Lavrov at 49th International Security Conference in Munich; Terrorism not justified for overthrowing governments.

Lavrov at 49th International Security Conference in Munich; Terrorism not justified for overthrowing governments.

sergey-lavrov-212.nChristof Lehmann (nsnbc)After Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the ISC in Munich, warned that the world had never before be as close to a third world-war, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, at the 49th International Security Conference in 2013, made the point that the new NATO discount warfare by proxy terrorism to overthrow governments, and for effectively conquering sovereign nations is unacceptable.

Foreign Minister Lavrov stressed the importance of confronting terrorism and extremism in all its forms and called for comprehensive dialog rather than foreign policy dictates and often illegal sanctions.  Lavrov asked rhetorically:

Can terrorist attacks be justified to support the demands that are calling for changing regimes ? Is it right to fight the one side in one conflict, which you support in another conflict ? How can you assure that the weapons you are sending to the area of conflict will not be used against yourself?

Lavrov held certain of Russia´s partners in the international action group for Syria responsible for the continuation of the crisis in Syria and stated, that if all of the partners in the Geneva action group meeting which was held in June 2012 had concentrated their efforts on implementing the agreements, the crisis would have ended already.

Lavrov expressed that he is certain, that the UN-AL Joint Envoy to Syria, Ladkhar Brahimi would support the idea. Lavrov encouraged all stakeholders to commit to responsible stances and encouraged to abandon simplistic behaviors and mottoes.

Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized that Russia is seeking stability in the Middle East, Northern Africa and the entire African Continent and stated, that the international community ought to support democratic transformation and reform without imposing dictates.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met the joint UN – AL Special Envoy Ladkhar Brahimi at separate meetings during the 49th ISC in Munich to discuss the situation in Syria and possibilities for breaking the diplomatic and military deadlock.

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