NATO Website Boasts Expansion of Terror-Forces after Calling Libya a Teachable Moment and Model for Future Interventions.

NATO Website Boasts Expansion of Terror-Forces after Calling Libya a Teachable Moment and Model for Future Interventions.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) The official website of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO/OTAN published a statement on its official website, where it declares that it will optimize the employment of Special Forces and that it will build on lessons learned from current operations, to improve the alliances capabilities.

The statement, which was issued by the NATO Special Forces Head Quarters NSFHQ, is a logical continuation of NATO´s adoption of the discount warfare strategy, which it successfully used to bring about regime change in Libya by forming an alliance with the Al Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and other Al Qaeda brigades. Before NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago in 2012, NATO´s top bras Ivo H Daalder and James H. Stavridis described Libya as a “Teachable Moment and Model for Future Interventions“.

The NSFHQ declares, that it is training allied and partner special forces, which means NATO forces, special forces of nations which have joined one of NATO´s partnership programs, as well as a cohort of militia which mostly are designated as terrorist organizations, to improve their interoperability and to crate a network of trained personnel. The director of the NSFHQ Commanders Action Group, Scott Morrison, declared:

“The purpose of the NSHQ mission is to make the employment of Special Operations Forces as effective, efficient, and coherent as possible, so as to deliver to the Alliance a highly agile Special Operations capability across the range of military operations,”  adding that  “21st century NATO Special Operations brings much more to the table than the commando work most are familiar with,”

The integration of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations brigades, under supervision of the NATO command structure, in liaison and cooperation with NATO special forces, which has been adopted as part of NATO´s official military doctrine on its 25th Summit in Chicago in 2012, has been underway for several years.

The classified US Special Forces Training Circular “TC 18-01 – Special Forces Unconventional Warfare ” from 2010, which was leaked to the public domain by nsnbc, states that “the United States, for the foreseeable future, will predominantly be involved in irregular warfare“. The TC 18-01, is coined for “NATO students” from non NATO member states. It is a step by step training manual or handbook for subverting targeted nations. It is an illegal, cynical, step by step guide for utilizing political dissent, aggravating it into confrontation and violence, utilizing internal and external militant and political opposition potentials, and bringing a country to a full-scale civil war that justifies a NATO intervention under the pretense of a responsibility to protect.

The NSFHQ is located at the SHAPE Headquarters in Mons, Belgium. It employs staff from 33 NATO countries and partners.

“One of the most critical instruments to enabling this NATO SOF capability is an enduring NATO SOF Headquarters’ Allied and Partner Collaborative Network, the centrepiece of which are the people,”Morrison adds.

Much of the training led by the NSFHQ takes place at the NATO Special Operations School at nearby Chièvres Air Base, which among other, teaches adherence to common NATO doctrine, processes and methods, to provide a shared training background and understanding, to allow operations to be carried out more effectively and coherently when and where the special forces are deployed.

Other training operations are taking place in unrecognized locations. Mercenaries, which are currently being deployed for operations in Syria are for example being trained in the NATO-occupied Kosovo, in collaboration with the KLA/UCK, in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Another example for locations where NATO special forces are training together with mercenary forces are bases in Afghanistan. In a recent interview with the scribe, the retired Pakistani military officer, Major Agha H Amin stated, that some of these bases are so secret that they are not even recognized and that even their construction has been kept secret.

The NATO Special Operations school has had almost 1000 graduates in 2012 with a total of 3.453 graduates since 2007. The fact that almost 1/3 of all graduates have graduated in 2012 reinforces the notion that NATO has made illegal discount warfare by proxy in cooperation with so-called Al-Qaeda, Salafist or Wahabist brigades part of their doctrine and strategy.

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