Syrian State in a Flurry of Work to Implement Political Program

Syrian State in a Flurry of Work to Implement Political Program

Damascus Ministry of Foreign Affairs nsnbc archivesDAMASCUS, (SANA)_Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the Syrian state is in a flurry of work to implement the political program for solving the crisis in Syria announced by President Bashar al-Assad, adding that it expects the international community and the UN to help in understanding this program and the efforts exerted by the government to implement it without prejudgments.

The ministry’s remarks came in two identical letters addressed to the head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the steps undertaken by the Syrian government to implement the political program announced by President Bashar al-Assad in a speech on January 6th which is based on the UN Charter, the international law, the relevant UN resolutions and Geneva statement, provides a basis for solution and reflects the basic elements that any solution to the crisis must be built on.

The Ministry went on to say that President al-Assad has tasked the Syrian government with laying down the executive mechanisms of the political program, as a ministerial work team headed by Premier comprising 8 ministers was set up , adding that the Premier has delegated specialized governmental bodies to hold intensive meetings to speed up the implementation of plans to tackle the aftermath of events, mainly those caused by terrorist vandalism acts, rehabilitating terrorism-hit infrastructure and compensating the affected by events.

”As the political program underlined the importance of ending violence as a priority to hold national dialogue, achieve reconciliation and rebuilding,” the letters said, ” it stressed the significance that regional and international countries stop arming and funding armed terrorists groups and that the armed groups commit to an immediate halt of violence, as the army and armed forces commit to ending military operations.”

The Ministry added that the program also stressed the importance that humanitarian aid reach those in need, rehabilitating infrastructure and paying damages to the affected, in addition to offering necessary guarantees to the Syrian citizens who left the country due to the current events and facilitating their return through border crossings.

The letters indicated that the Interior Ministry called on all Syrian citizens who left the country because of the events, whether legally or illegally, regardless of the measures taken against them, to return to the country and tackle the cases of those who don’t bear any documents at the border points.

The letters also added that the ministry issued executive instructions allowing all Syrian opposition powers abroad who are willing to take part in national dialogue to enter the country regardless of the documents they carry, vowing to offer all facilitations to them through the border points.

The letters also reminded that the Ministry of Justice had taken steps for courts to speed up disposition in the standing lawsuits, particularly those related to the current circumstances and releasing those who have not been proven guilty.

The Ministry added that the High Judicial Council on Sunday decided to suspend all prosecutions, if any , against opposition political forces and figures participating in the national dialogue, indicating that the ministry will lay down mechanisms to tackle the cases of those who hand their weapons over to the competent authorities.

The ministry also stressed that the Higher Committee for Relief was tasked with offering humanitarian aid and facilitating its access to those in need, in cooperation with NGOs and international organizations inside and outside Syria.

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