accompanied by his Defense and Foreign Ministers, are visiting Mali on a one day visit. Meanwhile, French troops, aided by several French NATO-allies, continue operations against the Islamist enemy rebellion.

Even though the insurgents have been driven from the main northern cities, Hollande said, France would withdraw its troops from Mali and leave peacekeeping operations to African troops, once the country had restored sovereignty over all of its national territory. Hollande visited Timbuktu, which French and Mali troops had captured from the rebels six days ago.

In an emotional speech, Hollande hailed himself as “liberator of the ancient city of Timbuktu“. Hollande compared the military presence of French troops in Mali with the presence of Mali and Central African troops in France during the fight for the liberation of France from German occupation in the second world war. “When France was occupied” Hollande said, “who came to help France ? The people of Mali. Now that Mali is occupied, France will help liberate the country.”

In a single political maneuver, the shrewd French statesman succeeded at selling the recolonization of Mali as a liberation. In his nationwide televised speech, Hollande sold the covert tripartite cooperation between France, Malis´s Interim President Dioncounda Traoré who according to the constitution no longer has any legitimate power in Mali, and both of the purported rebel leaders, including Traoré´s long term party associate and friend Ihyad Ag Ghali, as liberation. Meanwhile, the unlikely coalition effectively occupied the truth by denying not corrupted members of Mali´s parliament access to media and by preventing them from leaving Mali.

Interim President Dioncounda Traoré thanked “brother Hollande” for launching the French intervention, saying: “Together we will hunt the terrorists down to their last hiding place“. Mali is about to acquire its very own “war on terror“.

The PR spectacle related to Hollande´s visit had been skillfully prepared. Both in Timbuktu and in  Bamako, local supporters of Dioncounda Traoré were appearing in the city, dressed in traditional African robes, dancing and chanting and carrying banners with the paroles ” Merci Papa Hollande, Vive Hollande, Vive la France”.

While the neo-colonialist theater macabre was sent on nationwide television, one previous member of Mali´s no longer legitimately functioning Parliament, Dr. Oumar Mariko, has been denied to set the record straight by denying him access to Mali´s and French media.

On two occasions France has made its influence felt when Dr. Mariko applied for a visa to the United States. Dr. Mariko wanted to travel abroad to help set the record straight and to work toward a Mali solution for Mali´s problems.

In a recent, not broad-casted interview, Dr. Mariko stated, that the leaders of both purported Islamist rebel factions, Mali´s interim President Dioncounda Traoré, and the Hollande administration effectively are cooperating on the recolonization of Mali.

In the interview Dr. Oumar Mariko stated, that France is supporting those political forces in Mali, which are united under the banner of the FDR, which he describes as corrupted and whose leaders have the closest possible ties to the rebellion.

Leading members of the PDS party, which is part of the FDR umbrella organization, have  close ties to rebel leader Ihyad Agh Ghali. According to Dr. Oumar Mariko, the interim President Dioncounda Traoré and the rebel leader Ihyad Ag Ghali are the closest of friends and members of the same party organization.

Ihyad Ag Ghali is responsible for the death of thousands of Malian citizens and according to Dr. Mariko the Hollande administration, Ag Ghali and Dioncounda Traoré are all coordinating their war with one another.

The statements of Dr. Oumar Mariko are not only substantiated by historical facts, his political standing, and the respect he enjoys among the people in Mali. The statements are also substantiated by the systemic criminality that is prevalent in French-backed governments in Mali.

According to credible witness testimony, the former, ousted President Amandou Toumani Tour´s has called the cell phone of a captured rebel commander, giving him explicit orders to attack Mali military forces, before realizing that he was speaking to the arresting military officer. The officer, who refused to let himself be bribed by Traoré after Traoré realized that he had made a “mistake”, has since been murdered. This was in fact the event that triggered the military coup in Mali.

Celebrating Hollande as “liberator and Papa Hollande” and recolonizing Mali would not be possible without occupying access to the truth first.

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